Night Crow Master

Chapter 7: The vigorous, intelligent, and unfortunate thieves

It is the voice of the diners.

Although it is very quiet, when the number of people increases, it is difficult to ignore.

As for whom to discuss?


“Oh, dear Vlad! Long time no see!”

Following the sound, on the stairs leading to the second floor, a tall, strong man had a bright smile on his face.

The sound just now was exactly what he made.

And the object?

Yate turned his head and looked at the door of the restaurant. There stood a tall and thin man. Although he didn’t look particularly handsome, he had a special temperament.

And the matching sword hung around his waist even more explained his identity-a ranger.

Like the brawny, they are not professionals, they just keep honing their strength and skills. They have to say that their professions are all fighters.

It’s just that, because they temper themselves in different directions, people call them.

This ranger is to hone his sword skills, focusing on speed and skill, so he is called the ranger.

That brawny man is traditional, focusing on training his strength and frontal combat effectiveness, and is directly called a fighter.

Not everyone has the talent to become a professional, but people without talent are not willing to give up.

These ordinary professionals who have grown through tempering themselves account for almost half of the total number of “professionals”.

Although I don’t know where the cheap father got the “half” data, it can also show the number of these ordinary professionals.

“If you are not my friend, I will cut off your head.” The tall and thin ranger sighed, “Your voice should be lower.”

“Oh, it’s impossible, Lucock.” The strong man smiled and put his arms around his shoulders, and the two went upstairs together.

Seeing the two walking upstairs, at the table next to Yate, a thin young man said with some envy: “I really envy you, professionals.”

“You can too.” Another young man who looked like his friend smiled. “First you need to exercise enough, such as lifting a ten-pound bucket a thousand times a day.”

“Oh, no, forget it, my hand will be broken.” The thin young man narrowed his mouth, “I don’t want to lose my job.”

The two talked and laughed again.

Yate sat aside, listening to the conversation between the two, and turned his eyes to the stairwell: “Ordinary professional…Forget it, let’s find a chance to become a wizard, although I don’t know where it is far. , But it’s also a descendant of blue blood anyway.”

The crow mage is indeed very powerful and versatile, but it does not have powerful destructive skills, and in the books of the blue blood nobles, the power of this wizard is ruining the world.

“The wizard… the wizard…”

Yate’s fingers tapped on the table with regular, soft sounds, which were masked by the noise of the restaurant.

At night, after a brief sunset filled the sky, the dark night covered the sky.

In Yate’s world, most birds do not have night vision, except for a few owls and falcons.

And in this world?

After knowing that the black crow Golola ate supper last night, Yate understood that the black crow has night vision ability.

At night, it is a good time to start.

In this pitch-black town, a dark figure moved quickly and swiftly among the buildings, evading the gaze of the patrol guards lightly and quickly.

“Humph, John today I should have a good harvest.”

John the Rogue, among the three hands in Ferro Town, is a very famous one.

Thieves are not extraordinary professionals, but stalkers who can communicate with the plane of shadow are extraordinary professionals.

Of course, if these thieves are dexterous enough, they can be regarded as ordinary professionals.

John, barely can be regarded as one.

He is proud of his speed and dexterity, as well as his superb IQ.

Today, the highly intelligent, agile and agile thief John is about to start working.

The goal is the businessmen who came to Ferro Town today.

In the face of fat sheep passing by, if you can’t get mutton, you must at least get some wool down.

While John was staring at the hotel, the caravan room belonging to Randy Hansenton, he did not notice that a crow was staring at his back, and the dark eyes were shining with strange light.

“It would be great if there is shared vision.” Yate lay on the bed, resting his head with his hands, muttering in his heart, “Shared vision, you need lv2 to learn.”

He sent the Black Crow Golola. Although he could use the spirit to remotely transmit instructions through the system, he didn’t know what Golola had encountered.

Even if Gloria gave back information, it was only simple emotions, and could not tell him what happened. Only when he reached lv2 and learned to share vision, could he truly control the crow with his arms.

Yate’s gaze was on the dark career bar:

lv1【Sharing Vision】, can share vision with minion crow.

lv2【Curse of Weakness】, can make the enemy fall into a weak state for a short time, reducing the enemy’s defensive ability and attack ability.

lv3 [Group Command], the group slightly strengthens the minion crow damage.

lv3 [Dark Energy Corrosion], releases a magical impact of dark attribute energy. When attacked, the enemy’s recovery effect will be reduced, that is, healing

lv4 [Black Mist of Crow], summon a poisonous mist that can block the vision, affected by the quantity and quality of the crow.

lv4【Crowd violent】, the group will greatly and comprehensively strengthen the servant crow for a short time, and fall into a weak state after the end.

lv5【Location Exchange】, you can exchange positions between two crows

lv6【Crow Shield】, all minion crows lose a certain amount of hp, and a shield is added to the user, which is affected by the number and quality of crows.

lv8 [Feedback Dedication], which causes the servant crows to lose a certain amount of mp or hp and provides them to the user in a certain proportion, but at this time the crows will become frozen, that is, they cannot be used when the servant crows enter a combat state.

Although these skills are very powerful, they are also very useful. Before the tenth level, the crow mage class had only one damaging skill, and whether it was obtained before or after the tenth level, there were very few attack skills.

This is what he has been complaining about in the early stage of the game. In order to make up for this weakness, he acquired a large number of general offensive skills in the game.

But now, he has no skill points at all, and none of these skills can be learned…

This is the worst.

“Forget it, let’s talk about it, let’s find money first.” For the time being, the half-formed outline of the plan was put down, and Yate’s attention hit Golola.

“Tsk tusk, wealthy businessman.” The cautious thief chuckled twice in his heart, and then slipped into the hotel in the dark.

In this hotel that he had touched in dozens of times, those doors and windows could not stop him at all. On the contrary, this place that had been touched became his best cover.

Recalling the distribution of accommodations he saw during the day, the thief climbed up to the second floor of the hotel skillfully, and touched the “big sheep” room.

Thinking that after he succeeded this time, he could live a decent life again. The mellow wine and the soft body of a certain gorgeous warbler came to his mind, making the thief’s heart more heated.

“Oh, **** it.” After the sponge swelled, it pressed against the wall, making him a little uncomfortable even with the cloth.

You have to do it quickly.

After making a decision in his mind, the thieves have become more cautious in their actions. In the past ten years, he will not forget the fate of the thieves who have missed one after another.

The wire stuck in through the window and opened a window. This is an empty room with no guests, located on the left side of the Big Sheep Room.

The thief flipped in dexterously, and then opened the door to keep it hidden. Then, he left the window and clung to the wall again, using the same technique to open another empty room on the right.

A qualified thief should prepare with two hands, or even three hands.

If he can steal the property quietly, it is naturally the best. If it fails, then he needs to jump out of the window. If the window is blocked, he needs to open the door and escape from another room.

As for going directly downstairs?

Oh, that’s impossible. The innkeeper lives downstairs, and the merchant’s steward and guards live in two rooms opposite.

Use the shortest route to escape as much as possible.

Outside, two of his accomplices were watching the wind, while the other opened the door of an empty room opposite.

This preparation gave him three, no, four escape routes.

The thief’s heart was proud of his smart and careful preparation, but he didn’t pay attention. A crow stood in a dark corner not far from him, and the pair of black eyes was glowing with moonlight.

After that, the thief sneaked into the merchant’s room very smoothly, and his deep breath confirmed his decision to sneak in at this point in time.

Then, when he touched the merchant’s purse…

“Wow-wow -“

A coarse hoarse cry rang out the window.

The crow’s cry not only awakened the sleeping businessman, but also awakened the guard downstairs.

The businessman who woke up did not have any diseases such as low blood pressure. At the first moment of waking up, Randy Hansenton, who values ​​his money very seriously, shouted:

“Hank!!! Lucerne!!!”

“Damn it!” Without any hesitation, the thief chose to turn the window and jump away.

However, just as he jumped out of his body and swiftly grabbed the window to make a buffer movement, a sharp pain came.

In order to protect his own money, the merchant took out twelve points…no, twenty points of courage, grabbed something and threw it at the thief.

Because of the pain, the thief subconsciously released his hand.

What awaited him was the back pain of his body and the severe back pain, and the candlestick that was thrown by the businessman and fell just below his landing point caused him more pain.

When everyone went downstairs to catch the fallen thief, no one noticed that a dark crow took the opportunity to fly into the room.

After a while, it flew out with a heavy purse and rushed into another room of the hotel.

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