Night Crow Master

Chapter 8: Visual sharing

“Good job! Dear Colola!” The heavy money bag in his hand gave Yate a smile on his face. With a light throw, the money bag disappeared from his hand and appeared in his inventory. .

The number of gold coins in the inventory increased from 0 to 26 in an instant.

This is a gold coin bag, without any silver or copper coins, besides, there is a gem.

A tick at the corner of Yate’s mouth, it seemed that the businessman had separated silver and copper coins, gold coins and valuables.

I have to say that this is a very safe practice.

Then, it all got him cheap.

According to the money ratio of the Kingdom of Allen——

One gold coin is equal to 50 silver coins, and one silver coin is equal to 50 copper coins.

And this gem? Gems are precious commodities that will not depreciate. Some gems will also become spellcasting materials or experimental objects for the caster. The price will certainly not change much.

He didn’t know how much this blue gemstone, which was slightly larger than his thumb, was worth, but, at least, no less than 50 gold coins, with… the former Arte Angus Claurido Insights as judgments.


When Yate was playing with this gem, he felt a cold air flow into his body.

“What’s the situation? A curse?”

The cold feeling made Yate immediately think of negative states such as curses and diseases. Then, he opened his attribute bar:

[Character name: Black Crow (Yat Angus Claurido)

Occupation: Crow Mage (lv1)

Attributes: Strength 0.6, Constitution: 0.6, Agility: 0.7, Spirit: 0.9

Status: Normal]

There was no change at all, except that the physical fitness increased by 0.1 due to the exercise effect brought by long-term walking, there was no change.

“What the **** is going on.”

He immediately threw the gem into his inventory.

Subsequently, an attribute is displayed:

【Blood of the Noble: After the death of a certain blue-blooded noble, the gems made of blue blood remaining in the corpse are very beautiful. Can obtain skill point 1. 】

“Increase skill points!?”

Yate’s eyes widened in an instant. This time, he knew that he had made a lot of money.

Later, he noticed that the words [Can increase skill point 1] at the back were gray, just like those disposable items, they were no longer usable, and only a shell remained.

His gaze shifted to the career bar, and after realizing that there were indeed a little more skill points under the career bar, a smile appeared on his face.

Yate, who was extremely happy, fell into a peaceful sleep after expressing his appreciation to the black crow Gloria beside him.

It’s not just because you can live and eat for a long time in the future.

It’s also because… he found a way to improve.

The next morning, when Art woke up and came out of the room, he heard a loud noise from downstairs.

He immediately understood the situation.

When he went downstairs, he saw the Mr. Rogue unexpectedly.

At this time, he was kneeling on the ground with a swollen nose and bruised face. No matter who was able to see the tattered clothes and bruises, the thief had been tortured by the businessman.

And the torturer? It may be the businessman, or it may be the two guards next to him.

“Boss Blanco, good morning, may I ask, what happened?” Yate walked to the hotel owner and asked with some “surprise”.

“Good morning, Mr. Rat.” The innkeeper, Blanco, looked sad. “The thief stole Mr. Randy’s belongings.”

In the case of theft in his hotel, he is to be implicated, just like the previous few times.

Not only is it the interrogation of the sheriff from the town of Ferro and the compensation demanded by the businessman Randy, but there is also the possibility of retaliation by the thieves in the future.

Oh my goodness, old Blanco has had enough.

The appearance of Yate diverted Randy’s gaze. When he lost a lot of money and the interrogation failed, he saw the possibility of everyone being an accomplice of the thieves.

For this, Yate did not respond.

He didn’t need to make any reaction, just like the hotel owner, waiting for the sheriff of Ferro Town to bring the guards over.

After that, he only needs to show his wallet with only two copper coins, and he can be relieved of suspicion…No, he will also show them a silver coin that he hid before.

As for how to show them, perhaps it would be better to be turned out by the guards from the inner pocket of his clothes. After all, he still needs to buy some travel food next.

As for the irritation involved?

Last night, apart from the caravan and the group of people, none of the twenty guests staying in the hotel would agree, especially the two professionals.

He is not worried.


“Excuse me, can I buy breakfast?” Yate asked aloud, “Or, I can only have breakfast until the sheriff and guard in Fero Town go to work?”

“Excuse me, Mr. Yate.” The hotel owner Blanco, a middle-aged man who is nearly fifty years old, apologized to him, “Because the amount lost is relatively high, so…”

He hesitated, then turned to look at Randy next to him: “Mr. Randy, can I buy breakfast for my guests?”

Randy, who had always been gloomy, glanced at Yate, then nodded.

“I really trouble you, Mr. Blanco.” Yate thanked Blanco politely.

Soon, Blanco came back. Two people followed him, the owner and waiter of the restaurant opposite, who carried a lot of food.

After getting the food, Yate was not in a hurry to go out. He had nothing to do anyway, eating breakfast while waiting for the arrival of the sheriff and guards.

Almost half an hour later, the sheriff and guards of Fero Town were late to arrive.

“Oh, Boss Blanco, has there been another theft?” The sheriff, the man in his thirties, seemed completely unsurprised, and then he looked at the bruised face on the ground. Rogue, he couldn’t help but whether this was the rogue he had caught, “Is this guy a criminal?”


After two hours of investigation and inspection, everyone in the hotel was able to leave, and Yate was also annoyed.

Just like other guests, this long investigation made him very “irritable”.

The sheriff still attached great importance to this situation, so he conducted a long investigation.

And the result?

Just look at the face of the dead pig from Randy Hansenton.

Yate was walking down the street, his eyes stopped for a moment in a grocery store, and then he walked in.

People want to spend money after they have money.

Especially after meeting the most basic needs of food, clothing, housing and transportation.

However, he was not that stupid. He went shopping as soon as the theft happened. Doesn’t this mean that he is an accomplice of the criminal?

Even if you want to buy it, it’s best to buy a small amount of dry food and water.

For example, those in the bag on his back, the long black bread that can be used as a weapon, and an empty skin bag without water.

After returning to the hotel and begging for some water from the owner Blanco, he left the town of Ferro.

Staying too long in a town where the case has just been done is very constrained.

When he was “complaining” about his “unfortunate” while walking out of the town without hesitation, a man dressed as a commoner squinted his eyes at the door of the town. Then, he found the sheriff and reported on Yate’s deeds. .

“Well, this man seems to have nothing to do with the theft.”

The sheriff rubbed his eyebrows, and the other party’s behavior was very clear. First he bought bread and a water bag, then went back to the hotel to ask for some water, and then left directly.

He did not go to any other places where the stolen money might be hidden, nor did he contact the thieves in the town.

Crossing the name of “Lat” from the list of suspects, the sheriff continued to wait for reports from the other plainclothes guards.

After one kilometer out of the town, Yate transmitted instructions to the Black Crow Golola to let it come to him.

“Thanks.” Feeling the extra weight on his shoulders, Yate smiled, and then the focus of his eyes began to change.

【Skill Point 1】

He did not upgrade, the level of the crow mage was still 1, but he gained a skill point.

After the career bar was opened, the skills that could be learned at the first ten levels appeared in his eyes.

[Sharing Vision] [Debilitating Curse] [Group Order] [Dark Energy Corrosion] [Crow Black Fog] [Group Rage] [Location Exchange] [Crow Shield] [Feedback Dedication]

Among these skills, [Sharing Vision] is lv1 to learn, [Debilitating Curse] is lv2, [Dark Energy Corrosion] and [Group Command] are lv3, [Raven Black Mist] and [Group Rage] are both lv4, [Location Exchange] is lv5, [Raven Shield] is lv6, and [Feedback Dedication] is lv8.

In the first ten levels, only [Dark Energy Corrosion] is an offensive skill. In addition, only [Raven Black Mist] has an offensive ability, and the others are auxiliary skills.

Although it is said that because of the passive relationship, there are more crows controlled in the later stage, which can completely overwhelm people, but it is not enough to rely solely on the attack skills of the crow mage professional, and you must learn other things.

The palm of his hand shook, and a dim blue gem appeared in Yate’s hand.

This thing is about his future.

“Can I get gems from the hands of the blue blood nobles?” Yate narrowed his eyes, and then he decisively used his skill points on [Sharing Vision].

This most basic auxiliary skill can bring a lot of changes to him.

Plans that could not be carried out before can also be carried out.

[Sharing vision lv1: You can share vision with any of your servant crows. (No further improvement)]

As a basic skill, this shared vision can only be clicked once.

Shrugging, Yate immediately began to try.

Along with the consumption of mental power, Yate’s vision shook for a while.

Then, the vast earth appeared before his eyes.

“It is indeed a good thing not to be afraid of heights.” He chuckled lightly.

With a thought in his heart, the command was issued, and Colola’s perspective shifted downward.

A small figure appeared in the field of vision.

To be honest, looking at yourself from the crow’s perspective, it’s really a bit weird.

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