Night Crow Master

Chapter 9: Night Wizard

“We have reached this point, and the scripts of the past are vivid.”

“The empire rises, prospers, and sinks.”

“People pass away from generation to generation, regardless of strength.”

“The flames of disaster have destroyed one town after another, and the new births are alternated. It is hard to count.

“However, the huge wheel that is rolling forward will never stop.”

Yate met a real bard, not a fake poet like him.

They are not very well dressed, they are similar to civilians.

The bard, sitting under the tree and playing the harp, didn’t seem to be well.

The blood flowing from the abdomen, wrapped in torn clothing, proved that he had encountered a robber in the wild.

When he saw Yate, the bard smiled pale and didn’t seem to care about his impending death.

No, it’s not that I don’t care, but that I have compromised.

In those dim eyes, there was calmness.

Yate sat quietly in front of him, listening to the bard’s last performance.

Without any healing items on his body, there is no way to save him.

And seeing Yate sitting down quietly, the bard also understood something, and his face became ruddy again.

After adjusting his sitting posture, he continued to play and sing:

“The tower of the empire is about to fall, and the dying heroes are remembering their hometown.”

“Is the blackbird still singing the same song?”

“Did mistletoe grow on… the crown of an oak tree?”

The bard coughed up blood, but he still didn’t give up playing and singing.

“Their legends will all be forgotten, and those once loud words will also be buried by the red sand.”

His voice was hoarse with the blood in his throat, and the heart that had lost a lot of blood could no longer agitate strongly.

“May the hero rest in peace.”

With a bright smile on his face, he handed the harp in his hand to Yate.

When Yate took the harp, the bard lost his voice.

Hands down.

“……” Yate was silent.

He knew that the death in front of him was not just a performance of data as seen in usual games.

No matter how real the game is, it is still fake.

And the reality is tangible.

Yate’s gaze swept over the somewhat worn harp in his hand:

[Broken Kayasit Harp lv13: This is a broken harp that carries the wanderer Kayasit’s grief. It is not an extraordinary item, but it has magical powers. 】

“Although I am not a real bard, I will continue to use it.” Yate sighed.

He was able to steal the money of a strange businessman without caring, but he was stubborn about the death of a strange bard. Why?

Yate didn’t want to understand, and didn’t want to think again.

He walked behind the tree on which the bard was leaning, and his palm touched the ground. Along with the extra soil in his inventory, pieces of soil disappeared from the ground. After a while, a deep pit appeared.

After dragging the bard’s corpse into the pit, the number of 3 clods in the inventory also slowly dropped to 0, and the pit was filled again.

“May you rest in peace.”

Yate found a branch and carved a word on it with a knife.

May my friend Kayasit rest in peace.

Then he turned and left.

“Some people are born noble.”

“Some people are good at praise.”

“But I am always at the end of this bloodline.”

“There is no well-crafted face.”

“There is no strong spirit and understanding.”

“However, trickery is the rule of this game”

With the harp in his hand and the black crow standing on his shoulders, Yate was walking and singing.

This is a song from a collection of poems I have read before.

Yate, who doesn’t like learning very much, likes to read such collections of poetry after aristocratic education.

Often, after being discovered by his father, he would be reprimanded, but the young Yate was never tired of it.

This is what Yate found out from the fragmented memory, one of the few that can be called a complete memory.

“Cunning and insignificant, but it spreads in this world.”

It is not a bright theme. If it is correct, this is a story of a nobleman who carefully, forbearing and fighting.

“Romantic cruel deception, because of hatred becomes clear.”

“The neglected cub bites this world of cruelty and lies.”

“The black crow against the cold mist is whispering crazy songs.”

Yate had a sudden pause, and when he sang it here according to his memory, he suddenly felt something was wrong.

Crow? No, the image of the crow appears in many poems, and it is not a rare image.

He glanced at the Black Crow Golola on his shoulder in a puzzled look, and the other party tilted his head, revealing doubts.

Shaking his head, he continued singing.

This continuous journey is too boring, this poem is also to pass the time.

It’s like listening to music with headphones while jogging or walking.

“The black crow whispered the crazy song.”

“This continent is a blossoming orchard with ripe, juicy and juicy fruits.”

“The crow shuttles in the moonlight, and the storm roars with the snow and ice.”

“He knew the news was coming.”

“The kingdom will disappear, and even the devil will usher in destruction.”

“Good and peaceful return to the garden.

“He knew the news was coming.”

“The king of the night is about to rise.”

At this moment, a system prompt suddenly lit up in front of his eyes:

[Meditation starts]

[Inauguration of the second job: The Wizard of Night]

[The secret hidden in the poem has already been opened. Even the lowest level of meditation can only be inherited by the blue-blooded person, and only the blue-blooded person is eligible to receive the honor of a wizard. 】

[Obtain basic professional skills]

[Passive·Dark Polar Region lv1: During the day, the casting power decreases by 50%, and at night, the casting power increases by 20%. 】

[Get Skills]

[Meditation·Dark Night Poetry lv1: Increase the recovery speed of mental power by 15%, and increase by 30% during deep meditation. ——”Some people are born noble, some are good at praise. But I am always the end of this bloodline…”]

Looking carefully, Yate finally understood.

This poem is a meditation that belongs to a wizard, and, although it is not very high, it is indeed a meditation of a wizard.

He tried to start meditation.

In an instant, the whole person seemed to be plunged into a deep night, and at the same time, I don’t know whose voice sounded.

“The jingle of coins swinging around the lion’s waist interrupted the night’s sleep.”

“The elves of the night played the flute of death.”

“Deep into the quagmire every day, using brazen wisdom to cut off their stupidity.”

“Use their brains to stick and shape puppets…”

“I am an incompetent blue-blooded person, a person without honor, and I only recognize myself as the king.”

The moment the singing ended, the night covering his spirit also disappeared.

Yate found that his spirit became extremely full.

“This is the wizard? The real spellcaster?” It is completely different from the game. No matter how strong the game is, he has never experienced this wonderful feeling. This is the extraordinary world touched by the real senses.

Looking at the two professions on the system interface and the full skill list under the two profession columns, Yate showed a smile on his face.

At this moment, a carriage slowly stopped behind him.

Yate couldn’t help turning his head.

This carriage, just from the beautiful decorations and strong horses, you can tell that it is the car of a certain nobleman.

Then, the curtains of the carriage opened, revealing a delicate and charming girl’s face:


Hearing these words, Yate immediately realized the identity of the other party.

And this “apprentice” refers to-wizard apprentice.

Before the official wizard, there was an apprentice level.

There are three levels of apprenticeship from the lowest elementary apprentice, to middle apprentice, and then to advanced apprentice.

Looking at the girl, the crow on the shoulder sent a warning signal.

Afterwards, the “coachman” sitting in the front of the wide carriage, a woman in hard leather armor, walked down and bowed to Yate in front of him:

“Dear spellcaster, our Miss Elti sincerely invites you.”

“Alty?” A surname flashed in Yate’s mind.

He asked with some doubts: “Alti Seren Colola?”

“Exactly.” The woman nodded.

Yate turned his head and looked at the girl in the carriage window. The girl smiled back with aristocratic restraint.

Elti Seren Colola is one of the daughters of the Lord of Colola County and the Count of Colola.

And the Earl of Colola, according to the aristocratic system of the Alan Kingdom…

Official wizard.

“…” Yate was silent for a moment. If he were a wizard apprentice, he would contact him without hesitation, but is it a good thing to contact an official wizard at this time?

Although the other party does not seem malicious, if he refuses, it is difficult to guarantee that something will happen.

Although there is only one person, judging from the vigilance of Black Crow Golola just now, the woman is also a professional, and the girl sitting in the carriage is also a wizard of rank.

He recalled that when he met the two professionals in the tavern, Black Crow Gallola was not so alert at all.

it means–

Both of them are better than the professionals encountered in the tavern.

Also, as the daughter of the earl, she would act indifferently outside with only one guard. It was impossible without strength.

Be cautious.

Viscount Claudio, the memory of the teachings of that cheap father came to mind-as a distinguished blue-blooded nobleman, there are very few conflicts between wizards.

These thoughts, turning back in the mind, are only a momentary matter.

Afterwards, in accordance with the etiquette of the nobles, he politely and gracefully bowed to the girl: “Att Angus Claurido, I am honored to accept your invitation.”

The girl nodded reservedly.

Then, under the guidance of the woman as the guard and coachman, Yate entered the large carriage.

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