Nuwa Growth Diary

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If you live in such a world–

There is no light, no sound, no smell, nothing you can see, hear and feel any existence, even time and space are distorted and blurred into a ball. The whole world around you is just sticky, indiscriminate chaos and turbulence… And in such a world there is only you, no matter how you shout and run, you will never end, without any response, this will undoubtedly be a tragedy.

But if you change the settings a bit, you still live in such a world, the external conditions have not changed, but fortunately, there are two other existences that are as powerful as you are also bred by chaos… I think you can With a sigh of relief, is there no longer fear of the almost insane emptiness in the chaos when someone is accompanied? !


The two people talked, played, and were intimate, but they didn’t take you with anything when they played. You are inferior to an obtrusive stone. At least the stone is still awkward, but you are simply air…

This is called real hardship.

And Pan Gu is such a hard-working.

Although all matter does not yet exist, even heaven and earth, time and space, and laws are not yet divided.

However, chaos also has a center, and the most dense place where the laws, elements, and matter exist are the central area of ​​this chaos.

From the moment Pangu opened his eyes from the center of chaos and became conscious, the first thing he understood was his own existence, and then the second thing he knew was that there were two other likes of himself here.

They were the only three in the chaos at that time.

At the beginning, the three of them were still ignorant and ignorant. They accompany each other unconsciously and grew unconsciously. Then they didn’t know how long it took. Gradually, the three of them learned more about chaos from the chaos. The original knowledge, enlightenment and enlightenment, gradually have their own personalities.

Chaos is the beginning of everything. It is also the essence of the world and the law. The three of them are equivalent to chaotic elves, condensed from pure origin.

Since there are three original spirits, it is conceivable that the three of them can never be the same type of function.

And after a long time of comprehension, Pangu knew the difference between himself and the other two… He was pioneering, Nuwa was creating, and Fuxi was tailoring.

…It is quite in line with the formation process of a new world.

Pangu was delighted that he and the other two were inseparable. But he wondered why Fuxi always only brought Nüwa, more and more like to exclude herself… Damn, he is very boring alone, OK!

Especially when I saw the other two having such a good time, I felt that I was so pitiful by comparison, it seemed like I was dealing with goods!

“Xiaowa…” How many Yuanhui waited until Fuxi went to the periphery of Chaos by himself, Pangu sneakily beckoned to the relatively easy-talking companion: “Come on!”

The girl with the long silver tail was called over inexplicably and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Pangu tempted a bad boy to lure good students to skip class: “Is it boring?!”

Nu Wa thought about it for a long time. At this time, Fuxi was not accompanied by him, as if she was really lonely, so she nodded bluntly: “It is.”

Damn Laozi is even more boring!

You are bored for a while. I have a lot more boring time than you.

Pangu pressed the jealousy that surged in an instant, then nodded triumphantly and asked, “I want to create the world, is Xiaowa interested?”

“You want to create and then create, what to do with me?!” Nu Wa was even more inexplicable.

Born in chaos and grown in chaos, Nuwa at this time didn’t know the meaning of creation, let alone how it would be different after creation.

For her, the creation of the world in Pangu’s mouth is probably the same as the later wild dog buried a bone. For example, summon the chaos around you in one place to form another dense existence… What’s the point of this kind of thing? !

Seeing that Nuwa didn’t understand, Pan Gu had to seduce again: “The new era is clear and turbid. There are different things in time and space, which is by no means the present situation.”

Nuwa herself caught the sticky origin in the chaos. The elements of riots are docile and gentle in his hands.

According to Pangu’s description, she tried to separate the clean and muddy air, and then tried to stabilize the space in her hand… After silently watching the settled air mass in her hand for a long time, Nuwa discarded the air mass and despised Pangu: “boring!!!”

Of course it’s boring. How can this be called creation? It’s just making clay!

Pangu almost wanted to cry. Of course, he didn’t know how to describe his aggrieved heart at that time. He felt that he was underestimated and insulted.

Fortunately, Nuwa still has a conscience, or Fuxi is not there and no one else speaks with her, so she despises her. The girl still asks generously: “After all, what do you mean?”

So Pangu said his thoughts aggrievedly.

The first is what I just said, the world is too boring, life is too lonely, he wants to create a world for fun.

Of course, the cost of creating the world was too great, and he probably didn’t know how many Yuanhui would have to sleep to wake up with his own strength. So if the new world after the creation of the world is still interesting, please trouble Nuwa to find him in the new world and wake him up. After all, the power of this woman is the only existence that represents vitality among the three… Of course, forget it if it is not interesting. Anyway, the boring world is still boring when he wakes up. Instead of watching the two people continue to love each other and throw themselves aside, he might as well just fall asleep.

The second nature is the condition.

After paying such a huge price to create the world, Pangu certainly wanted something. He could vaguely feel that the new world must be completely different from the present, but he didn’t see it with his own eyes. After all, he still had no concrete impression.

Therefore, Pangu’s condition is that if the new world can satisfy Nuwa, in addition to awakening him, he also hopes that Nuwa can give him a small partner…In short, you can go and fall in love with Fuxi, or lose something. Play with me!

As I said before, Pangu’s power is development, while Nuwa’s power is creation. Just as women have the ability to reproduce, chaos bred three primordial elves and there will be no more movement, but new Partners can only rely on Nu Wa’s creative ability.

After Nuwa considered Pangu’s request for a while, after thinking about it, there was nothing else to do anyway, and she simply nodded her head in agreement.

So after the twin tails twisted the covenant, Pangu happily ran to the center of chaos to create a new world.

Nu Wa opened her eyes wide and happily watched him create a new world.

Amidst the gray chaotic elements full of squeeze, Pangu sat down in meditation following his unconscious instinct. Gradually, his body began to emit bright colors.

Nu Wa saw “Light” for the first time, she wanted to reach out and touch it with curiosity, but found that the other party’s body was now resisting her existence.

The light became brighter and brighter and hotter. I don’t know how long it will take. The surrounding chaos gradually became more and more squeezed and viscous, seeming to converge towards the center frantically. The dense energy is constantly being compressed, compressed, as if it will explode unbearably at any time…

Finally, the light on Pangu’s body shrank suddenly like a heartbeat.

Then the entire chaos exploded from the center, and the light blasted out, and the surrounding world instantly spread with a burst of turbulence.

Nu Wa looked at all the elements around her in surprise, and even she herself seemed to have become a part of the chaos again. The space becomes more and more distorted, the elements become more and more violent, everything in the chaos is as if being stirred quickly, and then in the process of stirring and rioting, the material that was originally fused into one place in the entire chaos is gradually gradually Separate.

The clear air diffused and became the original space, while the turbid air was stirred into huge planets of different colors, and followed the rest of the remaining energy to follow the trajectory and become the original substance.

Time and space were divided, and the world became clear and distinct… Nuwa finally understood the meaning of creation that Pangu said.


Fuxi’s voice suddenly came from behind.

Pointing to a point, the first law in the world appeared. As the planet rotates, it is constantly attracting the scattered and incompletely absorbed element materials to grow and become a land that can be set on.

Nuwa looked back curiously, and saw Fuxi who didn’t know when she had rushed back.

“Fuxi!!!” Nuwa waved to him excitedly: “Look, Apanchuang’s new world!” It is much more beautiful than the original mess.

Fuxi curled her lips lightly and embraced Nuwa with a chuckle: “Where is Apan?”

Dare to create the world to please Nuwa while he is away?

court death! ! !

Nu Wa looked around for a long time, wondering: “…I was there just now.”

Could it be that he himself just said that after the creation of the world, he would sleep in the gods? Where did you sleep? ? ?

Nuwa was thinking about it, and Fuxi was impatient with her to turn her attention to Pangu again.

“Don’t forget it!” Seeing that she was really interested in the new world structure she created, Fuxi simply took over Pangu’s creation results and continued to please the sisters: “The new world is just beginning, and the law is undecided… I am going to rule the world. The law stabilizes the new world, do you want to go together?!”

You must think decisively!

Nuwa instantly left Pangu her eyes sparkled and nodded desperately.

“Then go together.” Fuxi embraced the girl, gliding on the planet closest to the two, shrinking her body, while tailoring the rules, and at the same time pleased the girl: “If you are interested, you can also create living things Everything happens to play with you…well, you can make it whatever you like.”

“Very good!”

“In order to avoid being lonely, everything can be grouped into groups… Is there a law of reproduction?”


“and also……”

The two voices gradually faded away.

And in a forgotten corner, the hard-pressed Pangu is still asleep and asleep ignorantly… (to be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to vote for recommendation, monthly pass, you The support is my biggest motivation. For mobile phone users, please go to m. to read.)

ps: Pangu’s thoughts are… all the mother-in-law couples die! ! ! ! ! ()

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