Nuwa Growth Diary

: season finale

In the silent chaos, only a gray mass of matter squeezed densely.

There is no time and space, no laws and elements, only the initial particle energy exists.

Nothing can be seen or touched, but it can make people have such consciousness obviously-here is the chaos at the beginning of the world.

In the chaos of turbulence and riots, there is no “life” except for a gray piece of initial matter, because no matter what kind of existence it is, in this chaotic chaos where even the laws are chaotic, only the laws of the riots are broken into pieces. Chen Mi’s end, it is impossible to have the conditions to continue to exist.

But there are three “beings” that are the only exceptions in this chaos.

The three colors of blue, silver, and dark, which are different from the gray, are very conspicuous in the center of the chaos. They can only be seen clearly after the heavy fog is pushed away. The latter two are two half-human and half-snake elves who closed their eyes and fell asleep. The law riots around them had no effect on them, as if they were originally isolated and detached from this chaos.

But the elves with the green snake-tail are sober, and there is an indescribable complex look in the deserted eyes that have never been contaminated.

Slender and white fingers ran across the sleeping woman’s cheeks, and the only voice echoed in the chaos and sighed, with a melancholy that even the voice owner could not tell.

…From the destruction of the entire main axis world until now, Fuxi can’t remember how long it has been.

There is no concept of time in the chaos, and all the axes of the laws are chaotic, so he has no way to judge how long he has been waiting.

In Fuxi’s eyes, the world has not changed. Whether it exists or is destroyed, whether it is life or death, it just lacks circulation and the flow of time, but the “universe” itself will still exist forever.

But when he swims alone in this unformed universe, he slowly feels that there are still some differences.

Fuxi was ignorant, and still didn’t understand what was the difference in her heart.

From the initial doubts. In the later panic, and in the end, until he was crazy to bite his heart and burn his bones…just like in the prehistoric times, after he was repairing the sky in Nuwa, he could not wait to fill the mood of the ancient gods and demons with one hand.

So with this mood, when I swept over the person who had never been awake before. Fuxi finally understood what the difference was.

——He just is, understand what loneliness is…

The previous Fuxi had never concealed his intention to take Nuwa back to Chaos alone from the beginning. Feng Xiaoxiao didn’t say anything about it, probably because he was suffocated and didn’t want to come back with him, or maybe he knew it. It’s useless.

It was the kid named Yang Yan looking for a chance to run in front of him intentionally or unintentionally to make fun of him, chatting gossip against the majesty of his ancestor god.

“Brother Xi knows our human punishments?! It’s not the top ten tortures of the Qing Dynasty. We are now humanitarian, without torture*, and generally only torture the soul.”

“Yes. That’s the little black room… you know? The police like to use this trick. If you don’t torture you or touch your finger, they will put you in a bad guy. Where to go.”

“There is no light, no time, no sound…Slowly prisoners will feel that there is only one person left in the whole world…Tsk, that mental breakdown, normal people can’t stand it for an hour…”

“Right. Brother Xi, how much better is your chaotic home than the little black house?! Xiaoxiao won’t be locked up there, right?”

Why do you drag her to accompany you to endure billions of years of suffering in the chaos in the name of loving her? ! … Fuxi felt that she clearly saw this in the other’s smirking eyes.

At that time, I didn’t care about it, and even when the three-eyed boy desperately took Nuwa from his hand, he only felt the irritation of being offended.

But now Fuxi kept thinking of everything that happened some time ago.

Nu Wa’s resistance, the opposition of her friends.

The joy of her life

And the dead silence now…

He thought, maybe he really understood the loneliness in her mouth…

If you don’t open your eyes anymore, there will be no color in this world.

If you stop talking, there will be no sound in this world.

The world has always existed. But I can’t feel it now…

“…If this is what you want.”

After lingering on the woman’s cheek with nostalgic fingers for a long time, she finally withdrew reluctantly.

A long sigh reverberated in the chaos, Fuxi glanced at the sleeping Nuwa one last time, closed her eyes and stretched out her body, unscrupulously releasing all the law’s power


Before the age of 20, Feng Xiaoxiao always thought that he was an ordinary person. But I woke up overnight after my 20th birthday. She suddenly began to doubt this inherent perception.

Everything in the past seemed to be a dream. She clearly remembered all the things she had experienced since childhood, but after waking up all night, those memories seemed to be blurred by something, suddenly becoming There is no sense of reality.

“So?! Why don’t I know when you became so philosophical?!”

Yang Yan, a good friend from childhood to adulthood, leaned against her store door and gnawed her apple. After listening to Feng Xiaoxiao’s narration with a deep meaning, he uttered disapprovingly.

Feng Xiaoxiao finally couldn’t help but give him a blank look, and ran over to Yangkou grabbing food: “I didn’t joke with you, really!”

Well, in fact, she was not as ordinary as she said at the beginning.

Although he is an orphan with no father and no mother, Feng Xiaoxiao’s experience from childhood to childhood is truly colorful.

Inexplicably, I met the only son of the richest man in the province, somehow I found a killer in sheep’s clothing on a rainy night, and then somehow met a bunch of people from all walks of life who came out of all walks of life—if not because of So far, no handsome guy has been entangled in his death or life, Feng Xiaoxiao almost feels whether he is wearing the halo of the heroine.

Yang Yan didn’t get angry when he was robbed of an apple. He turned into the kitchen and took another one. He stared at Feng Xiaoxiao and gnawed a few mouthfuls, and then he suddenly laughed.

“I said…” Yang Yan put down the apple in his mouth and tossed it up and down, putting one hand in his pocket and teasing seemingly casually: “Do you think there is such a possibility?! … You were originally. A **** was reincarnated and sacrificed for salvation, but after the destruction of the world, a *oss who had the opposite idea to yours and possessed powerful abilities finally found that he could not bear life without you. So he decided to use his abilities to reverse the law of time Before everything has started, let all the gods become mortals and stabilize the law. Abandon his original attachment and have a shameless love with you…”

“Second brother, you are enough!” Feng Xiaoxiao helped his forehead and was unable to complain: “Earlier you told me to read less novels, but now my brain is bigger than mine…”

“…” Yang Yan looked inexplicable, grabbed the apple and shook his hand. He straightened up and didn’t catch any small words from the wind, but suddenly inserted a stroke for no reason: “Then tell me, why do you always call me the second brother?! My old man. My son is just me!”

why? !

Feng Xiaoxiao actually didn’t think about this question, but when I first met, I thought I should call it that way, so I kept calling it that way… and the other party never refuted it? !

“This…probably because of you two?!”

Feng Xiao Xiaote hesitated carefully, very nervously.

With a “pop”, a small blue vein suddenly appeared on Yang Yan’s forehead.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then finally turned his head helplessly and yelled at the door: “Brother Wu, I can’t do it. Did your little brother Tiandao bring anyone here?! Let them talk about it!”

Who to pick up? !

Feng Xiaoxiao inexplicably followed the direction Yang Yan was calling to look at the door, and then inadvertently caught a familiar figure behind Wu Xiaoge who had no friends.

The heart suddenly tightened uncontrollably for a moment, and Feng Xiaoxiao looked at the figure without blinking her eyes. She was clearly someone she didn’t know, but she felt as if she was very familiar. I have not seen it clearly. She felt as if she had known him for hundreds of millions of years…

……who is it? !

Unfamiliar memory fragments poured up bit by bit, and the complex information almost suffocated Feng Xiaoxiao.

As the man gradually approached, slowly the light of water began to accumulate in her eyes.

In a daze, Feng Xiaoxiao seemed to see a cold man who wandered through the chaos with a winding snake tail. He always wore ancient costumes and kept a black hair that was as smooth as a waterfall. He walked from the faraway place to his own. In front of… Then the clothes on her body became the people of this era that can be seen everywhere on the street. The three-foot blue silk also turned into short black hair.

He walked over and hugged her. The embrace that had been slightly colder than ordinary people had become warm, and she couldn’t help but raise his hand to hug her.

“I still can’t love the world like you…” The man’s voice rang in her ears, still calm and indifferent, but different from before, let Feng Xiaoxiao hear the taste of comfort and closeness: “But you It’s very important to me, so under the premise of the law of no harm. I can also try to maintain it.”

Feng Xiaoxiao’s memory slowly recovered and choked.

“I have learned the way of speaking and living habits in this world… I want to be with you at any time and anywhere.” The man loosened his arms and looked at Feng’s small eyes calmly narrating: “The law has the principle of nature Enough, if you want. We can reincarnate for the rest of our lives, and if you are tired, we will pull away and regain control of the law…”

“So…” the man who really turned into Feng Qi asked her calmly: “Can we * now?!”

All the moving wind disappeared in a moment: “…”

How persistent he is about this kind of After waiting for a while, he didn’t get an answer. Feng Qi pulled Feng Xiaoxiao away, looked at the little woman with a dull face in his arms, frowned, thought about it, and turned his head. Asked Yang Yan, who had been teaching his own language for this period of time, “Isn’t it possible that I used the wrong words and sentences? Should it be called sex?”

Yang Yan: “…”

Faced with such shameless people, Feng Xiaoxiao sneered blankly: “No matter how nice it is, it’s useless, don’t forget you have to be below!”

Fuxi: “…”

Yang Yan: “…”

Enough of you two! Really!


The end is the end, it is really the end.

Wait outside, I can finally love my guy~()

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