Peerless Master God

: acting

Liu Changxiong snorted when he heard this, then looked at the third elder, and then said: “The third elder, are you here for Yiheng’s business? I have never seen you care about yourself so much before. Back it.”

The three elders flushed, and then cleared his throat with a slight embarrassment: “Of course, Yihao and Yihan are both the future of our Liu family. Now that it hurts people, how can I not come to preside over justice? In the past, I really cared less about juniors, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about them.”

“Haha, is it? The future? The future of the two Liu’s families was defeated by one person? Don’t you think this future you are talking about is very ridiculous?” Liu Changxiong said unceremoniously.

When Liu Changba and Liu Changying heard this, their faces became a little ugly, but they couldn’t talk anymore, because that was the case. What Liu Changyun said just now was correct, the facts are the most important.

“Liu Yiheng just doesn’t know that he has cultivated some side-by-side things there. What can a person who missed the golden period of cultivation do? I don’t think long before you will know which talent is the future of the Liu family.” The third elder said without admitting defeat.

Liu Changxiong squinted his eyes and said, “So you are not here to solve the problem, but to make a decision, right?”

“This…, no, I’m just telling a fact. As for how to deal with it in the end, of course it depends on the patriarch.”

Liu Changxiong nodded and said, “That’s good. Since you said that, from now on, you will be watching me quietly by the side. As for the final decision, it is not your turn, and you don’t have that. qualifications.”

“What are you talking about? Changxiong, how are you saying, I am also your third uncle, are you speaking too much?”

“Yes, but you are also the elder of the Liu family, aren’t you?”

“This…huh, okay, then I will watch here and see how the patriarch presides over justice, but you better don’t let me down, don’t forget what you just said, I am an elder, if you let me Disappointed, I will initiate the presbytery and pull out your patriarch’s position.” After speaking, he turned around and found a chair and did it.

Liu Changxiong just smiled indifferently, and didn’t care about the words of the three elders, because his status among the elders was not very high, and his strength was very average. He wanted to start a presbytery, maybe it was a foolish dream. For Masao, it is almost nothing.

About half an hour, Liu Changyun took Liu Yiheng into the discussion hall.

As soon as Liu Yiheng came in, he knew what had happened, but he didn’t panic at all. He calmly stepped forward and bowed deeply and said, “Meet the patriarch.”

“No need to be polite.” Liu Changxiong waved his sleeve and said.

Liu Yiheng turned around and began to meet the Three Elders and Liu Changba and Liu Changying again. His attitude was sincere and meticulous. Although he did not have much respect for these people, these people were indeed his elders.

Liu Changba waved his hand, and then said: “Don’t be so polite, we didn’t want you to be courteous when we let you here.”

Liu Yiheng raised his head and said, “Oh, why did the patriarch and the second uncle let me come here?”

Liu Changba snorted coldly, and then said, “Don’t you know what you did wrong?”

“My nephew is stupid, I really don’t know.”

At this time, Liu Changxiong said lightly: “I don’t know? Then I ask you, did you hurt the three people lying on the ground?”

Liu Yiheng looked at the three people lying on the ground. The corners of his mouth first made a smile, and then immediately turned into a panic and said, “Ah, isn’t this the three cousins ​​of Yihao, Yihan and Yiqing? You are What’s wrong? It seems to be injured, right? It seems that the injury is not minor?” Liu Yiheng’s performance was very wonderful, it seemed that the injuries of these three people were really not caused by him, and the surprised expression was called No one has come before, and his powerful acting skills are definitely of the celebrity level.

When the three of Liu Yihao heard this, they were almost blown into their lungs. Liu Yihao stretched out his uninjured hand, pointed at Liu Yiheng and said, “Did you do this? You… how dare you? You are simply too shameless to say such a thing.”

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