Peerless Master God

: Blood red ore

Just when Miss Etiquette and Liu Yiheng were a little impatient, Hongkun’s voice suddenly sounded in Liu Yiheng’s mind and said: “You have too few refining materials here, and the quality is too low. I can’t bear to look directly at it. , But the green jade over there is not bad, although it is very poor, but it is very suitable for forging spears, and considering the situation here, the green jade is also the best, so choose this first.”

When Liu Yiheng heard this, he immediately looked at the green stone placed in a grid on the right. The label on it was exactly green jade.

So Liu Yiheng smiled and said to the lady of etiquette: “I want some green jade over there.”

Miss Etiquette has no incentive to introduce at this time. She has talked a lot, and her mouth is a little dry, but Liu Yiheng just watched and didn’t buy anything. This made her feel that this kid is here to tease her. The anger is rising.

But when she heard Liu Yiheng’s words, she immediately put on a smile on her face, and then said: “So how much do you want, boy?”

Hongkun said: “The texture of this green jade is very poor, it needs to be refined, and the refined part will not be too much, so buy more, don’t bear to spend money, this is the main material, you will save money in the future. “

Liu Yiheng understood what Hongkun meant, and then counted: “Well, just give me a hundred yuan.”

After hearing this, the lady of manners blossomed with joy, and then said: “Do you really want a hundred yuan?”

“Yes, it’s one hundred yuan, what’s the price?”

Miss Li settled, and then said: “A total of 654 gold coins are needed. This is the first time you have come to us, and you are still so young. We have a discount here, so you only need to give 624 gold coins. Ten gold coins will do.”

Liu Yiheng nodded and said: “There are discounts, yes, these are gold coins, you can collect them.” After finishing speaking, Liu Yiheng took out six hundred and twenty gold coins and handed them to the lady of etiquette.

The lady of manners took the gold coins with a sweet smile, and then said happily: “Wait a minute, I will pack these ores for you.” Her movements were very quick, just for a while, and one hundred green jade stones were already installed. Yes, and gave it to Liu Yiheng.

After Liu Yiheng got the green jade, he continued: “Now let’s continue.”

At this time, the hostess did not hesitate, and said happily: “Okay, I will continue to introduce you to the little son.” Then the two continued to move forward.

Next, Liu Yiheng bought some ores, but these are auxiliary materials, so the quantity needed is not many, but they are all very rare, so the price is not very cheap, the red and tender face of the hostess is smiling at this time It’s like a flower. After all, there are not many people who can buy so many refining materials at once. Generally, only when the four major families purchase the refining materials together, they will buy a large amount of refining materials. It doesn’t matter, they won’t get any commission.

Usually the materials for refining are the hardest to sell, so the commission is also the most generous. Liu Yiheng bought so much this time, she was naturally very happy.

Liu Yiheng has been shopping here for nearly two hours. The materials have been bought. Just as he was about to leave, Hongkun said suddenly: “Wait, go ahead, I seem to feel that there is something good here.”

Liu Yiheng was shocked when he heard this, and then recovered immediately, and then said: “Can you take me forward?”

The lady of etiquette nodded and said: “No problem, let’s go.” The current lady of etiquette is responsive to Liu Yiheng.

Soon Liu Yiheng, under the guidance of Hongkun, came to a separate display stand. There was only a piece of ore on this display stand. The whole ore was blood red, but there was nothing too special about it, just a faint red on it. Light.

The ceremonial lady saw Liu Yiheng staring at the red stone, and then said: “This should be blood red ore, but it doesn’t seem to be. This thing has been placed here for a while, but no one has bought it, young man, you are you buying?”

Liu Yiheng looked at the price. There was a label of 150 gold coins on it, and blood red ore was written under the label, so he said, “Well, I want this ore. This is 150 gold coins.” After speaking, Liu Yiheng handed in the gold coins. To the courtesy lady.

After receiving the gold coin, the lady of manners immediately opened the showcase, wrapped the blood red ore, and handed it to Liu Yiheng.

Liu Yiheng took the blood red ore, and after placing it, he smiled and said, “Okay, I have all the things I need, let’s go…”

When Liu Yiheng said this, a group of people walked in the distance. The leader was a man and a woman. The man was about twenty-two years old. He was tall and mighty, and his face was full of flesh. .

The girl next to him is very beautiful, about twenty years old, with a charming face, a voluptuous figure, and a bright smile on her face, but her eyes are indeed wise and intelligent, which shows that this woman is definitely not simple.

Liu Yiheng didn’t know these two people, so he didn’t care, but moved on and wanted to leave.

The man said to the girl at this time: “Qiuxia, I really found a very beautiful ore here. Although I don’t know what that ore actually has, I think it should be a good ore. Ready to give that ore to you.”

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