Peerless Master God

: Can't understand

However, after more than 20 rounds, the mood of the two people has completely changed. Liu Yihao is getting more and more anxious. He is the leader of the younger generation of the Liu family. When he was seventeen, he was promoted to the level of Houtian Lingshi. , There is hope to be promoted to the Innate Spiritualist before the age of twenty.

This kind of talent is definitely considered strong in the Liu family, but his current opponent is unable to cultivate at all before. Even three months ago, Liu Yiheng was still a waste of blood and soul, but after three months. Today, relying closely on the realm of the Hou Tian Lingshi, he was more than 20 rounds older than himself, regardless of the outcome, which made him feel a little unacceptable.

On the contrary, Liu Yihao’s mood is very stable at this time, and even entered a special state. His every movement is so natural, as if it is natural. He is enjoying this battle, and at the same time learning from this battle. At first, Liu Yiheng didn’t want to hide, but didn’t know how to hide. After all, he didn’t have any combat experience before, but after this period of fighting, he could easily dodge the opponent’s attack, and then he was looking for a faster and more effective way. Attack, in this way, his attack efficiency becomes even higher.

Combat experience is also a very important part of a person’s combat effectiveness. Combat experience can only be obtained in combat. Liu Yihao is the most lacking in this aspect. If he is a combat veteran, it is because Liu Yihao has a big mood at this time. When the range fluctuates, it may be possible to win the opponent long ago.

But Liu Yiheng was not in a hurry. On the contrary, he wanted to fight the opponent for a while, especially in his current state. He was just fighting with one heart and absorbing combat experience at the same time. As for the rest, there was nothing in his head.

However, Liu Yiheng could not accept this result. He was completely angry. Under his anger, he began to launch a fierce attack, wanting to take Liu Yiheng in one breath, but when he attacked to no avail, he found his spirit The power can no longer keep up, the spiritual power in the dantian has almost been exhausted, but on the other hand, Liu Yiheng is still as stable as Mount Tai, without any spiritual power exhausted.

This situation makes Liu Yihao even more difficult to understand. Let’s not talk about the others. In terms of realm, he is an acquired spiritualist at the perfect level, while Liu Yiheng is only an acquired spiritualist at the heavenly human level. The two are two small levels apart. But the real level difference is the difference between the accumulation of spiritual power and the thickness, but now his spiritual power is almost exhausted, but Liu Yihao still has spiritual power. How can he understand this?

And the reason why he attacked so frantically just now was to force Liu Yihao to increase his defense, and at the same time exhaust his spiritual power, and then he could easily win, but now he is in a dilemma, making his mentality completely burst. .

Ten rounds have passed. They have fought for more than 60 rounds. Liu Yihao really can’t hold on. He just said that he can hold on for more than ten rounds because he refused to admit defeat, especially not wanting to lose. Liu Yiheng’s breath was relieved a little, and then the exhaustion of spiritual energy naturally swarmed.

He knew that if he continued to fight, he would definitely lose, so he had no choice but to say: “Liu Yiheng, wait, let’s pause first, I have something to tell you.”

“Liu Yiheng, did you hear what I said? Stop first. If you don’t stop, you will make a big mistake.” Liu Yihao saw Liu Yiheng ignored him and continued.

But now Liu Yiheng can’t hear him anymore. He has now entered a special combat realm. There is only the opponent’s attack in his head. How to defend, how to attack, what moves to use, and how much power to use. , How can one’s own weakness be hidden to the utmost extent, so Liu Yihao’s voice cannot be heard at all.

Although Liu Yihan’s injury is not light, he has recovered a bit after this period of time. The most important thing is that he did not fight Liu Yiheng hard, but was defeated by one move. The spiritual power is very abundant, so he can quickly recover.

He already felt that his third brother was already showing signs of being unable to hold on. Although he was unwilling to admit it, this was a fact. Besides, Liu Yiheng was indeed strong. He had just understood this, so he was seeing His third brother asked for a truce, but when Liu Yihao had no intention of stopping, he sneaked forward, and then directly attacked with a tiger fist.

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