Peerless Master God

Chapter 1: Waste size

“Hey…” A soft sigh came from the study of the head of the Liu Family in Qingling City.

The Liu Family is one of the four major families in the Light Spirit City. The strength is very powerful. In the Light Spirit City, it can be said that no one dares to mess with it, but even so, there are still things that make the Liu Family helpless.

“Did you say that Yiheng is missing?” The speaker was the head of the Liu family, Liu Changxiong. Standing opposite him was his fourth brother Liu Changyun.

Liu Changyun also said helplessly: “Yes, he is gone, it’s been a day, brother, should we look for it?”

“Of course I found it. That was the only root left by the third brother. It’s just a pity…” After Liu Changxiong finished speaking, his eyes showed helplessness, and there was a trace of warmth and love, but more of it was sadness. .

Liu Changyun nodded and said, “Brother, don’t be too sad. We have tried our best. Over the years, we have tried all the methods and tried all the methods, but Yiheng… well, let alone this, I will Take someone to find it yourself. In the entire Liu family, only my eldest brother and I care about the life and death of that kid.”

“Yes, you go.” Liu Changxiong said.

One day ago, on a hillside on the edge of the barbarian mountain range, only one person said indifferently: “Liu Yiheng, the trash and **** of the dead line and soul, has wasted how much medicine and resources of our Liu family, you brought us to the Liu family How much shame and ridicule, you are the biggest burden to the Liu family if you are alive. If I were you, I would have died long ago.”

Another said: “Yeah, I’m really wondering, how can you have the confidence to live with **** and waste like you? If I were you, I would have found a piece of tofu to pretend to die and drowned in a washbasin.”

At this time there were five people standing on the hillside, four of them standing together, all sixteen or seventeen years old, and the two who just spoke were two of the four.

These two people are both members of the Liu family, and also the outstanding young generations of the Liu family, Liu Yihao and Liu Yihan.

Standing across from them was a boy who looked fifteen or sixteen years old. He had long and delicate eyebrows. Although he was a little immature, he must be a handsome man when he grew up. His big eyes were stubborn and determined. His body was thin and his face was slightly pale. Some are whitish and seem to be malnourished.

This person is just Liu Yiheng, the **** and **** among the population,

When the boy heard the ridicule of the two, he pursed his lips and said, “Is this the purpose of you calling me out today?”

“Why don’t you think it is enough?”

Liu Yiheng said blankly, “Then you have finished talking, goodbye.”

“Boy, did I let you go? The cultivation base has not improved, but the temper has improved a lot! Haven’t you been repaired for a period of time, and you have forgotten what pain is?” Liu Yihao looked at Liu Yiheng with cold eyes.

“Bulling me, a person who can’t fight back, you seem to feel quite proud?” Liu Yiheng’s body about to leave instantly turned around, staring at Liu Yihao with cold eyes, there was not much fear in his expression, he looked very strange. firm!

Liu Yihao was slightly stagnated by this question, and Liu Yiheng’s cold eyes made him angry. He went up and kicked Liu Yiheng to the ground, and shouted angrily: “What do you look at? Like a waste like you,” Being alive is simply superfluous!”

Liu Yiheng was just an ordinary person, and he had no resistance to monks like Liu Yihao, but he got up from the ground with difficulty, still looking at each other with cold eyes.

Liu Yihao still had to do something, but was stopped by Liu Yihan, and said coldly to Liu Yiheng: “Do you know how much medicine and resources the patriarch and fourth uncle spent for you? If those medicines and resources are used for me On his body, I have already been promoted to the Innate Spiritualist. You are dragging down the entire family, don’t you feel ashamed in your heart?”

Liu Yiheng looked at them coldly, but did not speak.

Liu Yihao looked at the thin and delicate cousin in front of him, and then said: “Born in a family of martial arts, then those who have broken souls should not be getting the medicine and resources. You should take the initiative to bring it up, and you But still shamelessly occupying the family’s resources, a **** and **** that is completely indifferent to the family, it is really abhorrent. I just want to eradicate you for the family.”

“Hypocrisy!” In the face of the opposing party’s long speech, Liu Yiheng only said two words, short and powerful!

In fact, in recent years, most of the resources he has allocated have been forcibly taken away by these so-called cousins, and he has been punched and kicked frequently, without brotherhood.

Of course, his reputation in Qingling City is really not good, and it can be said to be famous throughout the city, but his reputation is all negative!

The amount of waste in the Liu family!

Faced with this title, Liu Yiheng had no way to refute it, and he really couldn’t practice right now. But he has never given up. He is convinced that one day he will be able to do it!

“Hehe, what we said is the truth! I really don’t understand. The third uncle is heroic and talented. How could there be a son like you? But he is too arrogant. If he did not leave the Liu family arbitrarily, he would not With today’s results, there will be no such uncultivated kind as you!” said with a sneer.

“Shut up! You are not qualified to talk about my father!” Liu Yiheng, who had never spoken much, suddenly yelled.

Although he has not felt any fatherly love, and even has not seen his father several times, he still knows some of his father’s deeds and respects him in his heart.

How can he tolerate these villains insulting his father behind his back!

“Okay, don’t talk nonsense with him!” Liu Yihao patted Liu Yihan on the shoulder, staring at Liu Yiheng with a bad expression!

“Heh! Don’t you just want the pill and resources I just received today? Just give it to you, as if it was swallowed by a dog!” Liu Yiheng sneered, took out a few jade bottles from his arms and threw them over. About to turn around and leave!

He has long been accustomed to this kind of thing. Although he is reluctant to give up, he also understands that he has no ability to keep it.

“Haha! Boy, you are too naive, if it’s just this matter, why should we bring you here?” Liu Yihan caught a few jade bottles and shook his head.

“What else do you want?” Liu Yiheng frowned slightly, as if he realized that something was wrong today!

“I don’t want to be too much! Just to tell you, I don’t need to go back to Liu’s house in the future!” Liu Yihao looked at him coldly, a fierce look flashed in his eyes!

Upon hearing this, Liu Yiheng stepped back a few steps, his face dignified.

He felt that these people seemed to want to kill themselves today! Although he is trash, but he doesn’t want to die!

However, if these people were really intent on killing, he would be helpless, even if he was found out by the family afterwards, it would only be a slight punishment.

This is reality, a world where the weak eat the strong! Even if the Patriarch and Fourth Uncle love him again, they will not ruin the family’s genius for the waste of the dead!

“Well, you two, see if there is anything useful on him, and then break his limbs to see if he can climb back!” Liu Yihao waved to the other two Commanded!

The other two teenagers walked over with a grin. They are just offshoots of the Liu family, but they are not afraid of Liu Yiheng, a direct descendant!

The two rushed forward, one grabbed Liu Yiheng’s hands, the other had already started searching him, and soon took out a pendant sign from his chest!

The pendant is entirely black, but it looks simple and elegant. The shape is like a small boat, with a slightly pointed head and two spherical objects at the tip.

Liu Yiheng’s heart is tight, this thing must not be missed!

However, he is more aware that today I am afraid that he will not be spared. If he is broken off, he will not only be a waste, but will be completely disabled, and there will be no hope in the future. It is simply a bad life. dead!

Thinking of this, Liu Yiheng struggled to make a profit!


The two sleeves were directly torn off, and he also got away temporarily, quickly turned and fled!

However, he didn’t run far, and there was already a cliff in front of him.

Liu Yiheng was cruel in his heart, and he couldn’t run away today anyway. If he fell into their hands, it would be better to die! At the very least, this pendant can’t be snatched away by them anyway!

“Huh! You are not worthy of killing me!” After Liu Yiheng sneered, he jumped into the cliff without hesitation…

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