Peerless Master God

Chapter 2552: The slander of Zhuge Shenfeng

Moyuanli and Bei Minglang didn’t even think about it, and they nodded their heads in agreement. Liu Yiheng didn’t care about things, why should they both care?

Next, a group of people waited here for nearly half an hour, and then two people walked over, one of them humanely said: “Everyone, our leader has ordered, let me take you to find your people, please come with me. .”

Lu Xiaoxin stepped up and said: “Okay, so trouble two.”

“No trouble, it should be.” Then the two people left Zhongshenfeng with a group of them. Zhongshenfeng is the important place of the eternal alliance, so naturally these people will not stay in Zhongshenfeng.

After arriving at the main peak, Moyuanli and Beiminglang went to find their own people first, while the others gathered at Lu Xiaoxin’s residence after they knew their own residence.

After Lu Xiaoxin set up a barrier, he said, “What do you think?”

Zhuge Shenfeng squinted his eyes and said: “This kid Liu Yiheng is very strange. Although he is in the same realm as me, he has the appropriate spiritual power but is extremely deep. In this regard, I am ashamed.”

Hao Kaihan nodded and said: “Yes, I am a realm higher than him, but I didn’t take much advantage. Moreover, we have cultivated for hundreds of years before we have the profound spiritual power today, but that kid is talented. How old is it that he has such a profound spiritual power. With the addition of the vast and chaotic heaven and earth aura in the East Continent, I really don’t understand how he cultivated to his current realm and possessed such a profound spiritual power.”

Lu Xiaoxin said indifferently: “I have known the strength of this kid’s combat power a long time ago. After all, that kid didn’t suffer from spiritual power in the first battle of Helian Qianyue. He was only slightly inferior during the battle, and finally defeated , I’m not asking this, but you, besides this, what else have you found?”

“Amitabha Buddha, Liu Yiheng’s little benefactor is also very smart, very flexible in his mind, but too arrogant.”

Lu Xiaoxin: “Anything else?”

The others shook their heads because they didn’t look down on Liu Yiheng from the beginning, or they didn’t look down on Dongzhou Continent from the beginning, so naturally they looked down on anyone on Dongzhou Continent. The kind of contempt is from the inside out. Yes, then naturally they would not care about Liu Yiheng specially, even if Liu Yiheng’s performance was beyond their expectations, they still didn’t care much about Liu Yiheng, so naturally they couldn’t say anything.

Xiao Aolin looked at Lu Xiaoxin and said, “Master Lu, do you already agree with Liu Yiheng and want him to act with us?”

Lu Xiaoxin shook his head, and then said: “It doesn’t matter whether Liu Yiheng is allowed to agree with him or not, you still see it too one-sidedly.”

Hao Kaihan squinted his eyes, and then said, “Then what did Master Lu see?”

Lu Xiaoxin said indifferently: “The Liu Yiheng I saw is not only a strong fighter, strong spiritual power, smart and flexible mind, but also an incomparable formation ability. Maybe he is a dual cultivator, not just a martial artist. , He is still a more terrifying talisman, and he has such good attainments against formation.”

Hearing this, Zhuge Shenfeng’s complexion became worse, and he continued: “You said Liu Yiheng is still a double cultivation? How is this possible? In such a place, he can have his current realm and spiritual strength. It’s incredible. How could he still have time to practice spells? However, although spells are closely related to formations, they are not the same thing. Where did he get so much time to practice?”

Lu Xiaoxin shook his head and said, “No one can say this clearly, but what I said is not unfounded, Zhuge Shenfeng, you should be the clearest, right?”


“Of course it’s you, didn’t you just face Liu Yiheng head-on?” Lu Xiaoxin said.

“But what does that mean?”

Lu Xiaoxin: “There are so many representatives, don’t forget, you two are both high in the pinnacle realm of the spirit gods. The aftermath of your two attacks should be huge. You should be very clear in your heart, but Finally?”

When Zhuge Shenfeng heard this, he swallowed, and then said: “Nothing happened.”

“Yes, nothing happened, because the drawing room we went to has a strong formation protection. I know you will still say that this formation may have been made by someone else helping Liu Yiheng, but this should be impossible. It can resist. The special formation of the aftermath of the spiritual power of the people who live in the pinnacle level of the two spirit gods is not something that people can make. Fa, besides Liu Yiheng in the East Continent, is there really such a person? If so, how could he stay in the East Continent?”

Having said this, Lu Xiaoxin paused, and then continued: “So this formation should be created by Liu Yiheng. If this doesn’t explain anything, then how should the teleportation formation say? Also, I saw it at the beginning. It’s clear that Liu Yiheng is definitely a seventh-level talisman practitioner, and that is only the level he showed. No one can tell whether he has hidden his talisman practitioner level. After all, the level of talisman practitioner cannot be detected. , So what do you think now?”

He Tonglian stared his eyes and said: “This is simply appalling. If this kid really has such a great ability, then he should really take this kid, so as to at least give us a lot of opportunities to obtain resources in the secret realm. .”

Master Zhixin said: “Amitabha, Lao Na also thinks that he should bring it.”

Zhuge Shenfeng thought for a while, and then said: “But I don’t think so, because if Lord Lumen said all these are true, then this person will be even more elusive, and I now have some doubts about his identity. After all, in the broken place of the East Continent, it is incredible that a martial artist like him can appear. Now he is still a talisman cultivator, and his level is still so high, and he has such a deep knowledge of the formation. People from should not exist. Now that they exist, it is an unreasonable thing in itself. So I suspect that Liu Yiheng’s identity is not necessarily Human.

Hao Kaihan shook his head and said: “Since it exists, it is reasonable. Your Majesty the Emperor should know this sentence? Liu Yiheng is indeed a very special little guy, but this is not proof that he is not a human race. Also, your Majesty, you should It is clear that this action is related to the future of our entire human race. If we fail this time, then the human race may really slowly go to extinction, so is it possible that the emperor is the emperor?”

Zhuge Shenfeng frowned, and then said, “Do you think I said this for my own sake? If this is the case, why should I not get along with Liu Yiheng? Can a Liu Yiheng really shake our heavenly dynasties? I did this for the entire human race. Think about it. If this Liu Yiheng is really not a human race, what will he bring after entering the secret? It may be the demise of our entire team. If we die, then there will be no What, but don’t forget. At that time, there was this map that disappeared with us. Have you ever thought about the consequences?”

When the others heard this, they fell silent, because Zhuge Shenfeng was right. With Liu Yiheng’s intelligence and strength, if they were really demons, then they might actually be in danger. If something goes wrong, then this secret realm may become a real secret realm, and will not be discovered by others, then the human race may really go to extinction, then they will be the sinners of the entire human race.

When Zhuge Shenfeng saw everyone’s expressions, the corners of his mouth curled up, and he said inwardly: “Liu Yiheng, you still want to fight me, even if you have an extraordinary talent and extraordinary strength, I want to discredit you. Then you are black.”

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