Peerless Master God

Chapter 2553: Parental status

Zhuge Shenfeng believes that his statement has been recognized by everyone, so he said again: “Liu Yiheng has too many secrets in his body. If he is a normal person from the East Continent, he can’t have so many secrets. Yes, and we should say it all here, so that we can more accurately estimate his combat effectiveness, which will be more helpful to our next actions, but he did not do so, which means that he must pay another. There is a purpose, so everyone must not believe this kid. Even if he is not a member of the Demon Race, he must have something to do with the Demon Race.” After speaking, he looked at other people again.

When other people heard this, they were already a little bit creepy, because Liu Yiheng did have too many surprises, especially Liu Yiheng’s combat power. This should definitely not be owned by a person from the East Continent, so everyone It was also a look of horror and fear.

At this time, Lu Xiaoxin said: “Zhuge Shenfeng, you think too much. I have sent someone to investigate Liu Yiheng. He is definitely not a demon, but a real human. You can rest assured about this, but His identity is still somewhat special, but that’s not because of his special race, but his parents.”

Zhuge Shenfeng did not expect Lu Xiaoxin to refute him at this time, but even so, he couldn’t do anything about it. Who would let the heavenly dynasties be inferior to the Divine Sword Gate? This is the power of speech brought by strength, so although he was right Lu Xiaoxin was very dissatisfied when he came to demolish his station at this time, but he did not dare to say anything.

Xiao Aolin heard this and said in surprise: “His parents? Do his parents have any special identities?”

Zhuge Shenfeng even said, “Master Lu, you have already checked Liu Yiheng?”

Lu Xiaoxin said calmly: “Since I have long felt that this map has something to do with the East Continent, I naturally have to come and check the situation on the East Continent. However, the only strong force in the East Continent is the Eternal Alliance. As the leader of the Eternal Alliance, the Five Continents Competition won the second place, and the person who was sealed in the collapse of the four heavens but can still survive. How could I not pay attention to it?”

“As for the identity of Liu Yiheng’s parents, in fact, speaking of these two people, some may also know them.”

Hao Kaihan immediately said, “Oh, really? Who are his parents?”

Lu Xiaoxin smiled and said, “His father is Liu Changfeng and his mother is Ling Yutong.”

After hearing these two names, everyone looked dumbfounded, and finally smiled and said: “Lord Lumen, this name is very unfamiliar. Are you sure we know someone here? Besides, a pair of East Continents. Couple, is it really possible for us to meet?”

Lu Xiaoxin smiled and said: “These two names are indeed very strange to everyone. Even if I heard them for the first time, they are also very strange, but I think you must know the other two names.”

Xiao Aolin: “What’s the name?”

“Ying Suifeng and Ling Muyun.”

After hearing these two names, Xiao Aolin paused for a while, then his face changed slightly, and then said, “Master Lu means…”

“Yes, Yi Suifeng is Liu Changfeng, and Ling Muyun is Ling Yutong, which is Liu Yiheng’s parents.” Lu Xiaoxin said.

After hearing this, Zhuge Shenfeng narrowed his eyes, and then said: “So, I can’t blame Liu Yiheng’s talent and potential for being so terrible. It turns out to be the children of those two guys. Then everything makes sense, but this The two people have disappeared for a long time. They probably didn’t take care of Dao Liu Yiheng much.”

Lu Xiaoxin smiled and said: “With their talents and potential, it is enough, why do we need to take care of them? If you take care, then who has taken care of Yi Suifeng and Ling Muyun? That is Liu Changfeng and Ling. Yutong.”

Hao Kaihan still listened to the cloud in the mist, and then asked in confusion: “Are the Yi Suifeng and Ling Muyun great? But why haven’t I heard of these two people?”

Zhuge Shenfeng said with a serious face: “Of course you haven’t heard of it, because the two couples only appeared for nearly five years and then disappeared, but in these five years, the entire Central Continent has been upset. Among them, the Mo family suffered the most damage. If it were not for the killings of these two couples, then the strength of the Mo family would be at least one grade higher than the current Mo family.”

Xiao Aolin nodded and said: “Yes, that couple was a pervert back then. When they first appeared, they were only at the peak of Lingshen, but within five years, they have cultivated to the perfect state of Lingshen, and they have combat effectiveness. Unusually powerful, as long as the masters of the realm of true gods can’t come out, no one is their opponent. I remember that the Mohist united more than 100 middle-level forces and more than 30 first-class forces against two people, among them, the masters of the realm of spirit gods. There were thousands of people, but during the three-month encirclement and suppression process, the couple killed more than a thousand masters in the realm of spirits and gods. Later, the situation turned over and turned into the couple chasing and killing those realms of spirits and gods. The two of you can be said to be a big killer. I don’t know how many people have been killed. The last true god-level expert can’t see it. He stopped the couple, but this couple and the true **** realm expert After the fight, in the end, the master of the real **** realm did not even take advantage. In the end, the three of them all retreated, but after this incident, no power in China was willing to offend the couple.”

He Tonglian heard this and said in surprise: “That’s really abnormal. It’s the first time I heard that people in the realm of Spirits and Gods can fight against those in the realm of True Gods. With such a father, it’s no wonder Liu Yiheng is so strong. , But these two people are so powerful, why did they suddenly disappear?”

Zhuge Shenfeng said calmly: “No one knows about this, but the last place the couple went to was Sixiang Tianyu, which may have something to do with Tianji Pavilion. However, after Liu Yiheng was sealed by the collapse of Sixiang Tianyu, he He can come out unscathed, and maybe it has something to do with this couple.”

Lu Xiaoxin said, “I don’t know if it’s related to the couple. I just know that Ling Muyun should have some problems, but no one knows what the specific problems are. After all, we haven’t been to the four events. The domain is also not familiar with this couple, but Liu Yiheng’s identity is confirmed. He is definitely a human race, so you don’t have to doubt this.”

Zhuge Shenfeng: “Since he is the son of those two people, he is naturally a human race, but even if he is talented, I haven’t heard that the couple has a talent for spells and formations.”

“Can someone really talk about talent?” He Tonglian said.

“Amitabha, the so-called providence is unpredictable and hard to find at will. Some things cannot be generalized. Your Majesty Zhuge Kamikaze, can you let go of your personal grievances with Liu Yiheng? Although this is a matter for the two of you, the boss shouldn’t bother , But what we are going to do now is something that is closely related to the future of the entire human race, even life and death, so His Majesty Zhuge Shenfeng still has to think twice when doing things.”

Zhuge Shenfeng gritted his teeth, and then said: “So, do you all agree that Liu Yiheng will participate in this operation?”

Lu Xiaoxin smiled, and then said: “Zhuge Shenfeng, you are safe and restless, I know what you think, you are afraid that Liu Yiheng in the secret realm will be harmful to the people of all the dynasties, right?”

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