Peerless Master God

Chapter 2554: Shameless choice

Zhuge Shenfeng nodded and said, “Yes, aren’t you afraid? Our people and the people of Red Moon Sect and Wanren Mountain Villa are already dangerous when they act together. If a Liu Yiheng is added, wouldn’t it be even more dangerous? , And that Liu Yiheng has also made good relations with these two forces. If they are really embarrassed and get together to deal with us, aren’t we in danger?”

Lu Xiaoxin said calmly: “But aren’t we discussing countermeasures? Liu Yiheng is indeed very strong and smart, but the people on our side are not weak. Do you think Helian Qianyue, Xiao Wu Shang and Zhuge Ling Qi, together with Zheng Yuangang, Lei Xiong, Feng Wuying, Shi Binluo and others, can’t deal with Mo Dangtian, Duguxue and Liu Yiheng?”

Xiao Aolin immediately said: “You can’t say that, those people are vicious and cunning, and scheming. What if they use other means to deal with our people?”

“Are we old guys all dead? There is no age limit in that secret realm. At least now we don’t know if there is an age limit. We are there and afraid of them playing tricks? Of course, even if the secret realm has The age limit, with the strength of those juniors, is enough to deal with Liu Yiheng’s Demon Dangtian and Duguxue, so you don’t have to worry.”

Having said this, Lu Xiaoxin paused, and then continued: “In fact, we don’t have to worry about it. After all, those juniors are cultivators. We must give them the opportunity to take risks. If we always live in the wings of the elders, So when will they really grow up? Just like Liu Yiheng now. He can grow to where he is now because everything depends on himself, so we should also reflect on ourselves.”

After hearing what Lu Xiaoxin said, Zhuge Shenfeng, Xiao Aolin and others also bowed their heads and meditated, and then Zhuge Shenfeng said: “It is true. We really spoil them a little too much, but this is not true. It protects them, but it hurts them.”

Swordsman Lin said indifferently: “Yes, they should be given the opportunity to be the leader. After all, the world in the future belongs to them. They must be able to take up this responsibility instead of cultivating, let alone ours. Take risks under the shelter of

“Amitabha, Lord Lumen really has seen people, and Lao Na agrees, but does Lord Lumen think this map is true?” Master Zhixin said.

Lu Xiaoxin shook his head and said, “This is impossible. You should also see and feel the texture of that map. It is not something Liu Yiheng can imitate. He is indeed very smart and powerful, but there are some things that are there or not. Just no, there is such a sophisticated map, such a perfect map design, is not Liu Yiheng can think of in a short time, so I can be sure of this, not to mention Liu Yiheng is not a fool, if the demons really attacked, then bear the brunt. It is their East Continent. If the East Continent disappears, do you say that his eternal alliance has any meaning? If you are Liu Yiheng, how do you choose?”

Hao Kaihan smiled, and then said, “Of course, we must do our best to keep the East Continent. Otherwise, wouldn’t this leader become a dog of the bereavement?”

Lu Xiaoxin smiled and said, “That’s it, so he won’t use this to deceive us, but everyone should pay attention to it. When resources are obtained, then these people don’t need to stay. What do you think?”

Zhuge Shenfeng said first: “Yes, these people really don’t need to stay, but if the couple is…”

Lu Xiaoxin calmly said: “No one can know about things in the secret realm, not to mention that the couple has disappeared for so long. It is not certain whether they can appear on this continent? Besides, if They are all dead, so even if the couple reappears, they can’t do anything to us. After all, no one knows that we killed them.”

After hearing this, Xiao Aolin laughed, and then said: “Yes, does Lumen want to use Liu Yiheng?”

Lu Xiaoxin: “Of course, Liu Yiheng is too arrogant, such a person can only be used, and only worthy of being used.” In fact, Lu Xiaoxin has now thoroughly valued Liu Yiheng, not just because of Liu Yiheng’s talent and potential. , And his parents, if Liu Yiheng is not dealt with as soon as possible, then Liu Yiheng may put a lot of pressure on him to unify the entire mainland China, and may even destroy his plan.

He Tonglian said indifferently: “But wouldn’t the East Continent be directly occupied in this way?”

Lu Xiaoxin said helplessly: “In some cases, what should be discarded must be discarded. Just imagine if Liu Yiheng or the East Continent still has the ability to fight the demons, then when the demons attack, Liu Yiheng asks for help, shall we help? Or do we not help? Help, it is also a huge drain on ourselves, and it will be detrimental to protecting our own mainland at that time. If we don’t help, we will end up with an infamy At that time, the rest of the Four Continents may still have rifts. Once they are used by the demons, they will fall apart. It is definitely not worth the loss. Besides, the people of Red Moon Sect and Wanren Mountain Villa are also very much towards Liu Yiheng. In his fancy, if they really get involved with Liu Yiheng, it will be even more troublesome.”

When the others heard this, they all nodded involuntarily, and then one of them stood up and said, “This method is okay, but with Liu Yiheng’s talent and potential, he died like this. It’s a shame.”

Lu Xiaoxin: “There is nothing to be a pity. Now we must ensure that the human race will not be annexed and destroyed by the demons. If the human race is really annexed and destroyed, then what is the use of good talent and potential? “

Zhuge Shenfeng sneered and said: “Yes, there are many people with good talents and potentials. If it is in normal times, we might also protect Liu Yiheng, but now the situation is too delicate, and we absolutely cannot do it for him alone. Ruined the future of the entire human race.”

The others were not talking this time, but they all nodded in agreement. After all, Lu Xiaoxin was right. The existence of Liu Yiheng may indeed affect the battle between the human race and the demons. At this delicate time, it is necessary to All the instability factors of suffocation are strangled to death, so as to guarantee the human race and protect their interests, otherwise, their interests will all disappear.

Lu Xiaoxin saw that everyone had agreed to his proposal. He also nodded in satisfaction, and then said: “Well, since everyone agrees on this matter, then you will find the oath of heaven. This matter must not be leaked. , So only the oath of heaven is the best guarantee, otherwise…” Lu Xiaoxin’s words are already obvious. If they don’t take the oath of heaven, they will isolate that force, or even direct it. Xiao Mo.

Now that these people have decided to eliminate Liu Yiheng, they naturally don’t care about the oath of heaven, so they all vowed to deal with Liu Yiheng together, but they will never reveal it. After the oath of heaven is taken, everyone will leave. Up.

Lu Xiaoxin waited until everyone had left, and said with a sneer: “Liu Yiheng, even if you have such powerful parents, you can’t help you. If I want you to die, you will definitely die. No one can do you. Haha…”

On the other side, Liu Yiheng also returned to Hongmeng Feiyusuo. Just entering Hongmeng Feiyusuo, he saw Feng Moliang, Guan Bai and others waiting for him, so he smiled and said, “You are all waiting. I?”

Guan Bai nodded and said: “Of course, so many masters come together, how can we not let Hongkun look at the outside situation?”

Feng Moliang: “Why do you give the map to those people? Doesn’t we have no chips in our hands?”

Hua Ziyu: “Brother Liu is a bit reckless this time.”

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