Peerless Master God

Chapter 2555: Someone made trouble on the main peak

Liu Yiheng looked at everyone, and then smiled and said, “How could I hand over all the chips in my hand? Although the map is given, you are not the real map. I did the tricks, and I I lied to their map. Didn’t I make a profit?”

Wen Jingyuan heard this and said with some worry: “Brother Liu, your maps are fake? Then if they are discovered, the consequences may be very serious. Those people are now on the main peak of the Wuzhu Peak. If they If we want to do something, we may not have much resistance. We are fine to say, but the others in the Eternal Alliance are in danger.”

Liu Yiheng said indifferently: “Of course I am, but I only did a little bit of manipulation. The map is still real. As for the manipulation of my hands and feet, as long as there is no ninth-level talisman practitioner, I will not find it. And there will never be more than ten people in the ninth-level talisman cultivator in the entire Shenzhou Continent. It is impossible for them to appear here.”

Yun Tianya: “Why is it impossible to appear here?”

Du Xinghan said: “Yes, ninth-level talisman practitioners should be very powerful, right? At least the spiritual **** peak-level people may have difficulty dealing with them, and once they enter the secret realm, wouldn’t it be safer to have a powerful talisman practitioner? ?”

Liu Yiheng smiled, and then said: “You are right. Even the Spirit God Consummation Level 9 talisman is very difficult to kill, but because of this, they won’t let that map be given this way. People see, haven’t you seen it? Those people are extremely greedy, so it’s impossible for them to show the map to anyone other than them, especially Lu Xiaoxin. Although he looks kind and just, he is actually not. He is very ambitious. Although he hides it well, I can see it.”

When Guan Bai heard this, he smiled and said: “So that’s the case, then what are we going to do?”

“Acting by chance, I don’t think they will raise us in advance, because they still want to use us, but once we have benefits, then we will be the first to be kicked out, so we haven’t found the secret. We are still safe when the resources are available, at least there will be no attacks from our own people, but once we find the resources, then we must be careful, and if possible, we must act first.”

Yun Tianya: “So what about the people from Hongyue Sect and Wanren Mountain Villa? The fellow Tian Chanzi is also here, and Hu Zhengkai is also here. Are we going to do something with them?”

Liu Yiheng thought for a while, and then said: “Red Moon Sect and Wanren Mountain Villa still seem to be our friends now, but we have to guard against it. That’s fine. Those two old things will come to me in a while. Let’s take a closer look, let’s make a decision at that time. Anyway, there is still some time before that time. We can also judge the ultimate goal of these two forces first. But in my opinion, the two forces should not act on us. As for Tian Chanzi, that is a special guy, maybe he will come to us on the initiative.”

Di Hongyan said at this time: “Your human race is really troublesome. The calculations are done, and the final calculations are not all your own race?”

Liu Yiheng looked at Emperor Hongyan and said, “Sister Hongyan, there is no way. The human group is too large and has ruled the mainland for many years. Then some people will naturally go further and further on the road of pursuing interests and power. Calculations are also indispensable. If you change to your Emperor Hongtianyan clan, the same is true. Perhaps you will choose a more direct method, but the final result is the same, that is, killing each other.”

Emperor Hongyan shook his head and said: “No, our Emperor Hongtianyan clan will never have such a thing.”

“There are very few absolute things in this world, especially things that have not happened, and there are no absolutes. Of course, this is not important. What is important now is that we must obtain that resource. This is the last thing we have on the East Continent. The capital of China is also the last capital of our Eternal Alliance. Even if we have to give up the East Continent in the end, then with this resource, we will be more confident, and people from other continents will definitely be more willing to accept us.”

Du Xing said coldly: “That’s natural. This is originally the resources in the East Continent. Why should you give it to others? If someone dares to jump out to stop it, then just kill it.”

Liu Yiheng shrugged, and then said: “It’s easy to say, the opponent’s strength is not weak, but the most difficult ones are Helian Qianyue, Zhuge Lingqi, Xiao Wushang and Zheng Yuangang.”

Du Xinghan said: “Zheng Yuangang, that guy has given it to me.”

“Will you be suppressed?”

Du Xinghan said indifferently: “Yes…, but it won’t be as serious as before, and that guy’s luck has been taken away by the Nianyunzhen Tianshen Array. I think his eyes should not improve much, then I There is a chance to deal with him. Even if I can’t deal with it, I can run without being hurt by him. Just concentrate on dealing with Helian Qianyue.”

Feng Moliang said: “That Zhuge Lingqi is handed over to me.”

“I will deal with it if it hurts to laugh.” Xiaoying said.

Liu Yiheng smiled, and then said: “Don’t talk about it for now, just act by chance, maybe we will still have a helper.”

“You mean…” Guan Bai said and stopped here.

Liu Yiheng said: “Yes, that guy, he won’t miss any opportunity to improve his strength.”

“Well, I also think he will definitely come.” Guan Bai said.

Liu Yiheng nodded, and then said: “Well, now I will send you all out of Hongmeng Fei Yusuo, otherwise there will be no way to explain.”

Wen Jingyuan immediately said: “How many people are we going to this time? Who are we taking?”

Liu Yiheng said indifferently: “A hundred people will be fine. Apart from us, let Liu Yiyu find some. I think he is the most familiar with the people of the Eternal Alliance. Of course, if any of you are not willing to go. If you do, I won’t force it.”

Youmei immediately said: “We must go, wherever the young master goes, we will go.”

Gongsun Wuyang also said: “I want to go too. Although my combat effectiveness is average, I can still help in other places. The leader will not take me?”

Liu Yiheng smiled and said, “Didn’t I just say that everyone here can go, including Aunt Hong, but Aunt Hong, are you going? I won’t force you.”

Hong Ling smiled, and then said: “Of course I am going. Maybe I can still get some benefits. Why don’t I go if there is such a good thing.”

Hongling also knows that Liu Yiheng’s luck is very high. Every time he goes to places he will get a lot of benefits, especially in the four fields. This time, not only Liu Yiheng has benefited, but all the people in Hongmeng Feiyu Shuo. , Have obtained huge benefits, so how could she give up this opportunity?

Besides, it doesn’t make much sense to stay in the secret realm of Hengying, it’s better to go out on an adventure with Liu Yiheng and others.

Liu Yiheng nodded and said, “Well, now everyone will leave Hongmeng Feiyusuo, and then we will go to Zhongshenfeng together.” After speaking, Liu Yiheng released all people from Hongmeng Feiyusuo, and then left the Hengying Secret Realm together. .

The teleportation array from the Hengying Secret Realm to Zhongshenfeng was used alone, so no one would see them coming out of the teleportation array, and then they went directly to the Zhongshenfeng.

Just arrived at Zhongshen Peak, a person ran in and said: “Leader, it’s not good, someone is making trouble on the main peak.”

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