Peerless Master God

Chapter 2556: I am not something

After hearing this, Liu Yiheng squinted his eyes, then said: “Who is making trouble on the main peak, but people from other continents?”

The person who reported the letter said: “Exactly, what he said they were from the heavenly dynasties, one of them took a fancy to Elder Xing Yuehua and Elder Chu Wanqing, and a few girls from Linglongmen also blocked them.”

After hearing this, Liu Yiheng said angrily: “They really don’t know that the sky is so great that they dare to **** a woman in our Eternal Alliance. It’s just looking for death.”

Guan Bai said coldly, “What should I do? Killed?”

Liu Yiheng: “What’s the use of keeping such rubbish? Let’s go and take a look.” After speaking, Liu Yiheng took everyone up to the main peak thinking about it.

Soon they reached the main peak, and at the moment there was a group of people on the main peak surrounded by many people, but they were all arrogant, looking like the second and the third.

One of them even more arrogantly said: “What **** Eternal Alliance is just a small force in the East Continent, a place where birds do not shit. I tell you, I am the eldest master of the generals of the heavens. I think It is an honor for him to fall into a woman of your little power. You dare to stop me?”

Another person smiled and said: “Yeah, you had better think it through to me. We are from the Central Continent. You should let me go quickly, otherwise even your leader will not be able to save you.”

“Yeah, I didn’t expect Dongzhou Continent to be such rubbish, but the beautiful women are pretty good, haha, hurry up and get out of me, otherwise you will kill me.”

After hearing this, the faces of the eternal alliance turned blue, but they did not say anything, because at this time they also knew that these people were really not easy to provoke, not to mention that their eternal alliance is now with these people. Cooperation, if they act rashly, it will inevitably cause trouble to the leader.

But they are really angry, because they have just walked over being bullied by people from other continents. The feeling is really uncomfortable, but the current situation seems to be a new wave of bullying coming again, which makes They are not only angry, but also a trace of fear and fear from the bottom of their hearts.

If they changed before, they might have retreated long ago, because they really have no way to fight against the forces of the Central Continent, not to mention that the dynasties of the heavens are still one of the top five forces in the Central Continent. They have nothing but fear, how could they dare Surround these people?

But now because of the existence of Liu Yiheng and others, they have increased their confidence and courage so that they can continue to surround these people.

There were several girls standing on the periphery of the crowd. These girls were Xing Yuehua, Chu Wanqing, Ou Xinzi and another girl from Linglongmen.

These four are all big beauties. Xing Yuehua is cold-eyed, Chu Wanqing is noble, Ou Xinzi is smart, and the other girl from Linglongmen is cute, but at the moment all four of them are looking at those arrogant dynasties with cold faces.

After seeing the four girls, Liu Yiheng walked over and said, “Elder Xing, Elder Chu, Ou Xinzi, and…you…”

The little girl from Linglongmen arrived immediately: “Leader, my name is Xiao Min.”

Liu Yiheng nodded, and then said: “What the **** is going on, why are you here?”

Xing Yuehua said calmly: “Ou Xinzi needs herbs, so Elder Chu and I accompanied her to Hengyuan City. We didn’t expect that we would meet these people on the way back. You should know all the next things. Otherwise you won’t be here.”

Liu Yiheng nodded and said, “Yeah, I know it all, it seems that these people have enough life.”

Xing Yuehua: “Will it be a problem to kill these people?”

Chu Wanqing continued: “Yes, they are all from the Central Continent’s Heavenly Dynasty. If we rashly kill them, it may cause conflicts between us and the Heavenly Dynasty. Now is an important moment for our eternal alliance and our eternal This important stage of alliance development is not suitable for large-scale battles.”

Liu Yiheng said indifferently: “It’s okay. The current eternal alliance is really not suitable for large-scale battles, but it can’t let people bully us. If we don’t fight back in this way, those people may lose confidence again, or even It is the loss of hope. That is the most terrible thing. Once the hearts of the people are distracted, it will be difficult to gather together. Besides, the hearts of the people have already dissipated once. Have you forgotten how much time we spent in building their confidence in the first place? ?”

After hearing this, Xing Yuehua nodded and said: “Well, that’s right, then it’s all about the leader.”

Liu Yiheng smiled, and then said: “By the way, we are going to explore a secret realm soon, are you going?”

Xing Yuehua and Chu Wanqing’s eyes lit up at the same time, and then they said together: “Let’s go.”

Ou Xinzi and Xiao Min said shyly: “Can we go too? Our combat effectiveness is very average.”

At this time, Wen Jingyuan said: “Of course, your realm has been improved very quickly, and your alchemy talent is also very outstanding. If you have an opportunity this time, then you will definitely go further.”

Ou Xinzi and Xiao Min did have very good talents in alchemy, and they did not even lose to Lu Manyao, so Wen Jingyuan also focused on training these two girls. Xing Yuehua and Chu Wanqing knew this. After all, they are elders, although Now it’s still mainly practice, but the two of them still know some things. So when they heard that Ou Xinzi needed herbs, the two of them knew that the main peak was messy, so they accompanied Ou Xinzi and Xiao Min to buy herbs. Yes, it is precisely because of the existence of two people that Ou Xinzi and Xiao Min did not suffer. Otherwise, they might really be in trouble.

After listening to Wen Jingyuan’s words, Ou Xinzi and Xiao Min jumped up happily, because they knew that if they knew that they would go out with Liu Yiheng, then there would be benefits, and the benefits would not be small.

Liu Yiheng said indifferently: “You two go back and talk to your sect master. Just don’t worry her. I’ll leave the matter here.”

Ou Xinzi and Xiao Min nodded, and then left together.

Xing Yuehua and Chu Wanqing glanced at each other, and then Xing Yuehua said: “Then we are leaving too. Since we are going to experience, of course we have to prepare.”

Liu Yiheng nodded, “Okay, I will send someone to call you at that time.”

“Okay…” The two women agreed, then both turned and left.

At this time, people from all the heavens suddenly rushed over, and one of them arrogantly said: “Don’t you guys want to leave, the girl I like…, uh…, is really beautiful. It’s really the right time for the continent to come. It’s really a big profit to see so many top women all at once.”

At this moment, this person is full of blue eyes, squinting at Feng Moliang and other girls, and he seems to be yelling at something. At this moment, he doesn’t seem to see others anymore. There are a group of girls waiting for Feng Moliang in his eyes. .

After seeing this person’s eyes, Liu Yiheng sneered, and then said: “Who are you who dare to make trouble in the Eternal Alliance?”

At this time, he recovered from his YY world, then looked at Liu Yiheng, and then said, “What are you?”

“I am Liu Yiheng, the leader of the Eternal Alliance, what are you?” Liu Yiheng said calmly.

“What do you say about her? I’m not a thing.”

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