Peerless Master God

Chapter 2557: These women are all mine

Liu Yiheng smiled, and then said: “You really aren’t a thing.”

“You… I’m something.”

Liu Yiheng continued: “What are you? I was asking this question just now.”

“You…, are you looking for death?”

At this time, Liu Yiheng’s mouth made a slight arc, and then said: “It seems that it is not me who is looking for death, but you.”

“Really? Haha, you, a small leader of the East Continent’s forces, dare to say this and say yes, it seems that you really have enough.”

Liu Yiheng said indifferently: “I remember what you like the most, so what is it called?” Liu Yiheng paused when he said here, and then continued: “Oh, come to think of it, your favorite is’Do you know me Who? I think you will say this soon.”

“Hmph, you don’t say anything here. Now you get out of here and leave these women behind. I can also let go of your eternal alliance with you. Otherwise, I will destroy your eternity. alliance.”

After Liu Yiheng heard this, he turned his head and looked at Feng Moliang, and then said, “What should I do? He seems to want you all the time, not really wants to deal with me.”

Feng Moliang: “What does it matter to me? You ask like this, as if I caused you trouble.” Feng Moliang is not as cold as before, so less speechless, although compared to Wen Jingyuan and Xiaoying , It’s still very cold, but it’s better than at the beginning.

Wen Jingyuan said, “Yes, what is it for us? It’s them who are looking for trouble, not us, otherwise we will cover our faces in the future?”

Liu Yiheng immediately said: “Uh…no, it’s fine like this. If there is any trouble, I will solve it.”

When Liu Yiheng said here, another person stood up and said: “Smelly boy, hurry down and apologize to our young master. Also, quickly bring those girls to the young master’s room, otherwise we will destroy your eternal alliance.”

Hearing this, Di Hongyan said angrily: “Liu Yiheng, this person is too noisy, I don’t want to hear her talking.”

Liu Yiheng smiled and said, “Okay, Sister Hongyan doesn’t want him to speak, so he won’t have a chance to speak anymore.” When the words fell, Liu Yiheng’s figure flashed directly in front of the person who had just spoken, and then he shot out.

Everyone just heard a bang, and then the person flew out directly, but this person did not want to fly far away, but flew high and far, almost fast, and the person flew to a high altitude. Far away, it turned into a star, and then disappeared into the sky.

This is also a normal situation. Generally speaking, if the strength of two people is similar, then each person will step back hundreds of meters or thousands of meters because after the two sides collide, they can still control their body well, and at the same time, If the opponent’s attack is counteracted, but the difference between the two people’s combat effectiveness is too great, then the situation like this will appear.

Liu Yiheng looked at the disappearing stars in the sky and said calmly: “Goodbye.”

Guan Bai, Du Xinghan and others are silent, because they understand that since this kid started to be unreasonable to Feng Moliang, Wen Jingyuan, Xiaoying, and Di Hongyan, his ending is doomed, maybe you ridicule , Ridicule, or even a few swear words about Liu Yiheng may survive, but if you offend the girls around him, then you will undoubtedly die.

What is even more terrifying is that these women are also very tough. If Liu Yiheng does not help out, if they do it by themselves, it may be even more terrifying, because they will not die as easily as these insulting people.

However, at this time, the people of the Eternal Alliance also had happy smiles on their faces, because they were also watching just now to see how their leader is going to solve the problems in front of them. If Liu Yiheng is really counseled, then they will be very Disappointed, after all, once they are counseled here, their lives will fall into darkness again in the future, so their hearts were very anxious and uncomfortable just now.

But at this moment, they finally relaxed, and one of them even said: “I’ll just say it, our leader is not afraid of them, you still don’t believe it.”

“Who said I didn’t believe it? We just want to see how the leader of the alliance responds, but the leader is really awesome, too direct, I like it, haha.”

Next, everyone in the Eternal Alliance laughed happily, completely different from the serious and tense situation just now.

On the contrary, the people on the side of the dynasty became nervous, because Liu Yiheng was too fast just now. Whether it was movement speed or attack speed, they could not imagine. Until the end, they did not see How did Liu Yiheng move, nor did he see how Liu Yiheng did it, and even the person who was knocked into the air did not make a scream.

This is completely different from the people in the East Continent they imagined. In their minds, the East Continent is weak. As long as they see the people in the Middle Continent, they must retreat and be patient, but now this What’s the situation? Why does this guy say that he does his hand and he kills when he says that he kills. He doesn’t give them the face of the people from the Central Continent at all, and what is the fighting power of this person? When did such a person appear in the East Continent?

Of course, Hu Yanshou did not know the performance of Liu Yiheng and others in the Five Continents Competition, nor did he not know Liu Yiheng’s character. After all, people from several major forces would not tell about Liu Yiheng’s affairs, especially those of the heavenly dynasties, because They felt that it was a kind of shame, which also caused Hu Yanshou until this time, still not knowing that he had gone to the abyss of death.

Liu Yiheng didn’t care about the expressions of these people, but turned to look at Di Hongyan and said, “Sister Hongyan, how did I solve it?”

Di Hongyan smiled happily, and then said: “Very well, I am very satisfied.”

When Liu Yiheng saw Di Hongyan’s smile, he was stunned for a moment. Di Hongyan was indeed too beautiful, especially the noble and elegant Di Hongyan who suddenly showed such a cute and happy smile, which is even more incomparable. The beauty.

Liu Yiheng was stunned for two seconds before smiling and saying, “Sister Hongyan is satisfied.”

However, Di Hongyan’s smile made the people on the Central Continent also dumbfounded. They even forgot what the Fashen had just passed.

One of them even said: “My god, how can there be such a beautiful woman? Is this a fairy going down?”

“Yeah? Why is there such a beautiful woman in a place like Dongzhou Continent? If this can be played for one night, even if it reduces my life by ten years, I will go without hesitation, ah… you What…, uh, master, what’s wrong?”

The person who beat him was his young master. At this moment, he saw his young master with a black face and said: “Don’t even think about you or him, these women are all mine, you know?”

“I know the young master.” The man quickly said with a flattering smile.

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