Peerless Master God

Chapter 2558: You still said this sentence

The young master nodded, then turned to Liu Yiheng and said, “You just killed my person, so now you can only use the women next to you to replace them. If you give these women to I, then the matter of the person you killed me is over, otherwise I will destroy your eternal alliance today.”

“Hand over those women.”

“Yeah, agree quickly, or you will all die.”

Liu Yiheng said calmly: “There are two more who are not afraid of death.” Then Liu Yiheng’s figure flashed, and then two stars appeared again.

Liu Yiheng patted his scared hand, and then said: “Killing you really dirty my hands, but it’s not impossible to solve a few scum.” Then Liu Yiheng looked at the young master and said: “You will be the next one.”

At this time, the young master was really panicked. He didn’t expect Liu Yiheng to really dare to kill people like this unscrupulously, and that he would kill people from Central Continent.

So he backed off quickly, and then said: “Liu Yiheng, what do you want to do? Do you know who I am?”

Liu Yiheng smiled, and then said calmly: “You still said this sentence, but I don’t need to know who you are. Anyone who makes me unhappy will have to die.”

“Wait…, I tell you, I am Hu Yanshou, the grandson of General Hu Yanyong, General Mansion of the Central Continent of the Heavens. If you dare to do it, neither the General Mansion nor the Heavens will let you go.”

After hearing Hu Yanyong’s name, Liu Yiheng squinted his eyes and said, “Oh, I remembered. It turned out to be the grandson of the old man. The old man almost killed me. I wanted to find him. The revenge, but the old Piff didn’t find him. He found his grandson first, so let’s take your surgery first.”

Hu Yanshou panicked: “No, no…, Liu Yiheng, don’t kill me, I don’t want the woman next to you, and I won’t retaliate against you. I will go to find people from the heavens now.”

Hu Yanshou actually came to the East Continent with the people of the Heavenly Dynasty, but this person was very good. Lulu, he knows that the East Continent is very weak, and he did not offend the people of the Middle Continent. Then, isn’t he doing whatever he wants? Although he knew that there must be a big gap between the women in the East Continent and the Middle Continent, but the good women in the Middle Continent did not dare to move easily. Although his talent and potential were good, the dynasties of the heavens were closing in at this stage. People’s hearts, then he naturally dare not mess around.

But when he arrived in the East Continent, he didn’t have this pressure at all, so he left halfway, and after two days of good fun and harming a few girls, he came to Wuzhu Peak contentedly, and just arrived at Wuzhu Peak. I saw Xing Yuehua, Chu Wanqing, Ou Xinzi and Xiao Min.

Compared with the women outside, these four women are all top-notch. Although Xing Yuehua and Chu Wanqing are over a hundred years old, they are both at a very high level, and they were promoted relatively early, so they are still 27 or 28 years old. It looked like at the time, and neither of them had ever looked for a man. Such a woman has a mature charm, and the youthfulness of this girl is naturally more attractive, so it was directly taken by Hu Yanshou, but Hu Yanshou I didn’t know that Liu Yiheng’s strength and strength had evolved to the present situation.

After Liu Yiheng heard what Hu Yanshou said, he suddenly laughed, and then said: “I said, you all have to die, then you must die. Don’t say you are Hu Yanyong’s grandson, even if you are Zhuge God Feng’s son, I can’t kill it.” After finishing speaking, Liu Yiheng directly thought Liu Yiheng attacked.

Hu Yanshou’s talent and potential are indeed good, but his current realm is only for Lingsheng’s consummation level. Facing a master of Lingshen pinnacle realm like Liu Yiheng who can easily challenge him, he has no ability to resist.

At this moment, a voice said loudly: “Leader Liu, your subordinates are merciful.”

Liu Yiheng didn’t care about this sound at all. He still hit Hu Yanshou directly with a palm, and then Hu Yanshou also became a star and disappeared in the sky of the main peak of the Five Pillars Peak.

After Liu Yiheng killed Hu Yanshou with a palm, he felt a powerful force coming. He immediately turned around and took another palm. After a bang, the two retreated 500 meters at the same time, and then the two looked at each other. .

The people who came were Zhuge Shenfeng and Xiao Aolin, the one who had just shot was Zhuge Shenfeng, and the one who spoke was Xiao Aolin.

At this time, Zhuge Shenfeng gritted his teeth and said: “Liu Yiheng, is this your way of hospitality?”

Liu Yiheng looked at Zhuge Shenfeng, and then said: “If it is a guest, I will naturally welcome him, if it is a robber, then it will be resolved naturally.”

Zhuge Shenfeng: “You mean my person is a robber?”

“Huh…, they came over and wanted my woman, and they said they would destroy our eternal alliance if they didn’t give it, why? Your heavenly dynasties are really arrogant. If you can’t grab something, you will destroy our eternal alliance. Now I will kill them all, I see how your heavenly dynasties destroyed our Eternal Alliance.” After speaking, Liu Yiheng moved directly, and then the dozen or so people who came with Hu Yanshou were directly beheaded by Liu Yiheng, not one left. .

Liu Yiheng’s words changed Zhuge Shenfeng’s expression slightly, but Liu Yiheng’s actions completely annoyed Zhuge Shenfeng, because Liu Yiheng too did not give him face, which has been the case from the beginning to the present, and he is a little tolerant. Can’t help it.

However, at this time, Xiao Ao Lin said: “Your Majesty, there is no need to fall out with Liu Yiheng at this time. If you fall out at this time, it will not be a good thing for you and me. When the time comes, it will be easier to resolve Liu Yiheng. “

After Zhuge Shenfeng heard Xiao Aolin’s spiritual power transmission, although he calmed down, he still said coldly: “Liu Yiheng, I tell you, even if the people of the heavenly dynasties make mistakes, you are not qualified to deal with it. You must now give me an explanation to the heavenly dynasties.”

Liu Yiheng hadn’t spoken yet, Feng Moliang stood up and said, “What if there is no explanation?”

“What are you? What qualifications do you have to stand up and talk to me?” Zhuge Shenfeng said.

Feng Moliang squinted his eyes, and then said: “It doesn’t look like I can give you a little color, you really think the Eternal Alliance is good for bullying.” After finishing speaking, Feng Moliang had an extra long sword in his hand. It is the Phoenix Fire Phoenix Singing Sword. The seal of the Phoenix Fire Phoenix Singing Sword has been unlocked several times, and its power is stronger than before. So after the appearance of the Phoenix Fire Phoenix Singing Sword, there will be fiery spiritual fluctuations. Came out.

Without saying a word, Feng Moliang directly swung the long sword, then the Slaughter Fairy Jue Sword shot, slashing towards Zhuge Shenfeng.

After Zhuge Shenfeng saw Feng Moliang’s attack, his face was also full of surprise. Originally, the only person he was most worried about was Liu Yiheng, but now after Feng Moliang’s attack, he can clearly feel that this woman’s combat effectiveness does not seem to be adequate. Weak.

In the face of such an attack, he didn’t dare to take it with his bare hands, so he also took out his long sword, and then slashed it out.

The attacks of the two quickly collided. After a loud noise, Zhuge Shenfeng and Feng Moliang also retreated more than a thousand meters at the same time. After all, both of them used martial arts this time, and they also borrowed spirit weapons. The power of the counter-shock is naturally more powerful.

After Zhuge Shenfeng stabilized his body, he looked at Feng Moliang in surprise, because he could feel that the woman in front of him was only at the pinnacle level of the spiritual god, but the depth of spiritual power was not lost to him. He was a little depressed.

If it was just Liu Yiheng alone, the people he brought could still be suppressed, but now that such a person appears, the result is different, so he also looked at Feng Moliang and said, “Who are you?”

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