Peerless Master God

Chapter 2559: Can't be eternal

Feng Mo said indifferently, “I am naturally a member of the Eternal Alliance. You may not know me, but I think the one by your side should know me.”

Zhuge Shenfeng turned his head and looked at Xiao Aolin.

Xiao Aolin sighed and said: “Your Majesty, this girl is named Feng Moliang, ranked ninth in the Five Continents Competition, and finally lost to Helian Qianyue.”

Zhuge Shenfeng did not go to the Wuzhou Grand Tournament at the time. When he returned, he did not know much about the East Continent. After all, in his knowledge, the East Continent had no need to understand it. In previous years, it was really true. So, but this time it’s different.

Zhuge Shenfeng also turned his eyes at this moment, and then said: “Liu Yiheng, are you sure you don’t give us an explanation for the heavenly dynasties?”

Liu Yiheng said calmly: “Your Majesty, you’d better take care of your people. If this happens, then I will still kill without mercy.”

“You are too domineering, right?”

Liu Yiheng smiled, and then said: “Are you overbearing? If someone who changed me went to your palace and asked for your concubine or princess, if you didn’t give it, you would destroy your heavenly dynasties, what would you do?”

After Zhuge Shenfeng heard this, he couldn’t continue, because if someone dared to do such a thing, he would naturally not let him go. Now that he did such a thing as his own, why would you ask the other person to let him go? What about people who have lived by themselves?

In the end Zhuge Shenfeng just snorted coldly, then turned his head and left, not even the corpse of Hu Yanshou. In fact, what he hates most now is Hu Yanshou.

Hu Yanshou. He knew about sex. Originally, he didn’t even think about bringing Hu Yanshou over, but he brought Hu Yanshou over to save Hu Yanyong and Hu Yan’s family. He didn’t expect that this guy was not just for good. Lulu lost his life and embarrassed himself. How could he not hate Hu Yanshou? But he can only hate it, because he can’t offend the Huyan family at all now.

Xiao Aolin glanced at Liu Yiheng, and then said: “Liu Yiheng, you are a bit too extreme to do things. Sometimes, a person needs to converge. Otherwise, you will not grow up. No matter how strong your talent is, once When it’s dead, it means there is nothing. In the face of powerful strength and influence, one should bow or bow.”

Liu Yiheng nodded and said: “Well, I agree with this point, but if someone bullied to the door of the house and robbed his own wife, if you don’t fight back, then it is not restrained, but cowardly. You think a cowardly person Is there any room for development?”

“Well, I’m going to talk about it here. I don’t want to say it anymore. Goodbye.” After speaking, Xiao Aolin also left.

After Xiao Aolin left, everyone from the Eternal Alliance ran over. One of them was even more excited and said, “The leader is powerful, and the leader is the best.”

After he finished speaking, everyone else started shouting: “The leader is powerful, the leader is the best.”

At this time, I didn’t know who it was, and suddenly shouted: “Leader Shou and Tianqi, long live the leader.”

After he shouted in this voice, he immediately got everyone’s approval, and then everyone shouted together: “Long live the leader, long live long live long live long live.”

These people are really happy, because they finally don’t have to be bullied by people from other continents. Not only don’t they need to be bullied, but they can also raise their eyebrows. And all this is brought to them by their leader, so how can they be unhappy.

Then at this moment, Zhuge Shenfeng, who hadn’t walked far away, suddenly tilted his body, then gritted his teeth and said: “Liu Yiheng, you dare to call Long Live, it’s almost no one. Is Long Live the title you deserve? I remember, you have not lived for a few years, and long live.”

In the consciousness of Zhuge Shenfeng, only he, the emperor, is called Long Live. Even the bosses of Lu Xiaoxin, Beiminglang and Moyuanli, who are more powerful than their heavenly dynasties, dare not call themselves. Long live, after all, this title is quite sensitive.

It is a respectful name for a person, and it is also the worship and desire of everyone to this person. I hope that this person can live to long live and bring greater benefits and permanent peace and tranquility to his country or the mainland, although this world The lifespan of the cultivators is relatively long, but it is only a thousand years, and the lifespan of a person at the perfect spiritual **** level is only three thousand years old. Once they are over three thousand years old, Heaven will take their lives back. , This is the limit that the practitioners often say.

The term’longitudinal’ is only used by cultivators, because although the life span of cultivators is much longer than that of ordinary people, there will be a limit, and this limit is very clear, up and down will not exceed one year, and then you will be ignored. Regardless of physical characteristics and vital characteristics, they will die.

This is also the helplessness of the cultivator. Sometimes, when they know that they are going to die, but are powerless, the feeling is very uncomfortable, but this is also the fate of the cultivator. They continue to choose this path. While enjoying being respected by everyone, then you must bear the danger and helplessness.

Based on this situation, this Long Live is even more a hungry name, even more representative than the familiar “Hungry”.

Xiao Aolin also came to Zhuge Shenfeng at this time and said: “Your Majesty, you don’t need to pay too much attention to this. It’s just these ignorant guys shouting casually. They don’t know what the word’long live’ represents. What does it mean, so you don’t need to be angry anymore.”

Zhuge Shenfeng nodded and said: “Well, of course I understand, but they don’t know, but someone knows, that person’s ambition should be no smaller than the two of us, so what do you think?”

Xiao Ao Lin said calmly: “Are you talking about Lord Lumen?”

“Do you think there are others who pose a threat to us? The Northern Dark Wolf and the Demon Abyss are indeed very strong, and the Red Moon Sect and the Wanren Mountain Villa are also very strong, but they do not intend to dominate the continents of the five continents, so naturally they are not enough. Fear, but Lu Xiaoxin is different. They have slowly shown their ambitions. Although he concealed it well, the clues can still be seen from his language and behavior.”

Xiao Aolin nodded, and then said: “It is true, Lord Lumen has indeed shown his ambition now, but at this moment, our greatest enemy is not Lord Lumen, let alone Liu Yiheng, but the demons. If the human race is really ruled by the demons, let alone ambition, even the heart may be gone.”

Zhuge Shenfeng sighed after hearing this, and then said: “If it weren’t for this incident, would little Liu Yiheng dare to talk to me like this? I would have sent someone over to flatten his eternal alliance.”

“The name of the Eternal Alliance is very good, but it cannot be eternal. It may soon become a dust in the long river of time, and then disappear with the wind.”

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