Peerless Master God

Chapter 2560: Your Majesty Wise

Zhuge Shenfeng smiled coldly, and then said: “That’s right, the Eternal Alliance is only stronger than those of Liu Yiheng. If they all die in the secret realm, then the Eternal Alliance is not allowed to be handled by us. At that time they were not a grain of sand, but cannon fodder.”

“Since your Majesty knows this, why bother with them? As for General Hu Yanyong, I think as long as we just say a few words casually, then Hu Yanyong will concentrate all the hatred on Liu Yiheng. Hu Yanyong will take the initiative to find trouble with the Eternal Alliance, and his Majesty the Emperor will no longer have to bear the charge of destroying the peace of the human race.” Xiao Ao Lin said indifferently.

After hearing this, Zhuge Shenfeng nodded, and then laughed and said, “Brother Xiao, you are so smart and friendly, and it is really fun to work with you.”

Xiao Aolin said with a calm face: “Your Majesty has praised, the dynasties of the heavens are originally the orthodoxy of the Central Continent, I will naturally support the orthodoxy, as for the Divine Sword Gate, Red Moon Sect and Wanren Mountain Villa, they will return sooner or later. To the rule of the heavenly dynasties.”

Zhuge Shenfeng squinted his eyes, and then said: “The three people are not very good at talking. It is better not to let them hear these words.”

“Well, I know, but during this period we still try to restrain our disciples so as not to cause unnecessary losses. Liu Yiheng now relies on his own strength and we still need him. He is unscrupulous, if he does appear. If there is a large-scale collision, then the Red Moon Sect and Wanren Mountain Villa, and even the Divine Sword Sect may be mixed in. This is the least cost-effective thing.”

Zhuge Shenfeng smiled and said: “Okay, I understand what you mean, anyway, they won’t be jumping for a long time, I will let them for a while.”

“Your Majesty is wise.”

“Let’s go.” Then the two quickly walked towards their residence.

After Liu Yiheng dealt with the affairs of the heavenly dynasties, he also left amidst the cheers of the people of the Eternal Alliance, and then directly found Liu Yiyu.

At this moment, Liu Yiyu is actively dealing with Wufeng’s affairs. Because of the arrival of people from other continents, Liu Yiyu is also busy. However, all the people from Zhongshenfeng are on the main peak. Because Zhongshenfeng has always been specially controlled by Liu Yiheng, so People from Shenfeng can only be on the main peak, but the main peak actually has a very good cultivation environment. Although it is slightly worse than Wufeng, it is almost the same. After all, Wuzhufeng mainly relies on the gathering of spirits instead of the original. Heaven and Earth are alive, and Liu Yiheng will also specially give some benefits to the people of Zhongshenfeng, so the people of Zhongshenfeng have no complaints.

Liu Yiyu saw Liu Yiheng’s photo coming, and he immediately said, “Leader, what can you do with me?”

Liu Yiheng said calmly: “You find fifty people with the best talent and potential for me, and I want to take them into the secret realm.”

Liu Yiyu: “Leader, really only brought a hundred people over? Look at people from other continents, but they all brought hundreds of people, and several big forces brought over a thousand people.”

Liu Yiheng shook his head and said: “It is useless to have a large number of people. I will still need to be distracted to take care of them. Don’t forget, this time we are going to a secret realm, not an ordinary experience. What is the danger in it? I don’t know, so you have to tell them in advance that if you are afraid, then you don’t have to go.”

Liu Yiyu smiled and said: “How can you be afraid? If you are afraid, you don’t want to be a cultivator. I will select fifty people right away, but I will be disappointed by many people, because everyone knows that other continents will come here. The purpose of people coming here is to explore a secret realm.”

Liu Yiheng said indifferently: “Sometimes it takes strength and talent to explore the secret realm, just like the secret realm we explored before? Tell them, don’t be disappointed, as long as you have the strength, then there will be more such things in the future. .”

Liu Yiyu nodded and said: “I understand, don’t worry, the leader, I will take care of it.” After speaking, Liu Yiyu left directly.

Liu Yiheng turned his head to look at the others, and then said, “Everyone relax for two days. Two days later, we will set off to the secret realm together.”

Feng Moliang and the others all nodded, and then went to Hengyuan City happily. Now Hengyuan City is much more lively than the deserted ancient city. It has everything here. Liu Yiheng also specially developed a street, here. You can sell anything, so there are a lot of people Taobao here, hoping to use the least gold coins to buy the best things, sometimes you may encounter special things, it can be very profitable, and even a large amount Improve your combat effectiveness.

Feng Moliang and the others were just hanging out in the street, but they didn’t think about buying any good things. They just looked at the things they liked and bought them. They were having fun.

Liu Yiheng found Lu Xiaoxin directly. Lu Xiaoxin looked at the young man sitting across from him and smiled and said, “What is the reason why the leader Liu came to me?”

“That’s it. I have seen the map clearly. The direction it points to is the depths of the deserted ancient mountains. But now the deserted ancient mountains are very turbulent, and powerful monsters appear frequently, so I want to inform you that once you act In the beginning, let your people be more careful. I am not responsible for protecting them.”

Lu Xiaoxin smiled, and then said: “Don’t worry about this, I will tell everyone, but why do the monsters in the East Continent riot suddenly?” Lu Xiaoxin also inquired about some news and knew about the East Continent. The situation is very urgent. This kind of urgency comes from the frequent riots of the monsters, which makes the honest people near the deserted mountains panic.

Liu Yiheng said indifferently: “Does Lord Lumen don’t know why?”

“Do you mean…”

Liu Yiheng: “I’m not sure. After all, I don’t have real proof. But monsters will not suddenly riot for no reason, and they often attack human cities. This is absolutely abnormal. However, if something goes wrong, there must be a monster. This Master Lumen should be very clear.”

When Lu Xiaoxin heard this, he nodded, and then said: “Then you said we would meet people from the Demon Race in the past?”

“I’m not sure about this, but the demons are now cultivating health, even if they want to make a move, it is definitely not at this time, so the powerful demons will not appear, but some people, maybe they will Encountered, but with our realm and strength, we should be able to deal with it easily.” Liu Yiheng said calmly.

Lu Xiaoxin smiled, and then said: “Leader Liu is not only powerful, but also has a superhuman insight into the development of the current situation. I admire him.”

“The situation is compelling, if I don’t want more, how will the Eternal Alliance move forward?”

“That’s true, so when does Meng Liu think it is more appropriate for us to start?”

Liu Yiheng said indifferently: “You have just arrived, so cultivate for two days first. Two days later, we will set off together, but the master Lumen remembers that people should not bring too much. I think the master should also know that although the secret exploration There are opportunities, but they are also very dangerous. If there are too many people, it can only affect everyone and will not bring any benefits.”

Lu Xiaoxin nodded and said, “Well, I know this. Didn’t we say that we only brought two hundred people to each of our forces. We have reached a consensus on this point, didn’t we?”

“Well, I just want to tell Master Lumen, don’t you say that I am not at that time, after all, this is the East Continent, my home game, I don’t want people to say that I have any secrets.”

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