Peerless Master God

Chapter 2561: I guessed right

Lu Xiaoxin shook his head and said, “How could it be? Meng Liu has already given us all the maps. How can we think that you are hiding your privates?”

“Well, well, I’ll go first.” After speaking, Liu Yiheng left directly.

After Liu Yiheng left Lu Xiaoxin’s residence, he thought of walking to Zhongshenfeng. At this time, a voice said: “Liu Yiheng, wait for us.”

After Liu Yiheng heard this voice, he smiled, and then said: “It turns out that it is Sovereign Demon and Sect Master Beiming. Are you looking for me for drinking and eating meat?”

Moyuanli laughed, and then said: “Little friend is really smart, we are looking for you to drink and eat meat.”

“Okay, then let’s go.” Then the three of them walked towards Zhongshen Peak.

After arriving at Zhongshen Peak, Moyuanli took out his own collection of fine wines, while Bei Minglang took out elk. The elk is the best thing to make barbecue. The elk itself is of high grade and the meat is very delicious. It is the best ingredient for barbecue.

Liu Yiheng was not polite, and immediately began to tidy up the elk. After the venison was cleaned up, he began to barbecue, and soon the familiar and memorable scent drifted out.

Moyuan said helplessly: “Hey, I really envy those brats and girls who can follow this brat. It’s a great thing in life to taste such barbecue every day.”

Bei Minglang nodded and said: “Yes, in fact, I am also very envious. If it weren’t for Wanren Mountain Villa, I would want to follow this kid.”

Moyuanli laughed, and then said: “You really have the same idea as me, but I seem to be a bit more extreme than you.”

Bei Minglang squinted his eyes, then said: “Oh, where is the extreme?”

“That is, even though I can’t leave the Red Moon Sect, I still want to mix with Liu Yiheng.”

Bei Ming Lang said in surprise: “Do you want to merge the Red Moon Sect into the Dao Eternal Alliance?”

Moyuanli said indifferently: “Is there anything wrong?”

“But that is the legacy left by the ancestors. If it is ruined in your hands, do you still have the face to meet your ancestors?”

Moyuan looked at the sky, and then said: “Is there really any ancestors? Even if there are, so what? Now the Red Moon Sect has reached its apex. The apex I am talking about is not that it can be Ruling the entire Shenzhou Continent, but the prospects for the development of the Red Moon Sect has reached its zenith. Moreover, the entire Shenzhou Continent is now in turmoil. Whether the Red Moon Sect can truly be retained is still unknown, even if it is retained. So what? The Red Moon Sect is still the Red Moon Sect, but if the Red Moon Sect is in another form and can see a wider world, then I think that is what the ancestors want to see most. “

After Beiminglang listened to Moyuanli’s words, he bowed his head and meditated. After more than ten seconds, he said, “Sect Master, do you think Liu Yiheng is capable of breaking out of this continent?”

“Yeah, except for Liu Yiheng, I really can’t think of anyone who can do this. The previous Helian Qianyue is a bit capable, but the strength to break out of this continent is still a bit worse, even if he can do it. , It is absolutely impossible to have the same heart with us, maybe we will become his cannon fodder by then, not to mention he can’t do it at all.”

Bei Minglang nodded, and then said: “You are right. Helian Qianyue’s talent and potential are indeed unique, but compared with Liu Yiheng, it is still a far cry. If you exchange his identity with Liu Yiheng, then The gap between the two is huge.”

Mo Yuanli smiled, and then said: “Master Beiming, in fact, our situation is similar. In the eyes of the people in Central Continent, we are evil demons, and you are evil demons, but our hearts are very clear about us. What are you doing, what are you going to say now?”

Bei Ming Lang smiled, and then said: “I can’t compare with you on this point. You are in charge of the Red Moon Sect, but our Wanren Mountain Villa does have two Supreme Elders on it, some important ones. I can’t make the decision by myself at all, but Wanren Mountain Villa was single-handedly defeated by the ancestors. For such a big matter, I have to go back and discuss it with the elder Taishang.”

Moyuan Li: “Don’t come when the opportunity is not to be missed. The owner of Beiming must think about it. Although I did not have much intersection with you before, after this time of contact, I feel that you are not bad. , That’s why I said that, otherwise, I would be too lazy to talk nonsense.”

“Well, I will naturally take the words of Sovereign Demon by heart.”

“That’s good, at least I will have a drinker at that time, otherwise, I will be bullied by the old beggar.”

“That’s right…haha.” After Bei Minglang finished speaking, the two laughed together.

Liu Yiheng had already completed two pieces of meat at this time. When he walked over, he just heard two people laughing, so he calmly said, “What are you two laughing at?”

Bei Minglang stopped laughing, then said: “It’s nothing, by the way, how is that old beggar?”

Liu Yiheng was taken aback for a moment, and then said: “Are you asking about Brother Ruelie?”

“Yes, that’s the old beggar.”

Liu Yiheng shook his head and said, “I don’t know. He and we disappeared after returning to the East Continent. He has never appeared. However, Brother Wu has always been a dragon without seeing the head, but if we need him, he It will always appear again.”

Mo Yuanli smiled and said: “It turns out to be like this. By the way, I remember that you still have a little friend on the East Continent, who is also very powerful. What is called Ying Tiansheng? Why didn’t he join your eternal alliance?”

Liu Yiheng said calmly: “That guy is more mysterious than the old beggar. I don’t know where he went, and he won’t join our eternal alliance. Of course, if he wants to join, I won’t object.”

Bei Minglang said: “Okay, don’t say it, hurry up and eat meat and drink bars, my gluttons are all out.” Said Bei Minglang, Moyuanli and Liu Yiheng, even if it is not a month old. They won’t be hungry even if they eat, so they’re just eating for a satisfying taste, and Liu Yiheng’s barbecue can meet their needs.

Liu Yiheng nodded and said, “Okay, let’s get started.” Then the three of them quickly changed their cups.

All three of them were very happy to eat, especially Moyuanli and Beiminglang. Since the last time they ate Liu Yiheng’s barbecue, these two people have been thinking about when they can eat such delicious barbecue almost every day. Today It was finally realized, and I was naturally very happy.

However, these two people were looking for Liu Yiheng, not just for the sake of eating meat and drinking wine. After drinking three rounds of dishes and five flavors, Moyuanli said, “Little friend, is the map you gave Lu Xiaoxin true?” Bei When the dark wolf saw that the Moyuan calendar was on the subject, he also looked at Liu Yiheng.

Liu Yiheng looked at Moyuan and said, “Of course it is true. Can the fake be fooled?”

Moyuanli and Beiminglang seemed to understand something after hearing the word’fuzzy’, and then Moyuanli continued: “That map is very important. Although I am not sure yet, it should be marked inside the secret realm. The map of the institutions, restrictions and formations, I guess right?”

Liu Yiheng nodded and said, “Of course, don’t guess, that is.”

“So what about us?” Bei Minglang said.

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