Peerless Master God

: Cultivating spiritual power

Liu Yiheng first made some preparations, and then said: “Old man, you can start. I will remember it well and understand it well.”

“En…then you’re fine.” After finishing speaking, Hongkun began to talk about the content of the soul turmoil: “Qi is in harmony with the spirit, God is in harmony with the heart, the heart is in harmony, the spirit and the mind are in harmony, and the mind is in harmony. Mental power is only the initial…”

While listening to the contents of the cheat book, Liu Yiheng slowly understood the meaning of the cheat book’s words, and at the same time kept the contents firmly in his head.

Although Liu Yiheng could not practice before, his memory was surprisingly good, not to mention that he was not forgetting, it was almost the same. This may be the reason for his strong mental power. He quickly remembered the general outline and cultivation method of the turbulent spirit.

Hongkun then asked, “How do you feel? How much did you remember? How much did you understand?”

Liu Yiheng said lightly: “I remember all of them. As for understanding, it’s probably about 60 to 70%.”

“What? You didn’t lie to me? About 60 to 70%?”

“Yes, it is 60 to 70%.”

“Then you control your mental power.”

Liu Yiheng nodded, then directly sat on the ground, and then began to control the power in his brain according to the cultivation method in the secret book.

Soon Liu Yiheng had a strange feeling. He seemed to have entered another space, or this is the space in his brain. Although it was pitch black, he felt a very familiar power, which belonged to him. the power of.

Then Liu Yiheng began to quickly rotate his soul turbulence, and then he saw lines appearing in the space, and these lines are the route of his own spiritual power, and at the same time he also exudes a mysterious and powerful. power.

If someone sees the power emanating from Liu Yiheng at this time, they will definitely be shocked, because this power is absolutely inaccessible to ordinary martial artists, and this power is an unfamiliar domain to most martial artists. At this time, two people actually saw this scene, but they were too far away from Liu Yiheng, so they didn’t feel it.

After Hongkun felt Liu Yiheng’s situation, his eyes came out almost, and then he said to himself: “Pervert, this is absolutely perverted. He should have never cultivated mental power before, but why is it so? Will you open your own soul space soon? This is incredible.”

“It seems that his future achievements are absolutely limitless, which is great, hahaha…”

Liu Yiheng didn’t know how much time he stayed in a wonderful space. When he opened his eyes, it was already dark.

But just when he was about to stand up, he suddenly felt dizzy in his head, and then a lot of stars appeared in his eyes, and his steps were staggering, but he still tried to stabilize his body, and then said: “Old man, what is this? What’s the situation? Why am I so dizzy and a little painful in my head? Is there something wrong with my cultivation?”

Hongkun’s voice came out and said: “This is normal. Once you touch the spiritual power, you directly open up the soul space. Therefore, your spiritual power consumes a little bit, and you will feel this way. As long as you sleep well, Once you sleep, you will be well tomorrow. As long as you don’t use your mental power excessively in the future, then there will be no such situation.”

“Well, how much time did I cultivate here?”

“It’s only one day. Let’s go back to rest now, and tomorrow we will go to forge the spear.”

Liu Yiheng: “Well, even if I don’t go back to rest, I can’t hold on anymore.” After speaking, Liu Yiheng shook his body and returned to his residence.

When he entered his small courtyard, he saw Xiaoying still waiting for him to eat, but Liu Yiheng had no intention of eating now. His head was buzzing and his body was a little weak. Even if he wanted to eat, he would eat. He couldn’t go anymore, so he told Xiaoying that he had eaten and now he needed to rest, and then went straight back to rest.

When he arrived in his house, Liu Yiheng almost fell asleep, and soon fell into deep sleep. This kind of sleep is the most helpful for restoring mental energy.

After waking up the next day, Liu Yiheng felt that his mental state was much better. Not only did he not feel dizzy, but he was also clearer, and he seemed to feel more comfortable than before.

Hongkun said at this time: “Well, today we will go to refining tools. I will give you the experience and tips of refining tools at that time. I don’t think you can find my master in other places. “

“Old man, how close is the master you want to be? Don’t forget, I am your master.”

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