Peerless Master God

: fact

Liu Changxiong looked at the three elders and said, “Oh, I have to punish them well, so how do you punish them?”

“This… is too light to teach him a lesson. If it is too heavy, then…”

Liu Changba said in an interface: “A trash with a broken heart and soul can be cultivated suddenly, and his age has long surpassed the golden age of cultivation, and his foundation is unstable. It is impossible to achieve much, but It was such a person who actually injured three of the Liu family who had great hopes of being promoted to the realm of Innate Spiritualists. I think that he should be punished severely. I saw that he was cut off and all his salary was confiscated, how? “

At this time, a voice outside said: “It’s a good one to break his arm and confiscate his salary. Brother, what you just said, but are you going to deal with your nephew?” Then Liu Changyun walked in outside.

Liu Changba squinted his eyes, and then said: “He has never regarded me as his second uncle, nor has he regarded my son as his cousin. Now Yihao and Yihan are both here, don’t you see Are you there?”

Liu Changyun smiled and said: “Of course I saw it, but the facts are still not clear. You have to abolish Yiheng and confiscate all your salary. Is it a bit too arbitrary? Also, you said Yiheng, you didn’t take you down. Once a second uncle, and did not regard Yihao and Yihan as cousins, can you regard him as a nephew and cousin?”

“This doesn’t seem to be the focus of our discussion today? What we are going to say now is how to punish Liu Yiheng. He seriously injured my two sons.” Liu Changba said arrogantly.

Liu Changyun said faintly: “Yes, it is to solve this problem, but before solving the problem, do you have to look at the facts? Only facts can make people convinced, right?”

“Facts? Isn’t the fact right in front of your eyes? My two sons are lying here, and there is Yiqing.”

“Is it true?”

At this time, Liu Yihan struggled and said, “Yes, that’s it. Fourth Uncle, we can confront Liu Yiheng.”

Liu Changxiong nodded when he heard this, and then said: “Well, since the matter has already reached this point, it can only be so, fourth child, you can call Liu Yiheng over.”

Liu Changyun nodded and said, “Okay, I will go now.”

Liu Changba said with a cold face at this time: “Brother Patriarch, do you think it is necessary to investigate this matter?”

Liu Changxiong’s face also became cold at this time, and then said: “What? Does the second brother think this matter is done according to what you said?”

“Big Brother thinks it won’t work?”

Liu Changxiong laughed suddenly, and then said: “Of course you can, but you have to wait for you to take the position of the patriarch.”

“Brother, what you said is a bit too much.” Liu Changxiong showed a little timidity on his face.

He knows his eldest brother’s personality. Although he usually looks very gentle, he will turn a blind eye on some things, but if he is really serious, he will definitely not be ambiguous. The strength is definitely second to none. When he first started, the reason why he was so arrogant was that he was convinced that Liu Changxiong would listen to him this time, because before, Liu Changxiong would accept his opinions on many things, because he has four good sons. But now he discovered that Liu Changxiong had taken this matter seriously, so he had to compromise.

Liu Changxiong squinted his eyes and said: “It’s over? I don’t feel this way? You want to make decisions for me, so don’t you want the position of patriarch?”

Li Guilan felt that the development of the situation at this time did not follow her imagination, and her head turned immediately, and then said: “Brother Patriarch, you have misunderstood. Chang Ba is just a slip of the tongue. It is also because of the love of the son. Blame him, he definitely didn’t mean to compete with the patriarch for power.”

Liu Changba also lowered his head and said at this time: “Yes, brother, I was really a little excited just now, and I hope my brother will forgive me.”

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