Peerless Master God

: Go to Martial Arts Pavilion

Liu Changxiong said lightly: “Money is not a problem. If you need it, go to the warehouse to get it. As long as it doesn’t exceed the range that the family can exceed, you can get it. But when you get the money, you need to come to me and talk about it. The person who manages the warehouse.”

“Hehe, uncle, do you trust me so much?”

“No, I trust your state of mind and character. I don’t think you will mess around. In addition, the Liu Family’s martial arts pavilion is also fully developed for you. You can choose martial arts freely. This is not used to tell me, you can go directly. But remember, don’t be greedy. I think you know the truth about how greedy you can’t chew.” The situation in the martial arts pavilion is different from the warehouse. The martial arts in the martial arts pavilion will not be lacking because of being selected. Those martial arts beyond the scope of one’s abilities are fine, but money is different, and there is nothing if you use it, so the warehouse manager will be more careful and cautious, and Liu Changxiong himself must be more careful and cautious.

“Thank you for your trust and reminder, uncle, I understand, then I will leave first.”

Liu Changyun waited until Liu Yiheng had left before saying, “Brother, if you do this, aren’t you afraid that the elders have opinions on you?”

Liu Changxiong said coldly: “What can I do if I have an opinion? Which one of their backs are not cultivated with all their strength? Did I say anything? Then why can’t the third son’s son, not to mention Yiheng’s current talent and I can’t see the potential at all. Maybe he is the real future of our Liu family, the pride of our Liu family, and the second Liu Changfeng.”

“Haha, that’s right, brother, then I’m leaving too, and I’ll protect myself with all my strength.”


After Liu Yiheng left, he went straight back to his residence. He knew that the words his uncle had just said would take time to take effect. If he passed now, he would only have to lose his eyes or even close the door.

After arriving at the residence, Xiaoying walked over and said, “Master, we really have a lot of money this time. I calculated it. There are more than 7,000 silver coins and more than 60 gold coins.”

Money on the mainland of China is divided into silver coins, gold coins and gold ingots. One gold coin is equivalent to 100 silver coins, and one silver ingot is equivalent to 10 gold coins.

Liu Yiheng smiled and said, “Very good, what about the pill?”

“There are also a lot of pills, there are two Gong Ji Dan, eleven Nourishing Pills, and seven Spirit Gathering Pills.”

“Very well, it seems that these three people really have a lot of good things on them. Give me the pill. Leave the coins for you. You don’t go to the martial arts pavilion in the future.”

Liu Yiheng’s mood at this time is also very good. Those medicines are priceless, especially Gong Jidan. If you reach the level of the acquired spiritualist Consummation, you can speed up the advancement by taking Gong Jidan when the breakthrough is approaching. It can save a lot of training time without leaving too many sequelae.

However, the pill is a pill. Even if it has no sequelae, it will have a certain impact. It is still not a breakthrough by itself. However, in some cases, especially when the time is in a hurry, the importance of this pill is revealed. These two Gong Jidan belonged to Liu Yihao and Liu Yihan. This was the biggest reason why they had to make a farce just now. Gong Jidan is too precious after all.

In Light Spirit City, only the four major families and the City Lord’s Mansion can own Gong Jidan, and the other small families simply cannot afford it, nor can they use Gong Jidan.

As for the replenishing essence pill and gathering spirit pill, one is to restore the injury, the other is to restore the spiritual power, and they are also the necessary pill for the practitioner.

Xiaoying smiled happily and said: “Well, Master has such strength and we still have so many coins. Of course I will not go, but I will go tomorrow because I am going to meet my friend.”

“Oh, Xiaoying still has friends in the martial arts pavilion, that’s good, you can solve your own affairs by yourself.” After speaking, Liu Yiheng went back to practice directly.

Liu Yiheng knows his own affairs, the situation of the whole family, and even the situation of Qingling City. Although the current Qingling City looks relatively calm, it is under turbulent undercurrents. The four major families are all making active efforts. The Liu family is also preparing for a major event. The Liu family is also preparing for a major event. It’s just because Liu Yiheng didn’t pay much attention to it before, and he didn’t know what it was for, but he was still keen on the tension. Feel it.

If he was unable to cultivate before, he would naturally still not care, but now it is different.

After practicing for a whole night, Liu Yiheng learned more about the Hongmeng Defying the Heavens Art. He also accelerated the speed of transforming spiritual power into the power of the Hongmeng. Even Liu Yiheng felt the signs of a breakthrough, but he was not in a hurry. Make breakthroughs because he knows that now is the time to lay the foundation, and breaking too fast may affect his future growth.

The next day, Liu Yiheng opened his eyes, feeling refreshed, walked out of the house and practiced Barbarian Fist and Cracked Stone Palm. After eating something, he walked directly to the Martial Skill Pavilion.

After arriving at the martial arts pavilion, a middle-aged man came over and said, “Who are you. If you want to enter the martial arts pavilion, you must first register.”

At this time, several members of the Liu family looked over together, and when they saw that the person coming was actually Liu Yiheng, their faces showed contempt and mockery.

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