Peerless Master God

: Hongmeng Against the Sky

“Of course, do I have to lie to you? If you don’t believe it, then forget it, I don’t even bother to teach you.” This guy’s voice is very old, but it is angry, and it sounds very awkward.

Of course Liu Yiheng will not let this opportunity go. Now he, even if there is a little hope, he must try it, so he said, “Of course I believe it, then you can teach me the Hongmeng Defying Heaven Art. , I want to become stronger, and I must become stronger.”

Hongkun smiled and said: “Is that right? Listen well, Hongmeng is nothing, no heaven, no earth, inability, and no rules. There is nothing out of nothing, and there can be heaven, heaven and earth, law and rules, and finally nothing is nothing. There is, there is nothing, there is nothing, there is nothing, so enlightenment, Taoist, Hunyuan Tiancheng, congenital birth. Loneliness and independence do not change, cycle without death, cycle endless I don’t know the name, the word strong is Tao. The name strong is big…”

While listening to Hongkun’s words, Liu Yiheng was slowly understanding these words, and at the same time, he kept these words firmly in his heart.

After Liu Yiheng listened to it once, he had already felt a little bit. It seemed that there was a special force in his body creeping slowly in the meridians. This had never appeared before. From the age when he could practice, these seven My meridian has been quiet for eight years, but now suddenly there is movement, and Liu Yiheng immediately becomes excited.

Hongkun seemed to feel Liu Yiheng’s mood, and then said: “Don’t be excited, you only have a little touch, and you are excited like this. It is difficult to become a powerful weapon. I tell you, although the talent of the cultivator is important, the mood is even more important. Is important, understand?”

Liu Yiheng listened to this as if he was initiating, and then said: “Yes, thank you senior for reminding me.”

“Well, your attitude is okay, then tell me how much you understand what I just said.”

Liu Yiheng said seriously: “Less than two floors?”

“Really? Less than two floors?”

“Yes, it’s less than two levels. Is my comprehension ability too bad?”

Hongkun paused, and then said: “It’s really a bit bad. Your mood has not completely stabilized. If you practice forcibly, it may affect the future. You should tell me about your affairs first. After the mood has completely stabilized, you are cultivating.”

Liu Yiheng originally wanted to strike while the iron was hot, but after listening to Hongkun’s words, he gave up the idea and said: “Okay, then I will talk to seniors.” Then Liu Yiheng told Hongkun about his experience over the years. Again.

Every time Liu Yiheng thought of these things, his mood would be affected, but this time he was not affected at all, as if he was calmly narrating other people’s affairs. This is Liu Yiheng’s powerful state of mind, especially since he knows that he is now After I can practice, my mood has improved a lot again.

After listening to Liu Yiheng’s narration, Hongkun smiled and said, “Boy, you are such a wonderful thing. After so much suffering, most people may have collapsed long ago. Even if they don’t collapse, they will have psychological deformities, leaving a huge But you don’t have any trouble. On the contrary, your state of mind seems to be like a pool of lake water. It’s calm. Your family is really eye-catching. You have given up a genius like you, but thanks to them, otherwise I will pay Maybe when I will wake up.”

Liu Yiheng said indifferently: “This can’t be entirely blamed on my family, at least the patriarch and fourth uncle are very kind to me.”

“Well, I really can’t blame them for this. After listening to your introduction, I know that there are some people in your family…, uh, they really don’t have the ability to know your situation.”

“Senior, how long have I been in a coma? I feel so hungry.”

“You have been in a coma for two days and two nights. Of course you will feel hungry, but can you get food in your condition? If I hadn’t been protecting your heart, you would have died long ago. Now you should practice first. Well, only after you have cultivated well and your body recovers, you will have the ability to get food.”

“Your state of mind is now completely stable. Then you continue to practice. By the way, let me tell you a word,’The Tao is always doing nothing but doing nothing. If ordinary people can keep it, everything will transform into itself.’ This is the transformation of spiritual power. The secret of the power of Hongmeng.”

After hearing this, Liu Yiheng frowned, but immediately loosened a little, and then muttered: “The Tao is always doing nothing but doing nothing. If ordinary people can take it, everything will become self-contained, so let it go. Naturally, do everything, but there is nothing it cannot do. If you understand the way, everything will be used by me, and I will exert my most powerful force in life and death.” After Liu Yiheng finished reading, he even entered an epiphany. status.

After a while, Hongkun’s voice came out: “Sure enough, he is a perverted little guy. He has understood the Hongmeng Against the Heavens Art by more than one layer so quickly, and his mood is so good. He has entered a state of epiphany. It is really a talent that can be created.”

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