Peerless Master God

: Huge surprise

Liu Yiheng nodded and said, “Very well, then I’m going to rest. You can go to your own affairs. Remember, don’t leave this yard.” After speaking, Liu Yiheng closed his eyes and started to run his own grandeur The pulse absorbs the medicinal power, and at the same time the Hongmeng Defying Heaven Secret Art is also cultivated, quickly transforming the spiritual power that the medicinal power emits.

At this time, a faint gray light appeared on Liu Yiheng’s body, and he was wrapped in it, as if he was protecting Liu Yiheng. No one saw this scene, otherwise he would be frightened, because there is only special In Qingling City, there has never been such a spiritual vein, or in other words, there has never been such a spiritual vein in Qingyuan County.


In Liu Changxiong’s study, Liu Changxiong firmly grasped the armrests of the chair with both hands. The armrests were creaked by the pair of thugs, and the veins on his hands were clearly visible, showing how excited he was at this time.

Finally, he stood up suddenly and said, “Fourth, is everything you said is true? Not only can Yiheng be able to practice, but he is also very powerful.”

Liu Changyun nodded and said, “Yeah, absolutely right. Didn’t the elder brother let me send someone to protect Yiheng? I also implemented it immediately, but I told the people who were protecting Yiheng that their lives would be in danger before Yiheng Don’t take any action when you’re in trouble, and this is what the protector of Yiheng talked about with me. Those are my confidantes, and they are also members of the Liu family’s dark teeth, so they will never lie to me. What’s more, the truth will be revealed after such an experiment?”

“Fourth old man, have you known about this a long time ago?”

“No, I knew it yesterday. Besides, Yiheng only came back yesterday. Even if I wanted to know it earlier, it would be impossible. But after I learned about it, I told everyone not to tell it. I told the eldest brother, because since Yiheng didn’t want to say it, then naturally I wouldn’t let the eldest brother know. Wouldn’t this make the eldest brother a lot of surprises?”

Liu Changxiong burst into laughter suddenly, and said after he laughed: “It really is a surprise, and it is a huge surprise. There is nothing like this surprise.”

Liu Changyun continued: “It’s not just that? When the kid Yiheng finally defeated Yihao and Yihan, he could use two martial arts almost at the same time. It made me feel breathtaking after listening.”

When Liu Changxiong heard this, he calmed down suddenly, and then said: “Yiheng must have encountered unusual things during the three months of his disappearance, but he must have suffered a lot, but the hardships are worth it. Maybe The bitterness he had suffered before is still a good thing for him.”

“Yes, but eldest brother, have you heard that a man of the Houtian Lingshi Tianren level can use two martial arts at the same time?”

Liu Changxiong shook his head and said: “If it is normal, it should be impossible. One person can learn multiple martial arts, but if you want to use two martial arts at the same time to fight the enemy, it is not something ordinary people can do. The test is very huge, but the current Yiheng may have surpassed this generality. If you think about it, he can break through it, let alone other things.”

“Big brother is right. It looks like Yiheng this kid will become a secret weapon of our Liu family.”

“Absolutely, fourth child, you will go over and bring Yiheng over to me immediately. I want to see him.”

Liu Changyun smiled and said, “Brother, what are you up to? I think even if you don’t come today, those people should come tomorrow, but Yiheng injured Liu Yihao, Liu Yihan and Liu Yiqing.”

“Haha, that’s right, then let’s wait. I think Yiheng can defeat those three people, and he won’t feel well, so let him take a good rest. By the way, tell your confidant to double Be careful, never let Yiheng’s life be in danger.”

“Understand the eldest brother, I will order, but I don’t think anyone would have the courage to directly kill the direct descendants of my Liu family in the Liu family, not to mention that the people of Dark Fang have never failed.”

“Yes, but it’s better to be careful.” He paused when he said here, and then continued: “It’s great, Yiheng can practice, the third child, do you know? Yiheng can practice.” Liu Changxiong The excitement at this moment is simply beyond words. The fact that he can’t change with all his efforts and every possible means, even the people he had to give up painfully, suddenly got a turnaround, and it was a huge turnaround. Such a mood can only be experienced in person.

After Liu Changxiong was excited, he calmed down, and then carefully considered what Liu Yiheng had said. Then he smiled and said, “Hehe, I finally understand why there is such a strong confidence in his eyes. It looks like this kid’s Confidence comes from strength, Qin Tianxing, it seems that you really regretted this time.” After speaking, he walked directly to the conference hall and started practicing here. His meaning was obvious, that was Here is waiting for people to complain.

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