Peerless Master God

: I really don't believe it

When Xiaoying heard this, her voice was trembling and said, “What are you talking about? Get out of here quickly, so I don’t want to go to you.”

“Hey, don’t push us. We are all for your good. You see that you have calluses on your hands and your skin is so rough. It’s useless to help the martial arts pavilion every day. The money you earn is useless to feed you. Young master of trash, why is this? A woman, just to be kind to yourself, don’t you be a woman if you wrong yourself like this?”

“Yeah, not only can your trash master not be able to cultivate, but you don’t even have money. If you don’t pay you, you will need to support you. With such a master, I will not be worth it for you.”

Xiaoying immediately said: “You all give me silence. My young master is very good and he treats me very well. I don’t need his money. I am willing to use my money to help the young master. I don’t need you to care about it, and I believe the young master will be able to Cultivators, he can’t always be waste. You can leave me quickly, I don’t want to see you.”

At this time, a slightly sharper man’s voice said: “Xiaoying, my name is Liu Yiqing, I am in love with you, you can go with me.”

Xiaoying: “Liu Yiqing, I don’t know, I won’t go anywhere.”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t know each other, don’t you know? I tell you, my father is Liu Changying, the real senior of the Liu family. I am among the younger generation of the Liu family, except for Liu Yihao, Liu Yihan, and Liu Yitao. No one has more status than me. High, as long as you be obedient, follow me and take care of me, I will make you rich for life.”

“I am not rare. You should leave it to other people about wealth and status. I will only accompany my young master.”

“Huh, shameless, stubborn thing, don’t you know what identity you are? I, Liu Yiqing, want you, it is your blessing, I tell you, if you go with me now, I can still help you Take care of your young master. If you don’t go with me, your young master will suffer. What’s more, if I take you away, wouldn’t you and your young master be even more faceless?”

After hearing this, Xiaoying was silent. She didn’t care about any rights, status, or prosperity, but he couldn’t care less about his young master. His young master has suffered a lot over the years. If he is suffering more because of himself The suffering, didn’t you harm the young master?

But Xiaoying also knows what Liu Yiqing is. He is a lecherous man. Although he is not old, there are many women who have been bullied. Moreover, the girls who have been bullied did not end up very well. After driving out of the Liu family, he suddenly disappeared.

Although the senior members of the Liu family knew a little bit, they would not really punish Liu Yiqing because of how many layoffs. Liu Yiqing was also very clever and never offended anyone he could not afford. So although he has harmed many people, he himself But it was safe and sound.

If you follow such a master, then your tragic future can already be expected, but if you don’t go…

Just as Xiaoying struggled, a faint voice said, “Who is making noise here? It is immoral to influence others to rest. If it’s okay, just leave. Outsiders are not welcome here.”

After Xiaoying saw the person walking out, she was happy for a while, but soon she knew that she was in trouble, and then she went directly to Liu Yiheng’s side and said: “Master, you go back first, I can handle this?”

Liu Yiheng smiled and said, “Can you really handle it?”

Xiaoying: “Of course, Master, you believe me.”

Liu Yiqing took a few steps forward at this time, and then said: “Liu Yiheng, you really haven’t died. It’s a miracle. The waste that has been missing for three months can come back alive.”

“Hehe, of course I am not dead, even if you die, I won’t die.”

“Liu Yiheng, what did you say…”

“Nothing, Liu Yiqing, what are you doing here? Is something wrong?”

“Of course something is going on. You came out just right. Now you can give Xiaoying to me. I like her. Anyway, you can’t even support yourself, so don’t let Xiaoying get tired.”

Liu Yiheng said faintly: “Hehe, Xiaoying is a person, not a commodity, nor a coin. How can you say that you give it away?”

“Boy, you are still playing tricks with me, believe it or not, I’ll beat you now.”

Liu Yiheng: “I really don’t believe it.”

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