Peerless Master God

: I retired

The people of the Liu family saw Liu Changxiong’s face changed, and their eyes were also angry, and they stopped talking. After all, Liu Changxiong was the patriarch, and his right to speak was very high.

Although Liu Changba was a little unconvinced, he couldn’t directly confront Liu Changxiong in front of outsiders. That would only make outsiders laugh. In the end he just glanced at Liu Yiheng with sharp eyes, then retracted his eyes, lowered his head and stopped talking. .

Suddenly the whole hall fell silent, and the anger became a little dull and embarrassing.

At this time, Qin Luxue suddenly stood up and said: “Clan Chief Liu, I want to ask why I must marry Liu Yiheng that trash, is it just because of a word from my father and his father? Isn’t this a bit unfair to me? Huh? I remember that time, we were just born not long ago, right?”

Qin Tianxing didn’t expect that at this time, his girl suddenly stood up, but he didn’t stop Qin Luxue from talking, he just looked at Liu Changxiong with a faint look, because Qin Luxue was just a child, and even if Liu Changxiong was strong, he couldn’t talk Is the child too real?

Sure enough, Liu Changxiong just said faintly: “Yes, this is also a matter between the two families. It has been approved by the two families. Also, if you say it is not fair, then tell me that in this situation, you want What kind of fairness is it?”

“But it’s unfair to let me marry a trash. It’s not difficult for the Liu family to change someone, but why doesn’t the patriarch change? Is it because the Liu family relies on their strength to oppress our Qin family? “Qin Luxue said neither humble nor arrogant.

Liu Changxiong has long known that this girl is good, talented, intelligent, and calm. The average boy is not as good as her. Because of this, he doesn’t want to give up. If this girl is with Yiheng If this is the case, then Yiheng may not be bullied. This is Liu Changxiong’s goal. As for the relationship between the two families, he doesn’t want to really destroy the relationship, but if the Qin family does too much, then he doesn’t mind being bullied. The Qin family severed ties.

So Liu Changxiong said faintly: “When you got engaged, your parents agreed to it, and we also performed the engagement ceremony. This is the order of your parents and the matchmaker. You have no right to refuse.”

Qin Luxue said indifferently: “But I want to decide for my own destiny, so I want to resign from Liu Yiheng. This is against this unequal engagement, not the Liu family.”

Having said this, Qin Luxue paused, and then said: “Clan Chief Liu, you can also take a good look at Liu Yiheng, look at his appearance, is it really suitable to be with me?” After speaking, she pointed out her finger. Liu Yiheng on the side.

Liu Changxiong also looked over. After seeing Liu Yiheng, he also darkened his eyes, sighed in his heart, and said secretly: “Yiheng is good in everything, especially his mood and personality. If he can practice… then… …”

Thinking of this, he suddenly saw a special light in Liu Yiheng’s eyes. It was a light of confidence, wisdom and sharpness. This was something that could not have appeared in Liu Yiheng’s eyes before.

Then he saw that Liu Yiheng seemed to be nodding his head, as if to say that, uncle leave it to me, I can handle it.

In fact, Liu Changxiong is under great pressure now, especially because of Liu Yiheng’s affairs. The family has indeed paid a lot for Liu Yiheng. This has already made many elders and high-level officials a little dissatisfied. If this matter is not handled well today, if it is with Qin If the family falls out, then those elders and high-level officials may have a greater view of him, and even disagreements, which is very detrimental to the development of the family.

So he nodded and said, “Yiheng, what do you think of this matter? If you disagree, then even if that girl is dead, she is your wife.”

Liu Yiheng hadn’t said anything just now. He just wanted to see what the family members were doing. But when he saw that his uncle, for his own sake, would suppress the Liu family’s senior leaders and elders, and even cut off relations with the Qin family, He was warm in his heart, but he also knew the pressure of his uncle at this time, so he was not good at putting his uncle in danger, so he gave Liu Changxiong a look.

Now that he got permission, he directly stood up and said, “Uncle, there is no such need. I, Liu Yiheng, don’t have to marry Qin Luxue. She is not that good.”

“Liu Yiheng, thank you for your evaluation of me. It is very pertinent. I think so, so you agree, right?” Qin Luxue said lightly.

Liu Yiheng shook his head and said, “You are wrong, how could I agree to your unreasonable request?”

“You… Liu Yiheng, what exactly do you mean?” Qin Luxue said angrily.

“You don’t have to be angry, I will definitely satisfy your ideas, but it is not you who retired, but I retired.”

The people in the whole hall were stunned when they heard this. They didn’t expect Liu Yiheng to say such a thing. Who is Qin Luxue? That was one of the four great beauties in Qingling City, and she was extremely talented. I don’t know how many young talents were playing her idea, but Liu Yiheng gave up on her own initiative. How could this not surprise them?

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