Peerless Master God

: Kill the chicken and the monkey

“Following offense? Offending the master, this is no small crime, heavy responsibility and execution, lightly abolishing cultivation base, driving out of Liu family, but, did we offend you? Why don’t we know?”

Liu Yiheng smiled, then without a word, he directly attacked with a punch. Although not fast, it was definitely not slow.

“Bull Bull Fist, it looks a little bit, but unfortunately, you are not the real young master.” After finishing speaking, one of the guards also punched it.

The other guard just looked at it with a smile. None of the guards of the Liu Family were simple characters. Both of them were the Houtian Lingshi Hiranian.

The martial artists are divided into the acquired spirits, the innate spirits, the transforming spirit realm, and the true spirit realm. Liu Yiheng doesn’t know it when he goes up, he is already a legendary character.

Each stage is divided into five stages, namely Peeping Void, Beyond, Heaven and Human, Peak and Consummation. Each stage is a small jump, which is difficult to be surpassed. Of course, this is difficult only for ordinary people. Said.

In the eyes of these household guards, Liu Yiheng is just a garbage that cannot be cultivated, a waste that has a dead end, how can he be the opponent of the cultivator who has become a cultivator from the other side?

But before his smile opened, he heard a boom, followed by a cracking sound, and then a figure flew back directly and fell to his feet.

His stiff neck reluctantly lowered his head, glanced at the guard whose feet were full of blood and his arms were completely deformed. He was in shock, and said in surprise: “Liu Yiheng, can you practice?”

Liu Yiheng: “You have a lot of nonsense.”

“What do you want?”

“Of course it is to punish you, the person who committed the following crimes.” After speaking, Liu Yiheng slapped it over.

The guard saw Liu Yiheng doing it again. He didn’t dare to take it. He was almost the same strength as the guard who had just been injured. That one fell down with just one move. How could he still take it, so he dodges. , But just as he avoided a palm, Liu Yiheng’s punch came in front of his eyes.

The guard was finally frightened, a little flustered, while **** to resist, he said: “Master Yiheng, listen to me…ah”

Before he could finish his words, Liu Yiheng fisted him with a punch. Although he also resisted, his strength was far from that of Liu Yiheng. Liu Yiheng is now an acquired spiritualist and possesses Hongmeng Heaven. Lingmai, who has cultivated the Hongmeng Defying Heaven Secret Art, is originally different from ordinary people. How can he be able to stop his attack, a small acquired spiritualist from the other side?

After Liu Yiheng defeated the two guards, he looked at the guard without shock and said lightly: “This is the punishment I will give you. As for the punishment the family will give you, someone will notify you. Now you know you committed the following crimes? “After speaking, he walked into the Liu’s door aggressively.

At this time, some of the Liu family’s subordinates have seen Liu Yiheng’s great power, so they did not step forward to stop them. After all, these subordinates are not cultivators. If you want to cultivate in the mainland of China, you must have spiritual veins and no spiritual veins. No matter how hard you try, you can’t become a cultivator, so as long as you are a cultivator, you will be respected. Now those who look at Liu Yiheng have no contempt in their eyes, only respect.

But Liu Yiheng hadn’t taken a few steps just now, and quickly rushed over a dozen people in the distance, all of them holding swords in their hands, aggressively.

After they came, they directly surrounded Liu Yiheng, forcing Liu Yiheng to stop.

These people are all guards of the Liu family. Their responsibility is to protect the Liu family. Now someone has broken in and injured two guards. How could they leave it alone?

The leader of the guard looked at the ragged Liu Yiheng, and then said, “Who are you? You dare to break into the Liu’s house and wound the Liu’s guard. I think you don’t want to live anymore.” Then he gave the other two people a look.

The two people understood, first brought in the two injured people, and then directly closed the door of the Liu family.

Because the Liu family is one of the four major families in Qingling City, no one dares to come to the Liu family to make trouble, so the door of the Liu family will basically not be closed, just use two guards to guard here in turn.

Liu Yiheng waited until the two people had finished the matter before he said faintly, “I am Liu Yiheng. Those two short-eyed guys dare to humiliate me and commit the following crimes and offend the master. Shouldn’t I teach them?”

“Are you Liu Yiheng?” The head of the guard took a close look at Liu Yiheng’s company, and then distinguished it, because now Liu Yiheng has changed a lot, and this refers to the temperament, the freshness and the otherworldly. The temperament is definitely the most stark contrast to the previously silent and mediocre Liu Yiheng, especially the faint coercion released from the opponent, making him feel a huge threat.

Liu Yiheng nodded, and then said: “Why, don’t you know me? Do you want to commit the following?”

“Hehe, I’m sorry, we didn’t expect Master Yiheng to dress like this, so we didn’t recognize it in the first time. I hope Master Yiheng will forgive me.” The guard’s head is also sweating at this time. He is just a guard of the Liu family. Touto, simply can’t offend the young master of the Liu family, especially the direct young master like Liu Yiheng.

If it was Liu Yiheng before, that would be fine, but now Liu Yiheng can already practice, and can hurt his subordinates. This is different. If he dares to talk more nonsense, then the patriarch knows the consequences. Unthinkable.

The reason why Liu Yiheng just took action was to kill the chickens and the monkeys, so as not to be blocked by others. He doesn’t want to say too much nonsense. Now after hearing the guard’s head, he said calmly: “Oh, it turns out that it is like this, then forget it, but You’d better be optimistic about your subordinates, otherwise they won’t be the only ones injured next time.”

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