Peerless Master God

: Lessons from Liu Yichen

Liu Yiheng squinted his eyes, and then said, “Really? Then I really want to thank you.”

“I don’t know good or bad rubbish, trash, since you want me to do it, then I’m not welcome.” After he finished speaking, he immediately improved his aura, and the aura of the peak level of the acquired spiritualist came out magnificently.

The people on the second floor of the Martial Skill Pavilion were not too few. When they felt Liu Yichen’s strength, they all looked over, but when they saw that the person facing Liu Yichen turned out to be Liu Yiheng, they were all stunned at the same time.

But soon someone said: “Why does Liu Yiheng appear here?”

“Who knows? This is not the point. The point is that Liu Yichen seems to be dealing with him.”

“Oh, this kid is unlucky enough. Who is Liu Yichen? Now the geniuses of the Liu family, even Liu Yihao and Liu Yihan, can save him face. Liu Yiheng dared to offend him. I think Liu Yiheng may be more auspicious today. Up.”

“Well, but let’s just watch the excitement.”


Liu Yiheng stretched out his hand and touched his chin. This is his habitual movement, and then said, “Hehe, it’s good.”

“What’s great?” Liu Yichen said.

“Your talent is very good, but it’s a pity that your mood and mind are too bad, not to mention your talent is just good, and it’s far from being good.”

“Hmph, what qualifications do you have to judge me as a **** or rubbish? Get out of here now and watch my ‘open the palm of the stele’.” After speaking, he slapped Liu Yiheng.

Liu Yiheng did not back down, directly transported the power of the Magnificence, and then fought back with a cracking stone palm.

Because the two people did not back down, the attacks of the two people quickly collided, and then they heard a bang, and then a figure flew out directly.

When the crowd watching saw the figure flying out, they were stunned. Some people even kept rubbing their eyes. They couldn’t believe that what they saw was the truth.

But the fact is like this, because the fact has never been deceived and will not change, that is, Liu Yichen was knocked into the air by Liu Yiheng, vomiting blood.

Liu Yiheng looked at Liu Yichen who fell on the ground and said, “Don’t be too arrogant, you can be arrogant, but you must have strength as a guarantee. A person like you who is arrogant and weak, really makes me feel sad, Liu family’s Genius? If it’s all like you, then the Liu family will be over.” After speaking, Liu Yiheng didn’t talk to Liu Yichen, and went directly to the third floor of the Martial Arts Pavilion.

Liu Yichen pointed to Liu Yiheng’s back. His whole body was trembling, and his lips were purple, but he only said one word: “You…”

At this time, two people walked up on the first floor. They saw Liu Yichen lying on the ground, vomiting blood, and looked at the martial arts pavilion that was messed up by Liu Yiheng and Liu Yichen, and there were martial arts secrets everywhere. They walked over with ugly expressions. : “Did you just fight here?”

Liu Yichen’s eyes turned red when he heard this, and then said, “Yes, but, it was Liu Yiheng who beat me like this. Get him quickly? He is the culprit.”

“Liu Yiheng? He is licensed to do anything in the martial arts pavilion, but you don’t. Then you have to take care of this time. Let’s go down with us first.” After speaking, the two people stood up. Liu Yichen, whose eyes were already hollow, left.

When the rest of the people heard the news, they were even more shocked. If this is not the martial arts pavilion and no loud noises are allowed, they might all shout: “Tell me, is this all the truth? Is the world crazy? “

However, they didn’t have any mood to choose martial arts. Instead, they left the martial arts pavilion and spread the matter out. Soon the whole Liu family knew that Liu Yiheng could already practice, and his strength was very powerful. They defeated Liu Yichen.

The people in the Liu family who received the news did not believe it at first, but it was quickly confirmed. As the news spread faster and faster, Liu Yiheng’s reputation in the Liu family was also completely changed, from the original waste to directly. Genius, but there are still some people who look down on him, not just because of jealousy, but because they don’t believe that Liu Yichen is really defeated by Liu Yiheng. The idea that Liu Yiheng is a waste has long been ingrained in some people’s hearts.

But because someone deliberately controlled this matter, only the Liu family knew about it, but the people outside didn’t even know the news.


Liu Yiheng didn’t care about this at all. He took action to teach Liu Yichen, hoping that he would not be so arrogant in the future, or he would suffer a loss sooner or later. It might not be as simple as being injured, and Liu Yichen’s talent and potential are indeed good. Growing up, it is definitely a huge help to the Liu family. Liu Yiheng is also a member of the Liu family. Naturally, he will not ruin the Liu family’s good seedlings with a bright future for personal reasons. This is the tolerance and state of mind.

After reaching the third floor, Liu Yiheng quickly found a martial skill that he liked very much. It was a slightly old book, and the whole book was a bit yellowed. On it, there were a few large characters Xuanyang Spear Technique written with dragons and phoenixes, but Looking at a few words, Liu Yiheng felt blood boil all over his body.

When he opened it, the vigorous and powerful handwriting resembled a long spear, with weirdness and sharpness in its grandeur. This is how the marksmanship was, and it was the weapon that could find the opponent’s loopholes.

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