Peerless Master God

: Liu Changba's thoughts

Liu Changyun smiled and said: “Hehe, I have never found confidence in Yiheng, but this time I can be sure that it is confidence. Maybe he will really surprise us?”

“Fourth brother, don’t be too whimsical. Yiheng is a deadly soul. How many methods we have thought of, we can’t let him practice. In three months, what miracle can happen to him?”

Having said this, Liu Changxiong paused for a while, and then said: “Furthermore, he has passed the golden period of cultivation, even if there is a turn for the better, there won’t be much development.”

In the mainland of China, the golden age of cultivation is eight to ten years old. People at this age are the best time to lay the foundation and the most active period of meridians. The average martial artist will determine the spiritual channel at the age of eight, and then start To lay the foundation for cultivation, if you miss this time, it will have a huge impact on future cultivation. The older you are, the greater the impact will be. This is why both Liu Changxiong and Liu Changyun have to give up Liu Yiheng because of him. It’s too much past this age.

Liu Changyun nodded and said, “Yes, but this world is always full of miracles. Don’t forget, he is the son of the third brother.” He said this, and said in his heart: “Yiheng is already creating miracles, but since he himself I didn’t say it, so I won’t say it for now, and see what this kid can do.”

Liu Changxiong smiled and said: “Well, anyway, he is my nephew, even if he has not been able to practice, as long as I stay one day, I will protect him for one day. The fourth child, I will send some people to stare at him. Heng, what happened three months ago can’t happen anymore, you know? Since Yiheng is okay this time, then we should not pursue this matter.”

“Okay, I see. Big brother is still thoughtful.”


After Liu Changba returned to his yard with his two sons, he said faintly: “This kid Liu Yiheng sometimes has a lovely place. This time he actually asked for a divorce. This gives you a chance. “

Liu Yihao said with a smile: “Yes, dad, but this kid is too boring. He actually made a divorce within three months. Isn’t this a waste of our time?”

Liu Changba: “It’s okay. It’s only three months. It will soon pass, but you two have to work hard. Both of your brothers already have fiancées, and they are both practicing in retreat. Then this task can only be done by If you come to complete it, you must **** Qin Luxue from me anyway. As long as you marry Qin Luxue, then you will have an absolute advantage in the election of the next patriarch, is that clear?”

Liu Yihan nodded and said, “Yes, my third brother and I will work hard, not to mention that in the Liu family, among the younger generation nowadays, besides Liu Yitao, who else can compete with our brothers?”

Liu Changba also nodded, and then said: “But you can’t be careless. That Liu Yitao got the true transmission of the fourth child. It’s definitely not weak, but you don’t have to worry too much. When the time comes, Dad will let you two defeat Liu Yitao freely. .”

“Thank you, daddy.” The two looked at each other and smiled, but there was also a hint of cunning and treacherous in their eyes. This is also inevitable. Both of them like Qin Luxue. Moreover, as long as they marry Qin Luxue, they will also have a lot of development for themselves Benefits, it is impossible for the two of them to give up, so in the end, the two of them will inevitably become competitors. Brothers will not be ambiguous in terms of women and rights.

Liu Changba is old and cunning, so he can naturally see the thoughts of his two sons, but he did not say that because there is competition, there is motivation. Besides, both of them are his sons, and he can’t favor anyone. Then he can only watch. They have their own skills.

So he smiled and said, “Well, I won’t talk about this beforehand. I ask you two, does the disappearance of Liu Yiheng have something to do with you two?”

When Liu Yihao and Liu Yihan heard this, they both lowered their heads and did not speak.

“Sure enough, you two did it. Tell me about the situation at that time.”

Liu Yihao lowered his head and told the story exactly, and then held his hands tensely, afraid to look at his father. They knew that the rules of the clan deliberately hurt the brothers in the clan, crippled and died, but Will be severely punished.

Liu Changba said faintly: “You two are really inadequate. Didn’t I tell you? Now that you have done it, you must be clean and tidy, but what did you do? Liu Yiheng did not report you to the patriarch this time. How else would the patriarch easily let you go? Let’s forget it this time, if there is another time, without the patriarch punish you, I will not let you go.”

“Yes, dad, we remember that this will never happen in the future.” The two brothers said together.

“That’s good, you must think twice before you do something, but once you do it, you must be clean and tidy, and you must not leave behind troubles, or you will just trouble yourself.”

“Yes, remember what my father taught.”

“Hehe, you two are still young, so there are more opportunities to learn later.” When Liu Changba said here, a person came over and muttered a few words next to Liu Changba’s ear.

Liu Changba frowned, and then said, “Is this true?”

“Yes, it’s all true. I have seen those two people and their injuries are serious.”

“I see, you can withdraw.”


Liu Changba looked at his two sons, and then said, “Liu Yiheng is ready to practice now. You two will check on that kid in a few days.”

“What, that waste can be cultivated? This is impossible. How can a person with a broken heart and soul be able to cultivate?”

Liu Changba said faintly: “This is the case, but I suspect that there is any special situation in this, so I let you go and see it, remember, you need to use your brain when doing things, don’t be foolish, and, after two months It’s a big competition among the clan, that’s your chance to show, do you understand?

“Yes, dad, we understand.”

“Very well, go down.”

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