Peerless Master God

: Liu Yihao

Liu Yihao saw the battle between the two individuals, his face also showed a smile, because he didn’t know how his younger brother could be defeated, regardless of the level of cultivation and martial arts, his younger brother had this absolute advantage. Needless to say about the foundation, Liu Yihan has been practicing since he was eight years old. The foundation is naturally very solid, but Liu Yiheng has only cultivated for three months, so where is the foundation?

Liu Yiheng didn’t care about Liu Yihan’s ridicule at all. Now he can say that he is completely absorbed, because this is definitely his first real battle, and the opponents are very strong, so he won’t have any points. At the same time, he also wanted to test his true combat effectiveness, to see how strong his Hongmeng Heavenly Spiritual Vessel was.

When the two attacks were about to collide together, Liu Yiheng’s body suddenly flashed a light, and then his whole person seemed to become a savage bull, and then directly ran into Liu Yihan, who was transformed into a tiger.

After the loud bang, I heard a scream and a muffled hum almost at the same time, and then one person flew out directly, while the other one backed back again and again.

When Liu Yihao saw the person flying out, his face was also surprised, because he really couldn’t believe it, and he didn’t want to believe that the person who was knocked into the air turned out to be his younger brother Liu Yihan, and then he looked back. After more than ten steps, Liu Yiheng, who was already standing still, rubbed his eyes directly because he couldn’t believe this fact.

At this time, Liu Yihan reluctantly got up a bit, but before he stood up straight, he knelt on one knee, then spewed out a mouthful of blood, and then coughed violently.

Liu Yihao only reacted at this time, quickly came to Liu Yihan, and said softly: “Brother, how are you doing?”

Liu Yihan did not answer Liu Yihao’s question. He first stabilized his injury, and then said: “Liu Yiheng, what martial arts do you use? This is definitely not a bull fist?”

Liu Yiheng also spit out heavily, and then smiled and said, “This is Barbarian Fist, but I changed it slightly.”

Liu Yihan: “It’s impossible. Even if you are changing, Barbarian Fist is Barbarian Fist. How can it be compared with my Tiger Fist? Besides, you are only a realm of an acquired spiritualist, how could it be possible to rely solely on Barbarian Will the bull fist block my attack?”

“I don’t need to explain so much to you, cousin Liu Yihao, now it’s your turn.”

After hearing this, Liu Yihao said angrily: “Liu Yiheng, don’t be arrogant, I will teach you a lesson now.”

“I hope you will not be like your brother, so vulnerable, I want to fight a good fight, I have been looking forward to fighting for a long time.”

After hearing this, Liu Yihao’s face was also blue and red, and his emotions became agitated. After all, he was too young to get angry and excited easily. Another point was that the mood gap between him and Liu Yiheng was not small.

Liu Yiheng grew up in adversity, and his mental strength is definitely the most outstanding group of people among his peers. The reason why Liu Yiheng said this just now was to anger Liu Yihao.

Liu Yihao was completely fooled. He didn’t expect Liu Yiheng to calculate him at all, so he immediately improved his aura. Liu Yihao is also the strength of the acquired spiritualist, but he is stronger than Liu Yihan. Then he rushed forward and said : “Let you see my Fufeng leg technique.” After speaking, he kicked Liu Yiheng with one leg.

Liu Yiheng responded to the changes with the same, he still did not evade, but once again attacked with a bull fist.

Although Liu Yihao is very angry now, he has not completely lost his mind. His legwork is good at speed and trickiness, not strength. What’s more, his brother’s tiger fist was defeated by Liu Yiheng. , How could he head-on with Liu Yiheng?

So he immediately withdrew the attack, then turned around and kicked out again.

Liu Yiheng found that the other party didn’t dare to face him head-on, and he was even more informed, so he still attacked with a punch and ran directly into Liu Yihao’s leg.

Liu Yihao had no choice but to avoid Liu Yihao again, and then launched an attack. In this way, two people attacked in a series with weird and tricky legs, and the other relied on strong attack power and spiritual power. Backed down, the fight was full of joy.

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