Peerless Master God

: Liu Yiheng's resourcefulness

After hearing Liu Yihao’s words, Liu Yiheng shook his head and said, “How is this possible? I am a person with a broken heart and cannot practice cultivation. How can I hurt you?”

After speaking, Liu Yiheng stood up, then looked at Liu Changxiong and said, “Patriarch, did you let me come just for them? It seems like… I don’t know what to say.”

Liu Changxiong laughed inwardly. This kid really knows how to pretend, but he cooperated with Liu Yiheng and said, “Yes, that’s it. Your three cousins ​​insisted that you hurt them and snatched their coins and Dan. Medicine, I told you to pass this time, just to confront the three of them.”

Liu Yiheng immediately said, “I was wronged, I didn’t do such a thing? The three cousins ​​are absolutely bloody.”

Then Liu Yiheng turned his head to Liu Yihao three people with eloquence and said: “Why do you three slander me and frame me like this? Have I offended you in any way? Or did we have any hatred before? Even me. If there is something wrong, you don’t have to use such a bloodbath to frame me. Wouldn’t you mean to put me to death by doing this? You are all my cousins.”

The three of Liu Yihao were originally brought in, but after listening to Liu Yihao’s expression, they almost jumped up after seeing his expression. In fact, their injuries have healed a bit, at least there is absolutely no problem walking, Liu Yiheng When he started, he still had a sense of measure. The most injured person was Liu Yihan, but he definitely didn’t need a stretcher.

Liu Yihao held back for a long time, and finally said: “You…Liu Yiheng, are you really clever tongue? It’s the first time I know you have this ability. I can’t say you, but no matter how you argue, There is no way to escape the existence of facts.”

Liu Yiheng shook his head and said, “The truth is, I can’t hurt you at all? You are all outstanding among the younger generation of the Liu family, but I have always been humiliated by you as the opponent of the Liu family and ridiculed outside. Master Waste, how did I hurt you like this?”

Liu Yiqing said with red eyes, “Liu Yiheng, don’t you want to quibble, do you mean the three of us are talking nonsense with our eyes open?”

“Isn’t that right? You’re just talking nonsense with your eyes open, let’s say, you said I hurt you, so does anyone testify? Has anyone seen me hurt you?” Liu Yiheng had grievances on his face, but The tone was very relaxed.

The more Liu Yihan looked at Liu Yiheng’s current expression, the more angry he became. Then he said angrily: “The three of us are witnesses. We can corroborate each other.”

After hearing this, Liu Changba’s expression changed, and he secretly said, “This idiot, don’t you say this, don’t you set yourself up? But this Liu Yiheng did have too many changes, not just If he can cultivate, his mind has become so flexible. What has he experienced?”

Sure enough, Liu Yiheng chuckled, and then said, “It’s really funny. The three of you said that I hurt you and asked me to come and confront you. But now the three of you say that you are testifying to each other. Isn’t this a bit of a play? If you let others hear about the matter, I wonder if you will laugh out loud?”

Liu Yiqing went on to say: “My two servants can also testify for me, that you wounded the three of us and took away the coins and pills from us.”

Liu Yiheng smiled, and then said, “Cousin, are you confused by someone? Your subordinate will testify for you? In this way, Xiaoying can testify for me as well. I haven’t been out of the yard at all in the past few days. , How could it hurt you?”

Having said this, Liu Yiheng lowered his body slightly and said in a low voice, “Do you know why I let the three of you into my yard? And hurt you all? That is for today, if not all three of you were injured Well, I really can’t explain it today, but it’s much easier now. The three of you can’t testify to each other. Hey, the three of you can’t beat me. Whether it’s strength or resourcefulness, you are far behind. Up.”

After listening to Liu Yiheng’s words, the three Liu Yihao became even more angry. Then Liu Yihao said loudly: “Liu Yiheng, did you know that we were outside your courtyard on purpose, and you deliberately led us out and entered your little yard? Is it the courtyard?”

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