Peerless Master God

: Mental power foundation

Yun Tianyou smiled and said, “I already know this, so what’s next?”

Hongkun didn’t say it right away, but paused. He seemed to be reminiscing about something, and then continued: “Next is the chaos that first opened up, and the chaos power that formed was called the ancestor of power. After the chaos was established, Qingling The qi rises to form the sky, and this power is the power of Qing Qian, and it is also called the power of the sky. The muddy qi descends to form the ground. This power is called the power of turbidity, and it is also called the power of earth evil. After the formation of heaven and earth, humans appeared, because of the relationship between human spiritual veins, spiritual power was formed, but spiritual power is also the lowest level of power, but it is the most common and easy to cultivate power.”

When Liu Yiheng heard this, he immediately said: “In this way, after those people have practiced the Xuanyang Spear Technique, they will unconsciously come into contact with a power higher than their own spiritual veins, so when their own spiritual veins and their body touch that After a higher level of strength, the cultivation base will no longer be able to continue to improve, is that right?”

Hongkun: “You are half right, because as long as you practice martial arts, you will inevitably follow the power of martial arts to change your strength, otherwise martial arts become redundant? Of course I am talking about high-level martial arts. For example, the martial art in your hand is definitely very advanced. If it weren’t for its special power and the magnificent power of your body, I think you would not be able to cultivate at all now, and those who have practiced this martial skill , Is to slowly intervene in higher levels of power, but don’t know it or how to control this power, or it’s beyond the control of one’s body and spiritual veins, so the cultivation base cannot be achieved. Promotion.”

“Oh, so? In other words, my Hongmeng Heavenly Spiritual Vessel doesn’t have this problem anymore, does it?”

“Of course, the power of the Profound Sky and the power of Hongmeng is very easy to control.”

“That’s good, thank you, old man.” Liu Yiheng said with a smile.

“Don’t worry about thanking me, now you have martial skills, but do you have a spear?”

Liu Yiheng shook his head and said, “I don’t have any long objects? Don’t talk about long guns. I don’t even have short guns.”

Hong Kun said with a smile: “It’s impossible for a family like yours to have a spirit weapon. Even if it has a spirit weapon, it will never be given to you, but if you don’t use it, you can’t play this kind of battle. The power of skills, because ordinary spears simply cannot withstand that powerful force.”

“Spirit weapon…, this kind of thing seems to have only two in our family, one is the treasure of the town family, it is impossible to use until the critical moment, and the other is in the hands of grandpa, even if it is uncle Liu The head of the clan doesn’t have a spiritual weapon in his hands, but only has a weapon that is close to a spiritual weapon, but approaching means approaching, not a real spiritual weapon. Where do you think you want me to get a spiritual weapon?”

Hongkun said indifferently: “Since I have said it, then naturally there is a way for you to get a spiritual weapon.”

“Old man, do you have a spiritual weapon? It’s wrong for you to do this. If you have one, take it out quickly. It’s not good to hide your own privately. You don’t need it anyway.”

Hongkun said in a cold voice, “Huh, am I a hidden person? But I really don’t have one, but I can forge it for you.”

“Help me forge? Are you kidding me? Can you come out?”

“Not yet, and even if I can come out, I cannot forge it for you, but you can forge it yourself?”

After hearing this, Liu Yiheng said in surprise: “I’m here to forge? Forging can only be done by repairers. How can I forge?”

“Why not? You have a good spirit, and it is not difficult to become a tool repairer. Also, don’t forget, who am I? Well, I will ask you, do you want to learn?”

After hearing this, Liu Yiheng laughed happily, but his smile was immediately seen by some people, with puzzles and doubts in his eyes, as well as ridicule and sneer. After all, Liu Yiheng now In the eyes of most people, he is still that trash master.

Liu Yiheng didn’t care about the look in these people’s eyes, but he stopped talking, but left quickly, and found a place where no one was there, and said, “Of course I want to learn. The status of the repairer can be very high. At the same level, the status is higher than that of a martial artist. In our Light Spirit City, there is only one refiner who is also controlled by the City Lord’s Mansion, so it is really hard to get a spirit tool. what.”

“Well, since your patriarch has given you such a great convenience, then we might as well make good use of it. As long as you can succeed, then your status in your family has not risen linearly?”

Liu Yiheng nodded and said, “Okay, then what should I prepare first?”

“You don’t need to prepare anything. You just need to learn to control your mental power. I have a secret code for controlling your mental power. Please write it down first.”

“Oh, what cheat?”

“This cheat is not a powerful thing, but only when your mental power reaches a certain level can you cultivate. And your mental power is very strong. This may have something to do with your own strength and your experience over the years, but these are not important. The important thing is that you have a good foundation of spiritual power, so there is absolutely no problem with your cultivation. This secret is called soul turbulence. As long as you learn to control your spiritual power, you can forge it.

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