Peerless Master God

: Strong talent

Two days later, Liu Yiheng’s body changed again, and a ray of light rose directly into the sky, forming a ray of light, which looked like a dragon.

Hongkun looked at the light and said in amazement: “The Hongmeng Heavenly Spirit Vessel was opened on its own in two days…. Wait, this is the Dragon Vein Soul, and it should be the Scarlet Scale Fire Dragon, the best of the Dragon Vein Soul. Existing, this kid is definitely an extraordinary talent, a wizard of heaven.”

Hongkun had just finished speaking, it turned out that two rays of light rose up at the same time, and then one of the two rays of light slowly turned into a fire, and the other turned into a look like a big clock.

Seeing this situation, Hongkun was completely stunned. About five minutes later, Hongkun rubbed his eyes and made sure that what he saw was true. Then he said in amazement, “Really, is this kid a human? This is simply a monster, this is the Three Spirit Vessels, the Three Vessel Souls, I have seen it for the first time, no, it is the first time I know that a person with the Hongmeng Heavenly Vessel also has both the Three Soul Vessels and the Three Vessels. Soul people, one of these two kinds of possessions is God’s favor and gift. This kid is going against the rhythm of the sky.”

“Absolutely like this, coupled with his state of mind and comprehension ability, haha, I have found a treasure, maybe he can restore me to my peak state, even Geng Qiang said that it is not necessarily, but such a character must You have to beat it up, it seems that you will be more strict with him in the future.”

For the next time, Liu Yiheng has been lying there constantly comprehending and practicing, and during the process of cultivation, his injuries are quickly healed, his aura is getting stronger and stronger, and he is not an ordinary person. , But became a real martial artist.

The reason why Liu Yiheng was able to comprehend the Hongmeng Defying Heaven Secret Art so quickly was also because he could not practice in these years. He had read a lot of books about cultivation and the chronicle of the mainland. In addition, his comprehension ability was very strong and his memory was superb. Therefore, all the techniques I have seen can draw inferences from one another, and I firmly remember that I have the ability to comprehend the Hongmeng Against Heaven Secret Art. The so-called opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared, and Liu Yiheng has never given up. In preparation, when faced with an opportunity, he would naturally seize it more quickly.


In Qingling City, Liu Family, and Liu Changxiong’s study, Liu Changyun said in a low tone: “Brother, I have been looking for two months, but there is no news. Yiheng may be…”

“Hey…, all of this is fate, if he was born in an ordinary family, he might live better.”

“Brother, although I didn’t find Yiheng, I found out who I saw Yiheng last.”

“Tell me.”

“The last people who met Yiheng were Liu Yihao and Liu Yihan, but I asked them, and they said they only met with Yiheng, and then they didn’t see Yiheng.”

Liu Changxiong said faintly: “Well, I see, even if it was the two of them, what can be done? Besides, there is no proof now.”

“Okay, then I’m looking for it, I must find Yiheng,”

Liu Changxiong: “Forget it, life and death have fate and wealth in the sky. Two months have passed. If he is still alive, he will find a way to come back. If something happens, then…”

Liu Changyun also sighed, and then said: “But I still think I have to look for it, even if it is the bones. Anyway, Yiheng is a member of our Liu family. He must not be a corpse in the wilderness and become an orphan. Ghosts and ghosts.”

“This…, then you go.”


In a cave on the edge of the wild mountain range, there was a soft drink, followed by a booming sound, this was someone practicing martial arts.

“Boy, isn’t it? You have cultivated this set of boxing techniques to the state of entering the Tao, and you have also made up for many of the original defects.”

“Hehe, isn’t it just good? It only took me two months to raise my cultivation base to the Houtian Lingshi Tianren level.”

“Huh, it’s just such a little achievement. Have you started to be complacent and boastful? I tell you, there are more people who are stronger than you, and there are more people with better talents than you. With this, you will If you are proud, then you have no hope of becoming a strong one.”

The speakers are Liu Yiheng and Hongkun. They have been here for three months. Liu Yiheng’s body has completely recovered, and he has upgraded his cultivation to the Heavenly Human Stage of the Houtian Spiritist Realm. He has read a lot of books, but he has no access to books about martial arts, because he can’t go to the martial arts pavilion at all. All he can practice is Liu Changyun secretly got him two martial arts, one is Manniu Fist, the other one is Cracked Stone Palm.

These two are not powerful martial arts, they are the most basic martial arts of the Liu family. Liu Changyun just gave him nothing to practice, so he could keep fit.

After hearing Hongkun’s reprimand, Liu Yiheng just smiled faintly, and then said: “But my foundation is poor. If you had appeared earlier, I would definitely not be the current strength.”

“What? Do you blame me?”

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