Peerless Master God

: They regret it

After Qin Luxue listened to Liu Yiheng’s words, she was also shocked, but her reaction was quick, and she recovered first, and then turned to face Liu Changxiong and said, “Patriarch Liu, have you heard all of you? This time it’s not that I want to divorce. Yes, but Liu Yiheng is about to divorce, so I accept it. Now my marriage contract with Liu Yiheng is completely dissolved, right?”

When asked by Qin Luxue, Liu Changxiong didn’t know how to answer. Finally, he looked at Liu Yiheng and said, “Yiheng, have you really made a decision? Don’t think about it again? If you miss this time, it’s true. There is no chance.”

Liu Yiheng said faintly: “Of course, I have already thought about it. A woman whose heart is no longer with me has no meaning even if she stays with me? Besides, she is short-sighted, snobbish, and she wants to treat such a woman. She only sees herself, she will not have true feelings for others, and she is not qualified to be my woman based on these.”

Liu Yihao whispered next to him: “Are you really self-aware? You are right to choose this way, because the only person who can be worthy of Qin Luxue is me. These words of you can only save yourself a little face, but it is even more so. It’s annoying.”

Liu Yiheng also replied in a low voice: “You?… You are just a clown. In Qin Luxue’s eyes, you may not even count as a spare, and it’s better than garbage. That’s because of you. It’s from the Liu family.”

“You… brat, you will remember for me, I will make you regret saying these things for a while.”

“I’m really looking forward to it.” Then Liu Yiheng continued loudly: “But I have one more thing to say before that.”

Qin Luxue thought Liu Yiheng regretted it, and then said anxiously: “What else do you want to say? If it’s useless, don’t say it, and you’d better not play me, or I won’t let you go. “She is very angry now. Although Liu Yiheng offered to resign she was very happy, but Liu Yiheng’s evaluation of her really made her annoyed. If he hadn’t been in Liu’s house at this time, he might have gone up to teach this nasty guy.

Liu Yiheng looked at the angry Qin Luxue and said with a smile: “You don’t seem to have any identity to order me to do things, right? This isn’t your Qin family, right? You’d better stop it for me, otherwise, you will regret it.”

“You…” Qin Luxue just waited for Liu Yiheng, but didn’t say anything, because the current initiative was indeed in Liu Yiheng’s hands.

Qin Tianxing pretended to reprimand and said: “Girl, you are too presumptuous, but come back soon.” Then he said, “Nephew Yihengxian, if you have anything, just say it.”

Liu Yiheng nodded and said: “Okay, I will definitely divorce. Don’t worry about that, but it’s not now. I need a little time, um… it’s only three months. Within three months, our Liu family will personally send someone to The resignation letter is delivered, and the whole city will be notified at that time. Now you can rest assured?”

Qin Tianxing: “My nephew, you are so reasonable. Okay, I’ll just wait for the news from the Liu family.” Then he stood up and said, “Brother Changxiong, there are still affairs in my clan to be busy, so I will stay soon. .”

Qin Tianxing really doesn’t want to stay here. The purpose of coming this time has been achieved, and it is not his own party who voluntarily retires. In this way, he will not be criticized by the people of Light Spirit City, saying that he is a person who is not trustworthy. Liu Yiheng is thinking of something crooked, so it’s better to leave quickly.

Liu Changxiong said coldly, “No…”

“You don’t have to be so polite with me. How can we say that we are also best friends.” Then Qin Tianxing took his daughter and two clan elders and left the hall together.

Liu Changba also stood up at this time, and then said, “Big Brother, I will also go now.”

“Okay, go ahead.”

Liu Changba also left with his two sons, and then the other elders and senior officials also left. Only Liu Changxiong, Liu Changyun and Liu Yiheng remained in the hall.

Liu Changxiong looked at Liu Yiheng and said, “Yiheng, why are you so confused? If you just disagree, the Qin family dare not divorce. Luxue is a very good girl. Now you let go, you will regrettable.”

Liu Yiheng smiled and said, “No, I won’t regret it. They regret it. Can I promise?”

Liu Changyun said helplessly: “Smelly boy, why should people regret it? You can be messy, but anyway, you can’t keep that girl anyway. If something else happens, you will be even more embarrassed. Yiheng , Don’t get angry, your fourth uncle will be looking for a relationship for you in a few days. Even if he is not as good as Qin Luxue, he won’t be wronged.”

Liu Yiheng looked at these two people who sincerely cared about him. He was very moved. A warm current rushed into his heart and said with a smile: “Uncle, Fourth Uncle, don’t have to be so troublesome. I don’t think it will take long to propose to me. There are so many people, I’m afraid you will bother you.”

Liu Changxiong: “Well, you stinky boy, you are still arrogant. Look at your appearance, like a little beggar, thinking about someone coming to propose marriage? You go back and have a rest. As for I will think about the matter between you and the Qin family girl.”

Liu Yiheng didn’t explain anything, just said: “I’m not arrogant, and soon the uncle and fourth uncle will understand, I will go back to rest first.” After speaking, Liu Yiheng turned and left the hall.

Liu Changyun looked at Liu Yiheng’s back and said, “Big Brother, do you feel something is wrong with Yiheng this kid?”

Liu Changxiong: “Well, I also feel that his temperament has changed a lot, and he has become more confident and mature than before. Has anything happened in these three months?”

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