Peerless Master God

: Trouble come

After hearing this voice, Xiaoying stood up. When she saw Liu Yiheng, she rushed over and said: “Master, you are finally back. I know that there will be no trouble with Master. I heard from outsiders that Master is missing. Now, maybe…, I’m really afraid to die. If something happens to the young master, no one will take care of me and love me.” After speaking, Xiao Ying’s two big eyes were red.

Liu Yiheng looked at this beautiful, well-behaved and cute little girl who was only fifteen years old in front of him. He was also very happy. He first touched her hair and said, “You little girl, do you want me to have an accident?”

“Of course not. I hope that the young master can be happy and healthy every day. By the way, young master, today is the young master’s birthday. I specially prepared some dishes. Let’s eat together.”

Liu Yiheng looked at the dishes on the table. There were fish and meat, as well as two dishes of green vegetables. Although there were only six dishes, he could see that Xiao Ying was really careful.

So he said lightly: “Where did you get the money?”

Xiaoying said with a smile: “Don’t worry about this young master. Anyway, the money comes from the right way. I didn’t steal it. Let’s eat together.”

Liu Yiheng didn’t think too much, first sat down, and then said: “I’m really hungry, let’s eat together.”

“Okay, I will eat with the young master.”

This is also the reason why Xiaoying has always followed Liu Yiheng, because Liu Yiheng has never regarded her as a subordinate, even though life is difficult, but Xiaoying feels that she is alone, unlike other young masters’ subordinates, although the economic conditions are still fair. Yes, but it looks like a dog.

Xiaoying’s craftsmanship is good, and Liu Yiheng did not eat well for three months, so the two people quickly wiped out these things, but Liu Yiheng felt that he still hadn’t eaten enough, but he knew his financial situation. So when Xiaoying asked, he patted his still deflated belly and said with a smile: “I’m full, I want to take a shower and change clothes.”

At this time, Xiaoying smiled and said, “Yes, Master is really stinking.”

“You still laugh at me. If you let you go out for three months and there is no place to take a shower, you will be as stinky as me. Okay, you clean up and I’m leaving.”

Liu Yiheng washed up and changed into new clothes. The so-called people rely on clothes and horses and saddles. Liu Yiheng is an idol star at this moment, with sharp edges and corners. Although a little childish, he is still handsome and handsome, with big eyes with stubbornness And tenacity, and now he still has this confident look, he looks even more energetic, but the figure is still slightly thinner, but the face is much better.

At this time, a voice appeared in his mind and said: “Boy, don’t forget to practice. Diligence can make up for the weakness, understand?”

“I see, old man, don’t worry, I have been longing for cultivation for many years, and now I can finally practice, how can I not be diligent?”

“Well, that’s good, but the first thing you have to cultivate is the Hongmeng Defying the Heavens Art. Only when you have cultivated your mind can you lay a solid foundation.”

“Yes, I understand.” After speaking, Liu Yiheng patted his stomach first, and then said, “It looks like I will make some money tomorrow, don’t be hungry later.” Then he sat down directly. Started to practice the Hongmeng Defying Heaven Jue.

The Hongmeng Against the Heavens Art is indeed a magical and powerful mental technique. Every time he practices it, he will feel transparent and clear-headed, and he will be able to open up some things that he does not understand, and even understand the pulse and soul. It has increased a lot, so Liu Yiheng’s body and mind were quickly immersed in cultivation.

After Xiaoying finished cleaning up, she came to Liu Yiheng’s bedroom, but then she thought, her young master must be exhausted after being away for nearly three months. She must let her young master take a good rest, so she didn’t bother. Liu Yiheng, instead, did his own thing. There were only two of them in the entire yard, which seemed very deserted, but such an environment was more suitable for cultivation.

Liu Yiheng didn’t know how much time he had cultivated. When he opened his eyes, he said angrily, “Who is making noise outside? It’s really annoying.” He was cultivating because of the noise outside. I woke up in the state, so my mood is not very good.

But when he heard the words from outsiders, his mood became even worse, and he said, “Thank you to come to the door, but it’s good, it’s time for me to stand up and show my skills. At the same time, money issues can It’s solved, haha.”

At this time, a mother-in-law outside said: “Xiaoying, you said you are so beautiful, why do you need to follow that trash? Why don’t you follow that trash? Why don’t you follow our young master, and take care of your fragrant and spicy ones? Is the waste clear soup and fresh water much stronger?”

“Yeah, Xiaoying, and your aptitude, if we get the appreciation of our young master, you might ascend to the sky in one step and become the young lady. Then you will become the master, that’s great.” Another voice said.

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