Peerless Master God

: Very serious consequences

After seeing Liu Yiheng’s attitude, Liu Yiqing smiled fiercely, and then said, “Really? Then I will let you as a trash know how good I am today.”

Xiaoying saw that Liu Yiqing was about to do something, and immediately stood in front of Liu Yiheng, and then said: “Don’t move my young master, I have said, I don’t go with you, don’t you understand? You leave quickly.”

“Smelly girl, don’t know what is good or bad, I tell you, with my identity and status in the Liu family, it is easy to ask you to come by this trash, but I don’t want to be so troublesome, so you’d better Stand aside for me, wait until I finish teaching this waste, and then come to taste your taste, I think your waste master has not touched you yet, but you can rest assured that I will be very gentle and will You are happy, then you will be willing to go with me.”

Liu Yiheng said faintly: “Xiaoying, you stay away, as long as I am here, no one can move you.” After speaking, he reached out and pulled Xiaoying aside.

“Master, this won’t work, you can’t beat them.”

Liu Yiqing laughed, and then said: “Look at you for trash, even the little maid by your side looks down on you. If I were you, I would have committed suicide long ago. I can’t help but admire your courage now.”

Liu Yiheng: “I also admire your courage very much, your shameless courage.”

“what did you say?”

“I said you have interpreted the word shameless to a very high level, and you can express it with courage.”

“Smelly boy, I think you really don’t want it, but I don’t know if your body bones are as hard as your mouth.” After speaking, his breath began to rise.

After Xiaoying felt Liu Yiqing’s breath, her body couldn’t help but tremble. She was just an ordinary person. Feeling the breath of a martial artist, she would naturally endure tremendous pressure.

But she still mustered up the courage to rush to Liu Yiheng’s body again, and then spread her arms and said, “Wait, don’t hurt Master Yiheng, I’ll just go with you.”

Liu Yiheng looked at this thin, trembling girl, who was under tremendous pressure and fear, and still rushed out for himself without fear. This made the smile on Liu Yiheng’s face moved, and he was also in his heart. Secretly vowed that from now on, we must protect this little girl, just like protecting her own sister.

After Liu Yiqing heard Xiaoying’s words, he first put away his breath, and then said, “Isn’t it over for this long time? Liu Yiheng, today I will let you look at Xiaoying’s face, but you still have to be careful in the future. Point, if you dare to confront me, then I will not just teach you.”

Xiaoying turned around and looked at Liu Yiheng with a look of dismay, and said, “Master, I’m sorry, if I have another life, I will definitely come to serve the young master. I must now…”

But before Xiaoying finished speaking, Liu Yiheng pulled Xiaoying again and saw that there were tears on her pretty little face, and then he reached out his hand, wiped Xiaoying’s tears, and said distressedly: “Don’t worry, this matter The young master can handle it. You just have to watch by the side. You have done a lot for the young master. How can I let you make such a huge sacrifice for me?”


“No, but, it is impossible for Xiaoying to be wronged. For so many years, I have never regarded you as a maid, but as a sister. The two of us can also be said to be dependent on each other. How could I let Are you wronged?”

Liu Yiqing said coldly at this time: “Let go of your hand, now Xiaoying is my person, if you are touching her, I will be welcome, wherever you meet her, I will take your place Cut it off.”

Xiaoying saw Liu Yiheng’s confident eyes, and her trembling body somehow calmed down, and her heart was no longer so scared, and then she said firmly in her eyes: “Master, I believe you, I won’t leave, even if it’s dead. , I also want to die with the young master.”

Liu Yiheng nodded, first dragged Xiaoying behind him, and then said to Liu Yiqing: “Please go out now, it’s best not to make me angry, otherwise the consequences will be serious.”

“Haha, the consequences are still serious. There are people who dare to talk to me like this in Liu’s family, but you are definitely not included. You should have heard what I said just now? Now you just cut your hands.”

Liu Yiheng squinted his eyes and said, “I’m now giving you a chance. Give me a chance to get out, or I will break your legs.”

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