Peerless Master God

: Woman crying

Sure enough, in the afternoon of the next day, Liu Changba and Liu Changying brought some three aunts and six women to the outside of the hall.

Liu Changba’s arrogant and thick voice said, “Patriarch, I heard that you are in the conference hall, right?”

After Liu Changxiong heard this voice, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and then he said, “It turns out that it is the second brother, what do you want me to do?”

Liu Changba had already brought people in at this time, and he seemed a bit arrogant and domineering at this time, unlike when outsiders were around, he was so peaceful.

He looked at Liu Changxiong, and then said, “Patriarch, I’m here to ask for justice. I think the patriarch won’t give it back, right?”

Liu Changxiong said faintly, “Being for justice? Does anyone in the Liu family dare to disrespect you? Is there anything else you need to be fair for?”

“Not to me, but disrespect to my son.” After speaking, he sat down on the chair next to him.

Then I heard a crying voice saying: “Brother patriarch, you have to take care of Liu Yiheng. Our Yihao and Yihan just quarreled with him, and Liu Yiheng would beat them like this. If If the patriarch doesn’t punish Liu Yiheng, I won’t get up.” After speaking, he directly knelt on the ground.

“Yes, the patriarch, that Liu Yiheng was too much. He also injured my son, and took away all the coins and pills from my son. This is a robber, the patriarch, you must Be fair to my children.” Another woman also knelt on the ground, crying.

When Liu Changxiong saw these two people, they were also a little big. He didn’t expect these two people to come here, so he said indifferently: “Second sibling, fifth sibling, I think there should be some misunderstanding in this matter? Everyone knows that Yiheng is a dead end, impossible to cultivate? How could he injure your son?” Liu Changxiong said clearly, pretending to be confused.

The two people kneeling on the ground are Liu Yihao, Liu Yihan’s mother Li Guilan, and Liu Yiqing’s mother Sun Meizhen. The reason why these two appear here is also Liu Changba’s opinion.

This is also the cleverness of Liu Changba. It is not good for him to come to the meeting hall to argue with Liu Changxiong for his son. This will not only lose his face, it may not have any effect, but these two Women are fine. They care about face. Besides, it is not right for a woman to make trouble for her son. What’s more, what is Liu Changxiong doing is not going to be angry with two women directly. They can also Even more tears will cause a greater impact. In this way, Liu Changxiong just wants to cover up, and he has to think about it carefully.

Li Guilan wiped a tear and said, “Brother patriarch, this is a very real thing. Look, my sons are here? They are so injured, can they still lie?”

Sun Meizhen then said bitterly: “Yeah, Liu Yiheng seems to be able to cultivate suddenly, but as soon as he was able to cultivate, he began to lie down, and regardless of the reason, he directly injured and robbed his cousin. The patriarch’s eldest brother can’t be partial to Liu Yiheng if he violates the clan rules.”

Liu Changxiong sighed, and then said, “How could this be? Okay, I’ll find out the truth of this matter. The two younger siblings will get up and talk.”

The two women didn’t mean to stand up at all. At this time Liu Yihan said: “The patriarch, my arm is broken, you must avenge me.”

Liu Yiqing: “The patriarch, my arm was interrupted by Liu Yiqing. Liu Yiheng is definitely a cruel man. He can deal with his cousin so hard. The patriarch must punish him severely, otherwise he will get into trouble in the future. of.”

Liu Changxiong did not continue to struggle with these children and women, but looked at Liu Changba and Liu Changying and said, “Hurry up and get your daughter-in-law up. This is the meeting hall. What is it like to cry here?”

Liu Changba looked serious, and said lightly: “Brother Patriarch, I can’t control this matter. Those two children are Guilan’s heart. Now that she is like this, her heartache should be right, no. ?”

Liu Changying continued: “Yes, not to mention that the kid Liu Yiheng is really too arrogant. He was able to practice just now. He didn’t want to win glory and work for the Liu family, but directly injured and robbed his cousin. This is really too much. “

After Liu Changying finished speaking, a person walked in outside and said, “Yes, it was a bit too much. We shouldn’t interfere too much in the harassment between children, but Liu Yiheng did something out of the ordinary. He The shot is too heavy, and it is the same when facing your own cousin, let alone facing others? Such a cruel person must be punished well, otherwise it will not turn the sky in the future? It will bring endless to the family. Troublesome.”

When the words fell outside, an old man walked in. This old man was the third elder of the Liu family, but he was not the direct elder of Liu Yihao, Liu Yihan, and Liu Yiqing, so what he said would be considered fair by everyone, but the truth is really true. Is that so?

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