Peerless Master God

: Won't bite back

The two people who entered the yard were Liu Yihao and Liu Yihan. The two of them didn’t just hate Liu Yiheng, they already hated Liu Yiheng.

In the past, the reason why the two of them bullied Liu Yiheng the most was because of Qin Luxue. But when they bullied Liu Yiheng in the past, Liu Yiheng could only bear it, but they felt that now Liu Yiheng had a tendency to resist, which made them feel something in their hearts. Little changes.

Especially after Liu Yiheng disappeared for three months, now returning to the Liu family, he has been despising the two brothers and even making provocations, which made them even more difficult to accept.

In fact, Liu Yiqing was deceived by the two of them using words and methods, and then the two of them kept following behind. Originally, they wanted to watch Liu Yiheng being bullied, but they didn’t expect it would evolve into the current situation, but they soon followed. As a result, this situation is not a bad thing for them.

Because they can use this matter to teach Liu Yiheng, and they can also take Liu Yiheng to the law enforcement elder. If they fan the flames, then Liu Yiheng may be punished even higher, so the two of them also walked out directly.

So Liu Yihao glanced at Liu Yiheng with indifferent eyes, and then said coldly: “What can be done? I will teach you a lesson first, and then send you to the law enforcement elders to accept the punishment you should accept.”

“Oh, that’s it, then you guys don’t hurry up. I think the reason why the current situation happened is that it should be the masterpiece of the two? Since the matter has reached its worth, what are you still trying to do?”

Liu Yihan: “Don’t wrong us. We just passed by here and discovered this accidentally. You made a mistake. Do you want to take a bite?”

Liu Yiheng: “I won’t be as knowledgeable as you. The dog bit me and I will never go back because I am a human being.”

“You…, okay, let me see how hard your mouth can be.” After Liu Yihan finished speaking, the aura on his body began to improve rapidly.

Liu Yiheng: “Finally, the fangs are revealed. That’s good, but it’s a pity that your fangs are no longer sharp anymore.” After speaking, Liu Yiheng’s aura was also rapidly improving, and a layer appeared on his hand. The gray gas, this is the manifestation of the power of the Harmony.

After Liu Yihan felt the aura on Liu Yiheng’s body, he sneered and said: “I didn’t expect that this trash you can really cultivate, and you have also cultivated the Houtian Lingshi Tianren level. It is a pity that such strength is just a joke in my eyes. .”

Liu Yihan is now an acquired spiritualist at the level of Consummation, and it is really not an exaggeration to say this.

Liu Yiheng said lightly: “Really? Then you can take a look.”

Liu Yihao has been observing Liu Yiheng’s situation, but at this time he also frowned, because he found that when Liu Yiheng faced his younger brother, his face always wore a calm smile, without a sense of helplessness and powerlessness. His eyes were the same as before, still with perseverance and stubbornness, but this time he also discovered another thing, that is, strong self-confidence. This is something he has never felt before in Liu Yiheng, let alone Said it was a look in the eyes.

So he reminded aloud: “Brother, don’t be careless.”

Liu Yihan: “Don’t worry, third brother, I understand the principle of a lion fighting a rabbit, even if it is facing a waste, I will not despise it.” Then he said with a cruel smile: “Liu Yiheng, you take the move, Tiger Punch.” Then Liu Yihan seemed to become a fierce tiger, rushing directly to Liu Yiheng, and at the same time attacked with a punch.

Tiger Fist is a green-level martial arts high-grade combat technique, powerful, and powerful.

On the mainland of China, martial arts have a huge impact on the overall combat effectiveness of martial artists. Sometimes the emergence of a powerful martial arts may even cause a cruel battle.

The martial arts are divided into green, blue, purple, orange… and each level of martial arts corresponds to the realm of every martial artist. People at lower realms want to practice advanced martial arts, almost Impossible, because the strength, strength, and spiritual power of the body and meridians will not support it, but it is not absolute. After all, martial arts practitioners have unlimited creativity, so any kind of things can happen.

Each level of martial arts is divided into three stages, namely low-grade, medium-grade and high-grade. Tiger Boxing is definitely the more powerful one among the green-level martial arts. It is a green-level high-grade martial arts, so Liu Yihan will have it. So confident.

After seeing the opponent’s attack, Liu Yiheng’s expression also became serious, his eyes fixed on the opponent’s attack, and then he attacked with a punch. He didn’t mean to evade at all, just head-on.

Liu Yihan saw that Liu Yiheng was going to go head-to-head with himself. What made him even more ridiculous was the opponent’s martial arts, so he said in a mocking and mocking voice: “Man Bull Fist, haha, it is Man Bull Fist, it’s really funny.” He added a bit of strength again.

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