Peerless Master God

: Xuanyang Spear

When he opened it, the vigorous and powerful handwriting resembled a long spear with a weird and sharp aura. The marksmanship is like this. It is the weapon that can find the opponent’s loopholes. No matter how open and upright the moves, they cannot get rid of the sharp and sharp. The four words weird.

This is the characteristic of the weapon itself. The sword is the king of a hundred soldiers, the sword is the king of a hundred soldiers, the stick is the ancestor of a hundred soldiers, and the robbery is the thief of a hundred soldiers, so no matter how magnificent marksmanship, its true meaning and The main point is the word thief, so it will be sharp and weird, otherwise even if you can find the opponent’s weakness, it is difficult to kill or regain the advantage, then it is meaningless.

Liu Yiheng didn’t continue to look down, so he directly selected this martial art. Then Liu Yiheng made another round on the third floor, but he didn’t continue to choose. He also knew that martial art was not the most important now, the important thing was the foundation. What’s more, in the third floor of the martial arts pavilion, there are not many martial arts. After all, the products here are all fine products, of course, they are just relatively fine products.

After Liu Yiheng got the martial arts he wanted, he walked outside contentedly. After reaching the second floor this time, everyone who saw Liu Yiheng bowed their heads and dared not come over to provoke Liu Yiheng because of Liu Yichen’s affairs. They have been given enough reminders that Liu Yiheng is no longer something they can insult.

When Liu Yiheng arrived at the Martial Skills Pavilion registration office, Liu Tian walked over and said, “Yiheng, are you down? How about it, have you picked your favorite martial arts?”

Liu Yiheng nodded and said: “The selection is here, this is it.” After finishing speaking, he took out the secret book of Xuanyang Spear Technique and handed it to Liu Tianxing.

This is the rule of the martial arts pavilion. After selecting martial arts, you must register at the registration office, and then the people in the martial arts pavilion will give you a copy, otherwise the secret book of the martial arts pavilion will be taken away.

After receiving the secret book, Liu Tianxing frowned, then said: “Yiheng, why did you choose the Xuanyang spear method?”

Liu Yiheng smiled and said, “Because I like it when I watch it.”

“I think you should switch to another martial skill. This martial skill is not very suitable for you.”


Liu Tianxing said helplessly: “That’s it. This set of marksmanship was acquired by a genius of the Liu family many years ago. The level of marksmanship is indeed very high, and if the practice is successful, the power will be huge, so there was Many people practice, but unfortunately none of them have successfully practiced, because this spear technique is too difficult to practice, and once you practice this spear technique, your cultivation will stagnate, and even if you stop practicing, your strength improvement speed will change. It was extremely slow. Although many people have been trying for so many years, but they have all failed, so this set of combat skills has been placed in the corner of the third floor. No one has touched it for many years. Of course This is what the Liu family has given from generation to generation.”

After listening to this, Liu Yiheng hesitated in his heart. He finally could cultivate. If his cultivation is stagnant because of this shooting technique, isn’t it the same as not being able to cultivate? Liu Yiheng is not afraid of difficulties, but he is afraid of this side effect.

Just when Liu Yiheng was hesitant, Hongkun’s voice came into his mind and said: “It’s okay, you have the power of Hongmeng, and you won’t be affected by this set of marksmanship, and this set of marksmanship is very suitable for you. .”

After Liu Yiheng heard Hongkun’s voice, his face also showed a smile, because he knew that Hongkun would never lie to him, and then said: “I want to try it, and I don’t think I will have any problems. .”

“Yiheng, you can’t be too stubborn, it won’t be good for your future.”

“Uncle Tianxing, I am not stubborn, but I really like this set of marksmanship, not to mention that I have confidence in myself, I can definitely practice this set of marksmanship successfully.”

Liu Tianxing squinted his eyes, and then said: “Yiheng, do you really want to choose this set of marksmanship? Don’t think about it?”

“Don’t worry about it. Didn’t Uncle Tianxing mentioned it just now? I can choose the martial arts in the martial arts pavilion at will. My current choice is this Xuanyang spear method.”

“Oh…, well, you can directly take away the cheats of this set of marksmanship, because there is no copy of this set of marksmanship, so you can practice with the authentic ones. There is no need to worry about the cheats, anyway except you. No one will practice this kind of marksmanship.”

Liu Yiheng smiled faintly, and then said, “Thank you Uncle Tianxing.” After finishing speaking, Liu Yiheng took the secret book of Xuanyang Spear Technique into his arms and left the Martial Skill Pavilion.

After he got outside, Liu Yiheng said, “Old man, why do people stagnate after others have practiced this set of martial arts, but I will not?”

“Because this set of marksmanship is very special, the power used by the Xuanyang spear technique should be the power of the sky, which is one of the powers of the universe.”

“A kind of power of the universe? I don’t understand it well?”

“Well, let me explain to you. In the entire universe, the power of Hongmeng is the most primitive power, and it is also called the beginning of power. It is the force that formed before the initial formation of chaos, so the power of Hongmeng can control and Fusion of any power, but it requires a process of transformation, but there are too few people who have this power, so few people know this power, and as for places like you, no one knows it. This is why you The reason why I have not been able to practice.”

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