Peerless Master God

: Yelling at Sun Meizhen

Liu Yiheng smiled and said, “Of course, if you two don’t show up, then it would be more advantageous to testify for Liu Yiqing. Unfortunately, you couldn’t stand your own temper and sent it to me to fight. The proof has disappeared. In fact, my resourcefulness can only be regarded as average, but you two are too stupid.”

After speaking, the smile on Liu Yiheng’s face disappeared, and then he immediately turned into a blank face. Then he turned his head and said helplessly: “The patriarch, you are sure to let me come and meet my three good friends. Did you confront me?”

Liu Changxiong almost laughed when he saw Liu Yiheng’s appearance at this time. At last he coughed before holding back, and then said: “Of course, your three cousins ​​insisted that you wounded them and robbed them. With their pills and coins, as the patriarch, of course I have to deal with them impartially, so I can only ask you to come over and confront me.”

Liu Yiheng smiled and said, “But I didn’t do this at all? I can’t do it either. The three cousins ​​are all martial arts practitioners. What am I? Everyone knows very well in their hearts that the patriarch, they innocently wronged me. , You must call the shots for me.”

Li Guilan heard this and suddenly said: “Liu Yiheng, don’t spit on people, what status and status of my son, will he go wrong with you?”

Sun Meizhen nodded and said, “Yes, you are a wild species with a mother but no mother, what right do you have to talk about here, I…”

“Shut up, what kind of thing you are, just a woman, dare to talk to me like this? Who gave you such rights and confidence? If you dare to talk nonsense, be careful I’m not polite to you “Liu Yiheng said with a cold face.

Sun Meizhen was startled by Liu Yiheng’s loud roar, coupled with that powerful tone.

At this time, Liu Changying stood up and said, “Liu Yiheng, don’t go too far. What she says is your aunt. You’d better pay attention to the words. Otherwise, it’s not you who are not polite.”

“Huh, Uncle Wu, have you ever heard of my aunt talking to my nephew like this? Patriarch, what do you think?”

At this time, Liu Changxiong also said with a cold face: “In the Liu family, no woman has dared to directly accuse the rights of our direct disciples of the Liu family, let alone insulting, Sun Xiuzhen, you better pay attention to your words, otherwise you will give Get out of the conference hall? If you don’t agree, get out of Liu’s house for me.”

Liu Changba said with a cold face: “Brother, you talk like this…”

“Huh… this is the conference hall, not the place where the three aunts and six wives are fooling around. I will give you and the fifth disciple face to let them fool around here, but you had better not overdo it, otherwise, don’t blame me for not saving you face.”

Sun Meizhen glanced at Liu Changba and Liu Changying with aggrieved eyes, but when she saw that they both had helpless expressions, she stopped talking, because the Liu family’s regulations were like this, and women could not participate directly. Those who came to the family affairs were even less qualified to make irresponsible remarks to the direct descendants. Sun Meizhen’s words were indeed very excessive just now, and Liu Yiheng would naturally not give him face.

Liu Changxiong rubbed his forehead, and then said: “This is all a mess, I have a headache, you all leave first.”

After hearing this, Liu Yihao gritted his teeth and said, “Patriarch, have we been beaten in vain? Were we robbed in vain? Isn’t that fair?”

Liu Yiheng said faintly: “Cousin, you have to be kind, have you been in vain? Have I beaten you? Have I robbed you?”

At this time, Liu Yiqing suddenly said: “Liu Yiheng, you treacherous, cunning, tongue-in-cheek guy, we used to **** your coins and medicine, but we didn’t hurt you seriously? You beat us like this this time. We have to give us an explanation.”

Liu Yiheng smiled and said, “Patriarch, did you hear that? They used to rob me of a lot of coins and pills, but depending on the situation, they didn’t think it was enough. This time they even wanted to blame me. I’m willing to die, patriarch, if I don’t deal with them, I won’t accept it.”

At this time, Liu Changxiong also felt that this matter should not go on, and then said: “Liu Yihao, tell me where you were beaten? Why were you beaten?”

“This…” Liu Yihao didn’t expect Liu Changxiong to ask such a question suddenly, so he was stunned.

But Liu Yiqing, who was dumbfounded, said: “It was in Liu Yiheng’s small courtyard, where did he hurt us? He took our coins and medicine.”

Liu Changxiong said with a cold face: “What are you going to do there? Why did you fight Liu Yiheng?”

Liu Yiheng went on to say, “Hehe, that’s it. My cousin Yiqing wanted to insult Xiaoying forcibly. Xiaoying rose up to resist. He didn’t succeed, and then left. As for his injury, I don’t know. What did it happen? Maybe I really did it, or maybe he wanted to wrong me. After I got into trouble, he could grab Xiaoying again.”

“Liu Yiheng… you were the one who caused my injury. I think Xiaoying is not fake. You rubbish, trash, what is your qualification to have a maid like Xiaoying.”

Liu Yihan said angrily: “Liu Yiqing, you can silence me.”

“Cousin, what are you talking about? You told me to stop?”

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