Peerless Master God

: Yibufang

After listening to Liu Yiheng’s words, Hongkun frowned involuntarily, but his white beard and frown looked very funny, but Liu Yiheng didn’t see it.

It is true that Hongkun has nothing to do with Liu Yiheng, because he does recognize the Lord. Of course, Liu Yiheng’s talent and potential are enough for him to recognize the Lord, but if it is in the same situation, if he is replaced by another young person People, even if they ask the other party to call him grandfather, the other party will agree without hesitation, but Liu Yiheng is a case in point. This is a guy who plays cards completely out of common sense and has a particularly avant-garde thinking. The kid who doesn’t play cards according to common sense can only endure it.

Finally, he said lightly: “Well, let’s not talk about it, your little maid should be ready to eat. After you have eaten, let’s go.”

Liu Yiheng nodded, and then left his residence. When he came to the dining room, Xiaoying was sitting here waiting.

When Xiaoying saw Liu Yiheng coming out, she immediately walked over and said, “Master, are you better, I didn’t see your energy well yesterday.”

Liu Yiheng smiled and said, “Well, I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about me. By the way, after I have eaten, you have to go out. You can move around freely. As long as you don’t go to dangerous places, you can walk around. Right.”

“Master, then can I go with Master?”

“No, what happened to me today is very important. I can’t take you with me. Go play by yourself.”

“Okay, then.” Xiaoying said disappointedly.

Liu Yiheng touched Xiaoying’s little head, and then said, “Don’t be like this, the young master will take you to play when he has time. Now you have to be obedient, you know?”

“Well, I know Master, I will be obedient and will not go to dangerous places.”

Liu Yiheng smiled and said, “Well, I’ll leave first.”

After Liu Yiheng left his residence, he first went to Liu Changxiong’s study and asked for some money from Liu Changxiong. After all, he needs materials for refining. He doesn’t have any money. The money is in Xiaoying’s hands. Now, that little money may not be enough. At the same time, let Liu Changxiong tell the people at the Liu Family Forge, so that it will be convenient for Liu Yiheng. Otherwise, with his current status, the people over there may not really be able to cooperate with him. .

After everything was arranged, Liu Yiheng left Liu’s house, and on the street Liu Yiheng whispered, “Old man, where am I going now?”

Hongkun’s old voice came out and said, “Of course it’s to buy some materials first. In fact, why didn’t you care if your uncle asked for some just now? Wouldn’t it be more convenient?”

“Uh…, you didn’t tell me? How can I remember? But it’s good, I have money now, it’s the same to buy it, it’s more real than taking it in the family.”

“Well, you should know where to sell materials?”

Liu Yiheng smiled and said, “Of course I know, just go to the Yibufang. There is everything there.”

“Hurry up.”

Liu Yiheng didn’t reply again, and went straight to a shopping mall. Outside the shopping mall, Liu Yiheng looked at the crowded door and said indifferently: “The business here is really hot. It’s hard not to make money.”

After he finished speaking, he stepped into a shopping mall. Just after entering, a beautiful courtesy lady came over with a professional smile on her face and said: “This little boy, what do you want to buy? Liu Yiheng wastes The young master’s name is loud, but there are so few people who know him, it is naturally impossible for this lady of etiquette to know him.”

Liu Yiheng: “I want to buy some materials, materials for refining.”

“Materials used for refining? Are you sure?” Miss Li Yi said in a questioning tone. She has never seen a person of such a young age come to buy refining materials? After all, there are too few master craftsmen in this small city.

Liu Yiheng smiled and said, “Yes, I’m here to buy refining materials. Can you take me to see it?”

“Okay, then I’ll take you to take a look.” After speaking, the lady of etiquette took Liu Yiheng to the Yibufang.

The Yibufang is very large, and the things it manages are also very complete. There are all kinds of pills, herbs, various materials, and various daily necessities, and they are divided into areas that cannot be achieved.

However, when Liu Yiheng arrived at the refinery materials, he discovered that there were not many people here, which also showed how low the refinement level of Qingling City was.

The lady of etiquette took Liu Yiheng as he walked, and introduced the materials here, as well as the usage and prices of the materials. The service was very in place and very enthusiastic.

Liu Yiheng was also listening attentively, and at the same time constantly watching, but he didn’t know much about these things, he just knew some materials that he had seen in the book before.

He was mainly waiting for Hongkun’s opinion, but after walking for a while, Liu Yiheng frowned and thought to himself: “What is this old man doing? Why didn’t he say anything? Doesn’t he know how embarrassing I am? It’s really unreasonable, no, if this old man is not talking, then I have to say something myself.”

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