Peerless Master God

: Yuanjia Road is narrow

The head of the guard immediately lowered his head and said: “Yes, yes, I will definitely discipline my subordinates. Those two eyeless guys have offended the young master. I will punish them. You guys don’t hurry up and let me go. This is Master Yiheng.”

The guard gate immediately gave way and gave way to Liu Yiheng. This is the status quo of this continent. As long as you have the strength, you will be respected and valued. On the contrary, even your young master will be despised and despised.

Liu Yiheng nodded, and then said: “How to deal with your subordinates, that is your business, as long as it’s fair, I’ll go first.”

The guard looked at Liu Yiheng’s leaving figure, his mouth twitched, and he thought to himself: “Why is this young master trash suddenly becoming so powerful? How did he cultivate?”

At this time, a guard walked over and whispered: “What’s so great, it’s just a waste, it’s so arrogant, it’s really uncomfortable.”

“Yes, head, but how can this young master of trash suddenly cultivate, and he seems to be quite strong.”

“Even if he can cultivate, what can he do? He has missed the best age for cultivation. It is impossible for a person without a solid foundation to grow up. He is still a waste.”

“Head, are you really going to deal with our two brothers? They are already miserable, I think…”

At this moment, the head of the guard said coldly: “You all silence me, I tell you, anyway, he is the young master of the Liu family, the master. If you can’t control your mouth, then you will be unlucky in the future. As for the two brothers, treat them well and drive out the guards.”

When the others heard this, they all died down. They also understand that, anyway, they are just the guards of the Liu family and want to be right with the young master of the Liu family. They are far behind, even if it is Liu Yiheng who has no parental care. Young master, they didn’t dare to target him too much, after all, the patriarch was still good to him, not to mention that now that the trash master is no longer trash, then his status will change accordingly.


After Liu Yiheng left, there was a slight smile on his face and his heart was very refreshed. This is the first time he has been so refreshed in these years, and it is the first time he has raised his eyebrows like this, but he is not proud, let alone. For some reason, he knew that there were many masters in this continent. He injured two guards, or his own guard. What could he count?

But there is a good saying, called Yuanjia Luzhai. Just as Liu Yiheng was walking toward his residence, a group of people appeared in front of him.

The person taking the lead is a girl who is about sixteen or seventeen years old. She is wearing emerald green clothes. She is very beautiful and has a very sweet smile, especially her big eyes, special water spirit and tall figure. The chest is majestic, and when a pair of big beautiful legs are walking, some snow-white thighs are exposed from time to time. The looming feeling is even more attractive.

Standing next to her were two people. These two people were Liu Yiheng’s greatest enemies, Liu Yihao and Liu Yihan. The two of them were talking to the girl with flattering smiles.

After seeing these people, Liu Yiheng didn’t want to meet with them. It’s not that Liu Yiheng was afraid of them, but that the clothes on Liu Yiheng’s body were indeed too shabby. The muddy and tattered clothes were not suitable for these people. In front of him, he didn’t want to embarrass his family, and he didn’t want to give people a word, especially in front of this woman.

But Liu Yiheng didn’t want to show up, but sometimes the more you didn’t want it, the more you couldn’t do it, because at this time the girl had already noticed him.

Liu Yihao and Liu Yihan said they were full of enthusiasm, but when they found that the goddess in their hearts suddenly looked at other places, the two of them also followed each other’s eyes and looked at it.

After seeing Liu Yiheng, both of them were shocked, because the appearance of a person dressed like Liu Yiheng in the Liu family was indeed too conspicuous.

Liu Yiheng actually didn’t want to do this, but he couldn’t help it. He only had one set of clothes. When he jumped into the cliff, he was scratched and torn, and a lot of blood was stuck to it, and then he was in the cave under the cliff. After cultivating for three months, he still had to grab game and eat it, and some dust was solidified on the blood stains, so you can imagine how miserable it is.

However, Liu Yihao and Liu Yihan quickly recognized Liu Yiheng. After all, they were very familiar with Liu Yiheng. He was the main target of their bullying in the past seven or eight years. He was naturally different from the guards’ impression of Liu Yiheng. So the two of them were stunned again and turned into shock.

When Liu Yiheng was about to leave, Liu Yihao reacted first and said indifferently, “Hey, isn’t this Yiheng’s cousin? Why, have you forgotten even after seeing the cousin now?”

Although Liu Yiheng didn’t want to face these people in this way, he was not afraid to face them, so he smiled slightly, turned around, and walked directly to Liu Yihao’s body, and said with a light smile: “Cousin, how are you? Are you surprised to see me?”

Liu Yihao was indeed surprised. It should be said that he was shocked. This can be seen on his face. Although he has tried to hide it, he is only a seventeen or eighteen year old after all, and he has not experienced adversity. Baptism, I can’t cover up my inner heart so freely.

But Liu Yihao is also a leader among the younger generation of the Liu family, and his mentality is still good, so he also took a few steps forward, and then said softly: “Your life is really great, you didn’t fall to death.”

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