Phoenix Overlooking the World – Who Dares to Touch My Abandoned Empress

Chapter 25: The Mystery of Water Soul (Part 2)

Long Ao’s reaction to the Dragon King is not surprising at all. Shui Po really looks like Xuan Yin said, right in the waters of the East China Sea Dragon Palace.

He just didn’t know what Suipao was, but Long Ao felt that if he didn’t figure out about Suipao, he would always feel that there was a thorn in his heart, and it happened to be able to ask clearly by this opportunity.

“When I was in the fox clan, Xuan Yin mentioned the water spirit, so I wanted to ask the father, what is the water spirit!”

Long Ao sat on the chair and looked at the Dragon King inexplicably. Huo Feng’er and Long Jie also sat on the chair on one side. They both looked at the Dragon King. Facing the three people’s inquiring eyes, the Dragon King sighed slightly in his heart. But I was wondering if I should say it.

“Actually, they are all this big, and some things should be told to them.”

The Queen of Dragon walked to the side of Dragon King, reached out and held his hand, and smiled gently. For so many years, they have concealed the secret of Shui Po, and because of the coveting of Shui Po from the other three seas, they have been low-key retreat. Now that they all know it, the Dragon Queen feels that there is no need to hide it anymore.

The husband and wife looked at each other. The Dragon King understood the meaning in the Dragon Queen’s eyes and shook his head. “Fine, that’s all, this matter is going to be told to you after all. Now that you already know, the father will no longer Keep it from you!”

The Dragon King sat upright, his eyes looked far away, with deep thought in his eyes, and he spoke slowly after a long time.

“When the world was first opened, the aquarium was always under the control of the water god. At that time, our dragons were not divided into four seas, and the water **** controlled the aquarium by the water spirit. Everything in this world is spiritual and water is the source of all things. Spirituality is naturally higher than other things, and the water **** gets a water spirit from it, and uses the power of the water spirit to rule all the creatures in the water.”

Having said this, the Dragon King stopped. Seeing him like this, the Dragon Queen patted his hand gently, still with a gentle smile on his face. Now that he has said it, he can only continue down. said.

“Under the rule of the water god, the whole aquatic clan was in peace, and it went on peacefully for hundreds of years. When the water god’s spiritual power became weaker and weaker, the waters began to gradually have disputes and contradictions. The last three were compared. The strong Dragon King forcibly divided the sphere of influence, namely, the South China Sea, the West Sea and the North Sea. The East China Sea is managed by the Water God himself.”

Closing his eyes, the Dragon King seemed to be reminiscing about the past. Long Ao, Huo Feng’er and Long Jie did not interrupt the Dragon King, but quietly looked at the Dragon King who was in the memory.

It was a period of time and memory that they didn’t know. Long Ao didn’t know that the Dragon King didn’t tell them at first, but there were always reasons not to tell them if they didn’t tell them. Even if he asked today, Dragon King still didn’t tell him , Then he will not feel resentment.

“Actually, it’s not that your father didn’t deliberately conceal you. It’s just that you were still young at that time and your ability was not enough to protect yourself who knew the secret of Shuiappa. Therefore, I discussed with your father and waited until one day your abilities When it is enough to protect yourself, I will tell you the secret of Shui Po. Now that Ao’er is married, and Jie’er’s ability is also strong, it is time to tell you this.”

The dragon queen’s voice was still very gentle, her eyes looked affectionately at the dragon king who closed her eyes and thought, and then turned to look at Long Ao and Long Jie, and soon her eyes fell on Huo Feng’er, who had been quiet.

“Feng’er, you are a member of the East China Sea when you are married, and you have the right to know about this. Dragon King, let’s take them to see Shui Po!”

Hearing what the Dragon Queen said, the Dragon King opened his eyes and nodded, “Then you three will come with me!”

The Dragon Queen carried a palace lantern in front, and walked towards the northernmost and darkest part of the East China Sea. The journey was very peaceful, and even fish and shrimp rarely swam by them.

Long Ao and Long Jie looked at each other. They grew up in the Dragon Palace, and they had never been to this place before, let alone such a dark and dark corner in the Dragon Palace.

The dim palace lantern swayed to lead the way. After about half an hour, a dark, closed iron gate appeared in front of him. The Dragon King walked over from behind and took out a strange key. He heard a click. The iron gate opened.

After stepping through the gate, the surrounding area is full of colors. All the buildings are made of unknown strange or natural large mussel shell scallops, and blood-red corals gleam warmly under the street lights erected on both sides of the street.

It is a strange world. The street lamp is built of pure white stone, and the top is inlaid with a few huge beads that emit white soft light. Even the pavement underfoot is paved with transparent or opaque colorful stones. Everywhere seems to be a fresh, natural, and clear breath.

“It’s so beautiful here!”

Huo Feng’er walked to the low street lamp and stretched out her hand to stroke the huge bead, her eyes flashed with surprise. This is the first time she has seen such a beautiful building since she married in Donghai.

For so long, her impression of the Dragon Palace is a boring palace and the fish and shrimps swimming back and forth. Now that she has come to such a palace, she knows what Ambilight is and what it means to make people take a look. Can’t help but take a half step.

“This is actually the real East China Sea Dragon Palace!”

The Dragon King stroked the scarlet coral on one side, with a soft light shining in his eyes. If it wasn’t for keeping the water, how could he let the Sanhai Union suppress it for so many years?

Now his sons are already capable, and some things should be left to them. The Queen of Dragon walked to his side, gently put her hand on his hand, and the two smiled at each other.

“This is the real East China Sea Dragon Palace? What about where we live now?”

Long Jie looked at all of this incomprehensibly, as if it were a dream, suddenly an extra palace appeared, and he told him that this was the real East China Sea Dragon Palace. He seemed a little confused about all this.

“I took over the East China Sea after the water **** Yuanshen dissipated. Although the strength of the East China Sea is not worse than that of any other sea, if you can deal with the three seas in one sea, it will be defeated. Therefore, in order to protect the water spirit, For the creatures of the East China Sea, I can only endure so many years of suppression. Now that it’s fine, you all have grown up.”

He looked at Long Ao seriously, and then at Huo Feng’er. After a long time, he patted Long Ao on the shoulder, and there was a look of guilt on his face.

“Aoer, now you know why I must let you inherit the seat of the Emperor of Heaven! After so many years, only when you become stronger can you keep the water soul. Father doesn’t want to dominate the water race by using the water soul, but If the water falls in any one of the other three seas, the entire aquarium will suffer disaster. The East China Sea is the worst!”

Long Ao didn’t understand, but he seemed to understand. He smiled gently at the Dragon King’s lips, “Since the water soul has always been kept by the father, then I, Long Ao, will do my best to protect the water soul. It falls into the hands of other people with evil intentions!”

“Well, father, I will try my best to keep my soul, and I won’t be as playful as before!”

Long Jie also hurriedly expressed his position, the Dragon King and Dragon Queen looked at their two sons so sensible, and after looking at each other, they smiled with satisfaction…

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