Record of Chaos

Chapter 1: Shangxianshan

A thin, half-sized hairy boy with a dish on the face, about fifteen or six years old, but full of eyesight, showing his head from an abandoned broken wall from a high place, like an inventory of his own warehouse, looking at the endless stream below The flow of people patiently looked at the past one by one.

   Next to him, there was a seemingly stupid kid, with a pair of eyes that followed his way, suddenly he reached out his hand and said:

   “Gouzhu, don’t you think I have a good eye? That must be a fat pig!”

   The strong sunlight in midsummer shattered the bluestone slabs everywhere, and the stone floors were baked hot. Looking up, the eyes are full of dizzy light. Under the scorching heat, the crowd on Bluestone Street has not diminished a bit, and the whole street is still bustling.

Gouzhu followed his eyes and saw a fat man with fair skin in the crowd, with a flowing goatee hanging from his chin, an ordinary gray cloth robe, and a large baggage and a handful on his back. Baojian, sweating profusely, was walking hurriedly.

   He immediately shrank his head, and then pressed the head of the opposite eye. After the two of them hid in the waste bricks, he slapped each other’s ear scrapers and cursed in a low voice:

   “That’s a fairy! Don’t treat the fairy as a pig if you don’t want to die!”

   The pigs they are talking about are those pilgrims with bulging purses. The so-called hook is the meaning of holding a sheep handily.

   At the end of Qingshi Street is a road uphill. There is a peak of a thousand feet in front, named Cuiyu Peak. That’s not the world, it’s the fairyland.

   Legend has it that there are countless natural treasures, rare birds and animals, Qionglin Jade Pool on the mountain, and many more beautiful women than mortals can imagine.

   Those who can live there are immortals. They have magical powers, can fly into the sky, escape the ground, break mountains and rivers.

   But no mortal has seen the scene on the peak with his own eyes. Although there are countless pilgrims coming from the north and the south, walking up this bluestone street and going up the mountain, they can only reach the “Cuiyang Palace” on the mountainside.

   Donating a sum of money in the Cuiyang Temple, burning an incense, and worshipping the three pure and four imperial phases in the view is the only thing they can do.

   Cuiyu Peak is actually a monstrous Taoist temple called “Cuiyu Palace”.

   Cuiyu Palace has eight thousand outer disciples, eight hundred inner disciples, eighty true disciples, and eight elders, and a head of a person called “Pharmacy Fairy”, known as “Bilao Saint” in the world.

   Cuiyu Palace’s Xuanmen disciples have a lot of supernatural powers, so the ordinary people under the mountain call them immortals, which is actually good.

   There are indeed countless beautiful disciples on the mountain. Sometimes these beautiful “fairies” will pass through Qingshi Street to enter and exit the gate.

   Probably because the head is a female cultivator, there are more female disciples than the general Xuanmen sect.

   The only way for a mortal to enter the fairyland on this mountain and ascend to the sky in one step is to become a disciple of the Cuiyu Palace. This naturally became the dream of countless young people on the Jinzhou boundary of the Dongsheng Shenzhou thick soil dynasty.

   It’s just that this step is more difficult than reaching the sky.

   In addition to pilgrims coming and going on Qingshi Street, there are also immortals. Fairies generally wear Xuanmen Taoist robe, a pair of wide pipa sleeves fluttering in the wind, a headband of various Taoist towels, a muslin waistband, a sword on the back, walking like the wind, and a special look in the eyes. For the cross-hook pig and the cross-eye, it can be known at a glance.

   This fat Taoist is dressed in the clothes of an ordinary pilgrim, and it is not surprising that he sees it wrong. But as soon as Gou Zhu saw the jade on the hilt of the sword on the waist of this man, an emerald green light flashed, and when he looked at the man’s eyes like torches, Yintang felt a faint air of pressure, and immediately understood that this man must belong to the Jade Palace. Fairy. It’s just that he doesn’t seem to be willing to be recognized.

   It is not a good thing that a fairy is unwilling to be recognized, and happens to be recognized by him.

   Gouzhu felt a trace of ominousness the moment he spoke. Thirty-six counts, go first. He grabbed the opposite eye and jumped off the wall. Behind is a pile of old houses of unknown time, which have long been abandoned, leaving only a pile of ruined walls. Gouzhu grabbed him and ran around for a while, not knowing that he went around a few corners.

   “What are you running?”


   The fat Taoist surnamed Chen is Xuanfang, and he is not a small person in the Cuiyu Palace. He went on a long trip this time and brought back an extremely important thing. He deliberately dressed in casual clothes and traveled low-key, so as not to hear about this incident in the arena and cause unpredictable trouble in the future. He pretended to be a pilgrim, but he didn’t expect that there was an expert on the humble broken wall, and he recognized him as a “fairy” at a glance. Although it was just two heads passing by in a flash, he was quite frustrated.

   When he came near the broken wall, the two half-and-half children of the squirrel-headed rat had escaped like a loach in the mud. He immediately unfolded his spiritual consciousness. Based on his cultivation base, the monks within ten miles of him could not escape his pursuit unless they had special hiding methods. But although this trick has a miraculous effect on the monks with profound energy, it is difficult for two mortals who have not even started to build foundations.

   is like the dust in the strong wind, the ants in the grass, the more trivial things, the easier it is to hide themselves.

   Fortunately, his “green leaves divine veins” are not simple. The divine consciousness stretches out like the veins on the leaves. With a little looming breath, he finally discovered the existence of the two boys.

   With a little effort in his footsteps, his whole person disappeared here like a teleport, and then reappeared hundreds of steps away.

   Gouzhu has been reading people on this bluestone street since he was a child. Everyone has seen it. A slack look in his eyes can give him a good opportunity to start.

   The same murderous look in his eyes can also bring him a murderous disaster. He survived by recognizing these eyes. Only this time was brought into the pit by the opposite eye.

   He deliberately ran into the crowded market and passed a lot of business guys. Finally, he ran into a fat man. The man chuckled and grabbed the two of them with one hand.

   Gouzhu looked up, his heart was half cold, and the previous ominous premonition really came true. The fat man who caught them was the middle-aged fairy with a goatee. Is he really going to have trouble with himself?

   “This gentleman, did you admit the wrong person?” Gou Zhu pretended to be calm, while thinking about how to get out.

   A fierce suffocation flashed in this person’s eyes, but only for a moment. It is not difficult for him to take these two people up the mountain, but it is also very troublesome for him if they yell that they are extremely uncooperative. As he rolled his eyes, he immediately showed a kind look:

   “I didn’t admit my mistake. I told the truth, I am actually a Taoist from the Cuiyu Palace. You two boys are quite good, and I plan to accept you two as disciples!”

   This is enough to deceive the eye, but after spending ten years on this bluestone street, Gouzhu certainly doesn’t believe there will be such a good thing.

Not to mention Qingshi Street, it is the entire Jinzhou, there are more than ten cities, large and small, every year there are not one million or hundreds of thousands of people who come to the foot of Cuiyu Palace to check their roots, but Cuiyu Palace recruits only a thousand disciples every year . It’s not bad to get one in a hundred.

   are the children of wealthy nobles everywhere, and there are quite a few people who enter the Cuiyu Palace as outer disciples every year. Of course it is because of money.

   The two of them have nothing to do with each other. Where is the root?

   Gou Zhu looked at the fat man with a smile at the corners of his mouth but still couldn’t hide his evil spirit. He couldn’t notice the eye, but Gou Zhu had already determined that this person’s mind was definitely not on accepting disciples.

   But he has no choice. The fat fairy’s hand is supporting his wrist, and his thumb seems to rest gently on his pulse, but it is actually hard as iron. He struggled a little, and his thumb was pinched like iron tongs. He could only give up struggling and ran wildly with the fat fairy.

At the end of    Qingshi Street is a long stone stairs leading directly to the Cuiyang Hall on the mountainside. The upper palace enshrines the statues of the gods of the Xuanmen, the Three Qings and the Four Royals, but this is just a place for ordinary people to burn incense and pray to the gods.

   Further up, is the real jade palace, hidden in the dense forest in the mountains. Ordinary people standing on the mountainside and looking up can only see a piece of verdant forest and the mist that surrounds the forest. All the roads around the mountain are guarded by disciples of the Jade Palace, and they cannot pass without a token.

   But the fat fairy Chen Xuanfang took two gangsters, not on the road up the mountain. He went straight up the steep mountain wall, like an arrow from the string through the low bushes and vines on the cliff. He could fly directly to the top of the peak in the wind. However, in order to prevent attacks from outsiders, Cuiyu Palace is forbidden to fly within a radius of 100 miles.

   As one of the 88 true disciples, Chen Xuanfang is not so important to abide by the rules. However, the sky above the Jade Palace is full of various prohibitions to prevent flying, and he may not be able to retreat if he breaks in with his ability.

   The big event planned by Chen Xuanfang at night happened to require two lives. He had originally planned to find two foreign disciples who would do handyman casually.

   met these two gangsters through Qingshi Street at noon, UU reading he suddenly changed his mind.

   The sneaky punks on the streets of Qingshi are like mice in the ditch. The two mice disappeared, no one in this world will ask, clean and neat.

   If they were replaced by two outer sect servants, things would become small or big. If someone deliberately digs a hole to find a snake, there is still some trouble.

   Gouzhu didn’t know this, he could only feel his right hand being pulled so hard that his feet were hanging in the air, and he himself hurried up on the cliff. This arm is almost broken. Until the top of the hanging door, the fat man stopped to rest. His arms finally relaxed.

Although Gouzhu and Crosseye grew up on Qingshi Street, they only reached the Shangfang Hall at the highest. As for the top of the hanging door, he would never dare to come up.

   Cuiyu Peak is a main peak with a height of thousands of feet. On all sides are more than ten sub-peaks, each with its own name. The top of the hanging gate is one of them, just above the Shangfang Hall where the pilgrims burn incense, named after a huge stone gate.

   This door is blue-gray, ten feet tall, and the momentum is compelling. In the middle of Shimen, there was cyan light shining like rippling water, obviously with strong restrictions, guarding the entrance of Jade Palace.

   The undulating peaks with a radius of hundreds of miles, like a group of green-clothed fairies, surround the Cuiyu Peak in the center.

   Upon a rough look, I saw a thick emerald green on Cuiyu Peak, thinking it was all vegetation.

   But a closer look reveals that the emerald green Lin Mang has formed numerous palaces, layered layer by layer, with ridges on top of each other, stacked on top of the Cuiyu Peak.

   The entire Cuiyu Peak is like a green and exquisite pagoda. A crystal waterfall flows down, setting off a mist of water that looks like a white veil. The sun shines through and shows a rainbow of five colors.

   The sky and the earth are light and breezy, and there is no summer heat. It is a fairyland on earth!

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