Record of Chaos

Chapter 10: The deal with the little sister

   It’s just that these two magic weapons feel completely different. That door obviously releases a resisting coercion to everyone, it seems to be simply rejecting people thousands of miles away. And this Bi Lianpei gives people the feeling that it opens a whole new space, and seems to be calling others to enter.

   Lianping threw the green thorn whip that was several feet long in his hand into the rippling light pattern, the blue light converged, and the whip was also missing. She put the jade back on her neck. Obviously, for an elegant female crown like her, it would be too insulting to wear a fierce whip around her waist all day long. The use of this empty escape magic weapon is simple, it is for storage.

   It was clear that her green thorn whip had been retracted into the jade pendant, but when her left hand behind her back stretched out to the front, she was already holding the whip in her hand. This thing appeared like a trick.

   It seems simple to use this Bi Lian Pei, but to open and close this kind of empty escape entrance with extremely fast speed, and to quickly find the items stored in it with spiritual consciousness, it still requires some skills. Lian Ping finished the teaching of the method, and half of the hour’s teaching was completed. Only then did she really start to talk about the key things.

   “After talking so much, everyone must really want to know how to obtain this magic weapon…”

The Bilianpei displayed by   Lianping looks like an emerald, but it is actually the seed of a plant called celestial thorns. The seed is shaped like a bean, the big one is the size of an egg, the color is emerald green, and the texture is like jade, which can be carved into accessories. The strongest is that this plant naturally has time to escape. Even if it is planted on the ground, it can naturally absorb the aura of the heavens directly with empty escape.

   There was a sound of tusk under the stage. Such a powerful plant is definitely extremely rare. If you want to get the most difficult to reach the sky, what is the use of listening to this lesson? Lian Ping smiled mysteriously, and then said:

“The Nine Dragons thorn blooms for a hundred years, and it will bear fruit in a hundred years. It is really rare that a plant will bear only a few seeds. But the Nine Dragons vines and leaves are plucked and revived. The harvested ones will not rot for a hundred years. It’s inexhaustible, so it’s not uncommon.” She raised the whip that was covered with sharp spikes in her hand, “This is the vine of Nine Dragons spines.”

Then she took off a green sachet-like thing from her waist, “Some people use the leaves of Nine Dragons thorns to make a purse. Although it is not as good as this Bilian Pei, it has similar storage power. The real name is Nine Dragon Lotus. When I see you, they are all called Xianhe. This name is simple, and it is called too much. Now Xuanmen is all called Xianhe.”

   “Then how can we get it?” asked a disciple off the stage.

   Lian Ping showed the kind of fascinating smile and said: “The ordinary immortal lotus is not expensive now. Almost five hundred pure Yang Dan can be exchanged for one…”

   Gouzhu was startled, it turns out this thing is so valuable! Five hundred pure Yang Dan! This made him suddenly think of something.

   “That…” Before Gou Zhu thought about it, he suddenly felt that his right elbow was lightly touched. Looking to the right, Wu Xia was full of entanglement, and asked embarrassedly: “Uncle Master said just now, how many years does the Nine Dragons spines bloom? How many years do they bear fruit? How many seeds should a plant bear?”

   The five members of the Wuyuan Academy asked her to come to the class, expecting her to write down the course content one by one and go back to relay. But she was in a hurry, remembering the first and then missing the latter. Even if everyone didn’t blame her, she would be extremely uncomfortable herself.

   Helpless now, she had no choice but to ask her classmates for advice. But the people she could talk to, except for the little boy next to him, was Kakura Mi who was more afraid of her behind. The two evils are the lesser of power, and she has to choose to take the initiative to strike up a conversation with Gouzhu.

   “The Nine Dragons thorn blooms for a hundred years, and it will bear fruit in a hundred years. A plant will only produce a few seeds. It is indeed rare…”

   She was pleasantly surprised to find that Gouzhu did not simply answer her questions, but had the ability to retell the whole class! It seemed that even though it was the neighboring Wuyuan, she usually looked down and didn’t look up, but she too underestimated this thin brother.

   “There are still a few more questions…” Her previous notes were not complete either. She left several doubtful places empty, so she just asked Gouzhu at the same time. In this way, from the perspective of others, it becomes a man and woman, whispering constantly in class.

   For others, it’s forgotten. For Ka Kura Mi who was sitting directly behind Wu Xia, it was heartbroken to see the “own” woman and another male disciple as if they were talking and laughing. Knowing this long ago, he would rather sit till the end, after all, not seeing is clear, far better than sitting here and suffering such a serious crime!

   “Gouzhu!” He didn’t resent Wuxia, after all, that was the woman he liked. He concentrated all his resentment on Gouzhu. Had it not been for the lecturer on the stage, he would have rushed up and swallowed the thin man alive.

   Gouzhu doesn’t know anything about other people’s anger. He was already hungry after the class. In order to save Pure Yang Pill, their Wuyuan group did not eat breakfast at all. As for lunch and dinner, it was a few guys who didn’t go to class. In the name of practice, they went to the nearby wild mountains to hunt some wild animals for food.

   He returned to the Wuyuan from the outer doorway lecture hall a little far away, and he had to climb several hills, and he was starving to death, so he didn’t plan to go back, so he solved it directly in the cafeteria near the Dao lecture hall.

   came out of the Dao Lecture Hall, a path paved with winding stones. Gouzhu walked for a while, vaguely felt that someone was following. He turned his head abruptly, and saw that it was Wu Xia, the little beauty in plain clothes, who was ashamed.

   “What else is there!” Gouzhu immediately looked impatient. He didn’t dislike women, but faintly felt that being stuck on by this junior girl offended He Cangshi’s thriving second-level wuyuan, and there was no benefit to a dime, which was extremely uneconomical.

   “That…” After all, Wu Xia is a pretty girl, and she’s been loved as soon as she enters the Jade Palace. Where can you ever see a senior who treats him so much? But it happened that I wanted to ask him, so I felt upset, and didn’t dare to have any attacks, “Brother Gouzhu, I actually have something to ask for…”

   “What?” Gou Zhu dealt with it as he walked. He felt that in addition to some inexplicable admiration, there were several fiery jealousy in his eyes from all sides.

“Next time I listen to the Taoist talk, can I still be with you brother…” Of course, she can’t have any feelings for the sordid guy like Gouzhu, but every time there is an endless number of suitors such as He Cang Shi Harassment, the content of her notes is always lost.

   If there is a hook pig sitting next to him, this guy is equivalent to an echo wall that can repeat the lecturer at any time, and can also play a shield role for his suitors.

   Gouzhu’s eyes rolled, and suddenly he had an idea. He stretched his right hand in front of Wu Xia, spread his five fingers, and said, “Okay, bring it…”

   “Take… what?”

   “Pure Yang Dan! Dan for meals, Dan for borrowing books, Dan for lectures, is it free for me to accompany someone in class?”

   “This…” Wu Xia was startled. From her birth to the present, only when others found a reason to give her something, it was the first time she saw such a shameless person and asked her for money in person. It happened that they sent her as a representative to listen to the talk in order to save money. If you have to pay for the retelling of Gouzhu, you will need to consider whether it is cost-effective or not. “How much do you want?”

“Actually, you won’t lose money!” Gou Zhu calculated for her, “Originally, you wanted two Pure Yang Pills after hearing the lecture. Now you might as well give me one of them. You don’t need to listen to the class anymore, and practice yourself. After I listened, I not only retelled it to you, but also included a complete note. Isn’t it more cost-effective?” Of course Gouzhu wouldn’t take notes, but he didn’t mind letting the wood copy another copy.


   “To show your sincerity, you should pay a deposit first,” Gouzhu pointed to the cafeteria in front, “Today’s meal cost…”

   “Okay,” the deal is concluded, you can save a pure Yang Pill every time you preach, and you can save even making a notebook. Wu Xia is very excited, “I will invite brother to eat at noon today!”

   Gouzhu’s original intention is that you give me money for food. Before I came to this little witch to invite him to dinner, UU reading www. refused and swept her face, so she had no choice but to go to the cafeteria and sit down. A large number of first-level and second-level Wu Yuan disciples all saw two Wu Yuan men and a woman sitting together for lunch in the cafeteria.

   “Unexpectedly, I was hit by this little Nizi…” Gou Zhu thought to himself, and now he has forged with Liangzi from the second-level Wuyuan.

   Woman means that the tighter you push, the faster she runs. Although the appearance of that Kakura Shi is slightly poor, but he is exceptionally talented and hardworking. He is a promising character, and there is nothing to pick about.

   Helpless, he is determined to take it, aggressive, and always treats others as his own attitude, scared to run away from the witchcraft, plus the appearance is bad, how can the little girl have time to have a good impression on him?

   Facing a beast leaping straight forward, people seldom have time to think about whether this thing is good, evil, beautiful or ugly. Generally, there is only one idea, that is, run away first.

   And for Wu Xia, Kakura Mi’s existence is simply a shadow. In the future, even if she has a favorite brother, she will not be able to develop further, because all her colleagues regard her as Kakura Mi’s private property.

   In that case, she simply used the innocent guy in front of her to smash the predicament. Even if something really happened, the fish belly that Houzhu barely built a foundation would be easier to get rid of than Kakura Mi.

   This trick is extremely effective. The people around eating and watching gossip had already been talking about it.

   “Isn’t that the woman from Brother He? Why today…”

   “Haha, Kakura really thinks it belongs to him, but he has never admitted it, right?”

   “That skinny monkey-like hook pig actually has this ability? It’s really not good looking.”

   “He Manzi is considered to be wearing a green hat this time?”


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