Record of Chaos

Chapter 11: Barren Mountain Chase

  011 Barren Mountain Chase

   Kakura Mizuchi’s threefold infuriated luck in the palm of his hand. He only heard a few muffled sounds, and he rubbed a wooden cup into a small ball. He had no luck protecting his palm. Sawdust scraps scratched the flesh and blood in his palm, and the sharp pain like a knife cut was similar to his own heart.

   At his level, his spiritual consciousness is far stronger than ordinary people. Most people hear the buzzing voices in the dining room, but he can clearly separate the words of everyone who bows their heads and talks to themselves.

   Those words about witchcraft, hooked pigs and him, to him, every sentence is like a knife in his heart. But in this bustling hall, he still quieted down. Helplessly, the brothers next to him are still chattering:

   “A pure inferior bone, it is said that the first pure yang pill was made in half a year, breaking the martial art record. Such a thing inferior to pigs and dogs, the toad wants to eat swan meat.”

   “This stupid pig doesn’t take pictures of himself without soaking pee. He starts with our sister-in-law. He is tired of his life…”

   “You don’t need to do too much, just take off his arms.” Kakura shook his head pretendingly, and said to the kids around him, “Don’t do everything, leave a way for others to survive.”

   “Boss, don’t worry! As long as he kowtows for mercy and promises that he will never harass the witchcraft sister again, we will naturally leave him a way out.”

   “You are too soft-hearted, otherwise, how could the kind of first-class wuyuan or the disabled yard ride on us? If this continues, if you are promoted to the inner disciple, how can you stand up in front of your brothers?”

   Gakura Shi suppressed his eyes full of resentment, smiled artificially, not commenting on what they said.

   Gouzhu was full of food, and his sleepiness came to his heart. He walked outside the door, and the broken bluestone on the ground above his head seemed to be submerged in a bright sea of ​​fire. Fortunately, the green hills are verdant, the trees are everywhere, and there are many cool places.

   “Senior brother won’t go back to Wuyuan?”

   “If you have something, don’t reply. Are you going back?” Gouzhu’s tiredness disappeared when he thought of the thing that had been in his heart. Seeing Sister Wu Xia making a point charmingly in the bright sunlight, he took out a cinnabar talisman pen and yellow paper, wrote a sentence, then whispered in her ear, “Since I’m back, help me give this to Song Ruhai. “


   The two separated on the fork. Gouzhu does not return to the Wuyuan, and walks towards the dense forest in the direction of the main jade peak.

   The entire Jade Jade Palace’s sphere of influence is as large as a hundred miles, and it is densely packed with mountains. This area is called Qingxiao Mountain. Among them, only Shilai Peaks surrounding Cuiyu Peak are inhabited, most of which are the courtyards of Cuiyu Palace.

   There are a lot of deserted mountains and ridges mixed with them. Although Gouzhu is heading towards Cuiyu Peak, the road is not the right way, and there is a barren mountain and dense forest ahead.

   “Damn, this kid wants to slip?” Someone scolded bitterly.

   Private fights between disciples outside the Cuiyu Palace are not forbidden. They divided the outer disciples into five schools, just to compete with each other in order to force them to improve themselves. Only with the strength, can we avoid the suppression of other Wuyuan.

   Therefore, it is not uncommon for the five courtyards to become angry with each other, damage each other, and even **** the medicine. Only private fights within the Jade Palace are generally based on the principle of not hurting lives and not being physically disabled. Violators will be severely punished.

   He Kurami said before that he had to remove the two arms of the hook pig, which meant that he would dislocate his arms and suffer a little bit of pain, not really want to make him disabled.

   But if you leave the area where the fairy tree grows in the Jade Palace, this rule will naturally become invalid. If people die in the wilderness, who knows who did it?

   “He’s just looking for death by himself.” Kakura responded lightly, “In that case, let’s not be so polite.”

   “Then kill him directly in the wilderness, no one knows.”

“We are cultivators, how can we kill innocent people indiscriminately. If the meridians are broken, let him go home and farm.” But there is no hope anymore.

   Kakura was farming before he came out to practice the Taoism. For him, the feeling of going home to farm is actually more uncomfortable than dying in a barren mountain.

   Gouzhu is walking in the dense forest. This is not easy. The ground is densely covered with thorns and vines, and the sky is covered by a tree that covers the sky. The crown of the tree is continuous, almost sealing the sky.

   But he clung to a thick tree trunk with both hands, and with a little force, like a cat, he slipped onto the tree.

   There was a flash of figures in the five directions around, disappearing in the dense forest. Although it was only a flash, it could not escape the eyes of the hook pig. The so-called seeing and listening to all directions is the basis of being a thief.

  In addition, he has been practicing for more than a year at the outer gate of the Jade Palace. Although the progress is far slower than that of Kakura Shi, his spiritual consciousness has improved somewhat.

   Obviously, Kakura Shi did not lead the team, but only brought three men and two women in his own family. He is going to kill him this time, and he can’t let outsiders participate, otherwise it’s a bit wrong to be spread out.

   Although this place is off the main road, it is still too close to the growing range of the fairy tree of Cuiyu Palace. Even if they beat Gouzhu in a group, they would beat him half to death at most, and would not dare to have the painful hand of severed limbs.

   But Gouzhu has been walking to more deserted and crowded places, of course they are happy to follow, and they can do whatever they want when they are in the right place.

   “Hey, force me to flee…” Gouzhu smiled in his heart.

   Gakura Minoru and the others surrounded the hook pig in a semicircular shape from five directions, slowly following behind. This made him unable to turn back, and could only escape to the other semicircle that was not surrounded, so that he was getting farther and farther away from the main road.

   “Good boy, I slipped so fast!” Kakura was also taken aback.

After    Gouzhu went up to the tree, he still walked a few steps on the thick branch at first, and then jumped to another branch. But a few times later, his figure was getting faster and faster, at a very fast speed, almost like a monkey, rushing all the way through the continuous canopy.

   Before he was arrested to the Jade Palace, he was an expert by climbing the wall and climbing the tree to escape. After learning how to adjust the breath in the Jade Palace, after practicing light gong, it is almost a success.

   He was already incomparably agile in figure, and he had cultivated his true energy, and he ran on the dense branches, using both hands and feet, which was better than those of apes. This was also one of the reasons why he knew he was being followed by He Cangshi and he dared to deliberately run into these wild forests.

   “Do you think you can run away?” Gakura Shiro shouted angrily, and also showed light work, rushing all the way through the trees. After all, he is a triple base building, and his body is thick and long, far better than Gouzhu.

While chasing after him, he roared forward: “Stop honestly and break your arm, I can spare your life. Otherwise, no one knows how you died!” His voice contained the energy in his body. Qi, rumbling forward, poured directly into the ears of the hook pig.

   Gouzhu frowned, but he neither answered nor stopped.

   At this time, the other four tails also followed closely, still maintaining a semi-circular enclosure, but the enclosing circle shrinks and shrinks.

   “You don’t need to run, you can’t run away at all!” Seeing that the speed of the hook pig is getting slower and slower, Kakura Shi coldly said a simple fact.

   The speed at which Gouzhu escaped in the dense forest is indeed beyond common sense. But this is just the rate of explosion. He Cangshi only needs to follow closely, and when the other party’s true energy is exhausted, all that is left is to catch it. He is more than three times as angry as the opponent!

   There is a mountain stream in front of which the sound of water is loud. They rarely visit these places, but they are not completely unfamiliar with the surrounding geography. UU reading www.uukanshu. com

   The mountain stream in front is named Longxi. Below is a huge waterfall, flying straight down a thousand feet, under the waterfall is a deep pool. Except for this waterfall, there are cliffs on both sides, and there is no way to enter the valley below.

   But if it flows down this waterfall, hundreds of feet high, even if the foundation-building monks practice the zhenqi body protection, they will be seriously injured if they fall into the pool. Unless the monk above the formation of pill, can enter by using flying skills.

   “Gouzhu, you are dead.”

“Really?” Gouzhu had already stepped into Longxi. He swam into the water while turning around and replied, “You are a second-level courtyard, with five enemies and one, chasing me a foundation and a rookie. Are you afraid of others making jokes when you go out?”

“Haha,” He was very satisfied when he saw Gouzhu feel unfair. He likes to enjoy this kind of resentment from others complaining about injustice. “You come out, I will fight you fairly one-on-one. My other brothers, It’s just watching the battle from the side.”

   Gouzhu smiled and replied: “Haha, don’t say I don’t give you a chance. I will be in the Wild Crow Forest when the sun goes down today. If you don’t dare to come and be late, I won’t be too lazy to wait for you.”

   As soon as his voice fell, he was submerged in the water, like a catfish, swimming swiftly along the water to the waterfall, then turned over and jumped to the waterfall, and disappeared!

   When the five people arrived, Kakura Mi saw the waterfall rumbling like a silver horse, and looking down, there was only a white spray and mist.

   Even if someone really fell here, they would have been swallowed by the white mist a long time ago, and they couldn’t see a small splash of water.

   All five people felt their hearts tight. After watching for a long time, none of them dared to jump off.

   “This kid, there are no bones left?” one of them said blankly.

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