Record of Chaos

Chapter 12: Return to Dragon Skeleton Valley

   Gakura stared at this waterfall. His contempt for Houzhu, a foundation-building fish belly, showed a slight hesitation.

   Why did he dare to escape here? Could it be that he has practiced some mysterious body technique to jump from such a high waterfall without getting hurt?

   Gakura Mizuno suddenly thought of the extraordinary agility that Gouzhu showed in the woods. He certainly didn’t know Gouzhu’s previous experience as a thief over the wall. But the various secret light techniques in the arena are not uncommon. Hooking pigs may have an occasional chance and have practiced one of them.

   “No wonder he asked me to fight in the wild jasmine forest.” The wild jaslin is a hillside not far from the outer courtyard. There is also a complex terrain, densely covered with trees, and hooking pigs can maximize his advantages.

   Thinking of this, the corner of Kakura’s mouth curled up slightly. On the contrary, his contempt for this clever fish belly was even worse. No matter what secret method Gouzhu has practiced, his realm is still building a foundation, which is definitely not wrong.

   “Well, sunset, wild crow forest. I will let you know what absolute strength crushing is!”

   They turned around and turned back.

   What Kakura didn’t know was that Gouzhu certainly didn’t jump under the waterfall. With his little fur skills, he has to be beaten into flesh by the water.

   Although the force of the waterfall is great, but that is after the water has fallen for a period of time, the farther the water falls, the stronger the force. But at the source of the waterfall, that is, at the top, the water flow is no different from a normal stream, not violent.

   Just below the mouth of the waterfall, there is a cave that is extremely difficult to notice where the water flows. As long as the start of the fall, when the water flow is not too fast, the falling person grabs the rock at the entrance of the cave and turns over and enters, and they can disappear safely.

   The rock under the water is extremely smooth, but it doesn’t matter to the agile hook pig.

   It’s impossible to know this kind of secret hook pig. But he walked once.

   A year ago, Chen Xuanfang grabbed him and crossed his eyes, and walked this way. After the three of them entered the cave wetly, it was extremely wide and there were streams in the cave. Down the cave is a high and steep **** that can reach the bottom of the valley.

   This road is extremely hidden. Gouzhu has stayed in Jade Palace for more than a year, and occasionally people have heard that there is a deep valley under the waterfall of Longxi, but no one has ever talked about the way to the valley.

   Chen Xuanfang also discovered this way by a great coincidence, and he had such a wonderful inspiration to assassinate the boss at the bottom of the valley.

   Gouzhu has never been here since he left Dragon Skeleton Valley a year ago. I almost forgot what I did here a year ago. It seems that his brain is born with a mechanism for forgetting terrifying memories.

   But today Lian Ping’s words about the women’s crown made him suddenly remember. Except for Lian Ping’s face that looked quite like the blue saint Lian Ling, the fairy lotus she took out, and the words of a fairy lotus worth five hundred pure Yang Pills, were like a bolt of lightning. It illuminates his greedy heart that is always looking for pure Yang Pill.

   After all, he is different from other brothers. Similar to Song Ruhai, he was only sent by the Song family to experience. Regardless of whether he has been promoted to the inner disciple, he will definitely be in the upper ranks of the Song family after a few years.

   Even Kakura Shi, or other disciples, does not necessarily have to stay in the Jade Palace.

   Even if they have no hope of entering the inner door, as long as they pay off their debts in the Jade Palace, they can choose to become a teacher at any time. After leaving a teacher, any official position in the imperial court, not to mention feudal lords, small officials at the prefecture and county level, or hundreds of households or thousands of households in the guards, is not yet easy to capture. If it is not peaceful today, the heroes in troubled times will come into the camera a lot in the future.

  Go pig is different. If he can’t enter the inner door, he will be hopeless. If you can’t form a pill within five years, you will definitely die.

   If a person is forced to this level, even if he has no aptitude, he has to be forced out of his aptitude. But he must first get rid of the pressure of pure Yang Dan before he can think of a way to cultivate. Otherwise, what’s the difference between sitting back and waiting to die if you exhaust your brain every day to pay off the debt that is rolling more and more like a snowball?

   One immortal lotus, five hundred pure Yang Dan…

   Xianhe has never seen him. When he was still a thief, he knew that the fairy had this thing on him. Some are hung around their waists, and some are held in their arms. But he had never thought of this stuff. After all, compared with money, life is more important.

   Until more than a year ago, in the midsummer day, in the Dragon Skeleton Valley, just in the middle of the sky, the corpses of four immortals were placed in front of him. If you don’t do it at this time, you are a fool.

   He thought he would make a fortune. But he touched the three elders and Chen Xuanfang’s whole body, and found that they had almost nothing on them, except for a small purse.

   This purse seems to be made of a leaf, wrapped in a small sac. However, this pouch has no opening and is completely stitched up. It feels empty inside. He thought about opening it forcibly, but although the leaves were soft, they were extremely tough and could not be torn apart by hand.

   He firmly believes that this thing is useful, but he doesn’t know how to use it. He didn’t dare to take this thing with him and leave. The thieves took the wallet, and they all took out the money to discard the wallet. He hadn’t seen a dumb thief who left his wallet as evidence of a crime.

At that time, he thought for a while, picked up an elder’s sword, and dug a hole nearby, and then threw the four immortal lotuses and the weapons and magic weapons discarded by these people into it, buried it, and covered it. There is no way to see the weeds.

   Those magic weapons must be valuable. But given him a hundred courage, he did not dare to exchange these things for money. If the deaths of the four immortals were counted on him, he would not be able to pay for it for eight lifetimes.

   As for the four bodies, he stripped them all naked and threw them in Longxi. Longxi’s water flow is very fast in the valley, and flash floods broke out as soon as the rainy season came. By now, I am afraid that it has been pushed by the current for a long time.

  Although these people are experts in the Jade Palace, they are dead and stripped of their clothes. There is no difference between them and the soldiers and refugees who died in the war. Nowadays, the Middle Earth of Shenzhou is in troubled times, and there are only a few floating corpses in the water.

   There are four immortal lotuses, each of which is 500 pieces. That is a total of two thousand pure Yang Dan! This is not a small gap from the requirement of 10,000, but it is more than enough to pay off the debt and leave some in exchange for a higher-level cultivation technique.

   And there may be a lot of Pure Yang Pills in those Immortals…He used to hold it in his hand and didn’t know how to use it. The method of opening hair now is in his own mind.

   Gouzhu returned to this place. The scenery he had seen at this time last year did not seem to have changed. A full year has passed, and no one knows anything about what happened here.

   He couldn’t help but admire his methods a little. His master once said that the highest level of being a thief is that after stealing someone, the person who is stolen is unaware of it.

   After that incident, the other elders of the Jade Palace, of course, knew that the master Biluo, the three elders, and a true disciple Chen Xuanfang were strangely missing. Naturally, some people have tracked down this matter, but there is no more information.

   The head of the Soul Breath Orb is hung on the wall of Danyang Pavilion, and everyone can see the blue soul of the Saintess still flowing in the Dan. Although it is a bit dim, there is no life worry.

   According to the ancient rules of Jade Jade Palace, if the soul breath disappears, the elders will immediately re-select the head. But if the soul is still there, no one can covet the position of the head.

   After all, it is common for the head to go out for practice or to retreat for many years. There is no rule that the whereabouts of the head must be reported to the elders at any time. So this year, the position of the head of Saint Biluo was as solid as a rock.

   As for the three disappeared elders and Chen Xuanfang, they did not leave any soul breath beads. So the sect only knows that they have disappeared, but no one knows whether they are dead or alive.

   If the elder is missing for three years, the position of elder will be replaced by a new elder promoted. The positions of the three elders vacated will inevitably trigger a new round of competition and bargaining among the various factions in the Jade Palace, but only one year or so has passed, and the three-year period has not yet arrived.

   What can really guess that these three elders have encountered an accident is the forces behind the plot to assassinate the Saint Biluo. UU read, but after that, this group of people took the initiative to disappear and hardly dared to take any further actions to seize power.

   Because the saint did not die. For them, it was a heavy sword hanging over their heads, so they didn’t dare to act rashly.

   They could guess that the assassination ended with more deaths and one more injury. Where did the saint hide her wounds and quietly wait for the chance to counterattack. They secretly searched desperately, but they couldn’t find the whereabouts of the saint.

   Gouzhu once thought that all he needed to do was to send the saint back to Danyang Pavilion to recuperate, but she refused.

   A severely injured head can’t master the huge machine of Jade Palace to clean out his opponent.

   As long as the opposing forces know her whereabouts, they will definitely take advantage of her serious injury to make another shot, and will never give her time to recover.

But now that more than a year has passed, no one can imagine that the legendary head of the Jade Palace, Biluo Saintess, turned into a celestial Asura Roland, hidden in the flesh of an unremarkable outer disciple who just started to build a foundation in.

   Gouzhu came to the rock wall where the treasure was buried. That place is higher, even if the mountain torrents cannot be submerged, it is also a rocky depression, in which thick soil is gathered, and the weeds growing on it are more luxuriant, and it is almost impossible to settle.

   He drew out the sword and dug it out according to memory. Sure enough, everything is still there.

   Although it has been buried for a year, the weapons of the four immortals have not even a trace of rust, and they are certainly not ordinary things.

   “I will sell all of you one day!” Looking at a pair of babies but unable to exchange money, Gouzhu is greedy and aggrieved.

   The four immortal lotuses are also there, as tough as usual, without any sense of decay. He was about to brand his soul breath to unlock, suddenly he felt a strange movement behind him.

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