Record of Chaos

Chapter 13: Saint reappearance

   I don’t know when, the green vine coiled in his body has quietly emerged from his body, coiling on the ground like a snake.

   This thing has grown fibrous roots and plunged into the ground, absorbing ground energy. Immediately, a body as flawless as white jade, like the fruit growing on a vine, slowly appeared in the sunlight that fell almost vertically from the top of the valley at noon.

   Gouzhu is certainly not the first time I have seen the real body of Saint Biluo. But last year, in such a deep valley, although the moon was hanging high, there was actually only a ray of moonlight leaking from the sky at the top of the valley. What he saw was just an exquisite white shadow.

  Although the valley is still shaded, the effect during the day is completely different. The stunning woman without cover is cold but full of temptation. The spring light released like a scorching sun is enough to make any man breathe quickly.

   This body suddenly opened her eyes, her eyes were cold. Gouzhu was startled and quickly looked away.

   “Have you recovered?”


  ? Only a jade hand twiddled the messy hair before her forehead, she seemed to have just broken out of her shell, and her skin was covered with a transparent liquid like egg white. But as soon as this liquid encountered wind, it dried out immediately, leaving only the skin as smooth as new.

   There is indeed a shadow of Lian Ping on her face, but it is more refined and perfect, and her expression is indifferent, as if carved by ice and snow.

   She seemed to be cold all over her body, unparalleled in coldness.

   Gouzhu wanted to take off his robe and put it on her. But he didn’t know if his move of taking off his Dao robe would be considered a criminal attempt.

   This woman only needs to move half of her finger to make him feel strange. Although he died and a woman would die, he would never use logic to speculate on a woman’s behavior, so the best way is not to make any changes.

   After experiencing death and deep sleep, Lian Ling seems to have experienced Nirvana. This pain smoothed out a lot of her mundane humanity.

   Now she sees Gouzhu again, this person’s appearance has not changed much, but the clothes have been changed to the most common white robe of the outer disciple. But she no longer felt the kind of natural disgust like the first time she saw this person.

   What is the beauty of Tianjiao? To die in this dragon skeleton valley is not the same as a pool of rotten meat. She has died here once, and she seems to have a sense of detachment in her character.

   If the physical body is still in the state it was last year, she might have broken through the barrier of the peak of the Purple Mansion and advanced to the Golden Core Realm.

  Lian Ling doesn’t care where Gouzhu’s gaze points, as if his emotions and desires have all turned into nothingness.

   She cares about her fate.

   Divine consciousness unfolded, and she scanned the hook pig from head to toe.

   “A year has passed before I barely build a foundation?”

   Although she is hiding in the flesh of Gouzhu, she has been sleeping this year, but she doesn’t know much about this person’s cultivation state.

   But she can perceive the innocence that she draws from this physical body every day to heal her wounds. It is almost negligible. Otherwise, it would not take her more than a year to wake up from her deep sleep.

   Crisis is like a rope tied to one’s neck. It hasn’t been untied gradually during this year, but has become tighter and tighter.

   “One year…this year, besides trying to find a way to make pure Yang Dan, what else can I do?” Hearing her talk, Gou Zhu’s anger was nowhere to vent.

   “The introductory technique of my Jade Jade Palace is to refine the sea of ​​Qi by refining pure Yang Pill, which is definitely a prudent practice.”

   “Stability? What’s the use of being stable? It’s not a matter of poor aptitude, and it’s hard to condense a bit of true energy, and it will be absorbed by someone…”

   Lian Ling was startled. Xiu Luolan only maintains a ray of vitality in his body, but this ray of vitality is not passive water, it must absorb his true energy to survive. Gouzhu’s cultivation progress is slow, there is indeed a reason for her.

   It seems that there is no way to survive without taking shortcuts.

   Her Shuluoran body lurked in the hooked pork body, and brought in with the poison of arsenic. Although Xiuluolan can temporarily contain the poison of arsenic, it cannot last.

   The shortest period is four to five years, and the longest period is seven or eight years, and the toxicity will spread to the point where it is out of control. At that time, the two grasshoppers on the rope locked by the witchcraft can only both die.

   But if the Gouzhu can cultivate to form a pill, relying on the body to supply a large amount of true qi, so that Xiu Luolan can return to a state where it can feed back, then it will be possible to expel arsenic.

   I should take the risk.

  Lian Ling’s gaze moved to Gouzhu again, and this time she saw the four immortal lotuses in Gouzhu’s hands.

   “Put them back and bury them again.” She said without a doubt, “With your current ability, you can’t break the restrictions in the fairy lotus. If you open them rashly, they will inevitably be backfired.”

   Gouzhu was taken aback. Sure enough, there is still a lot of distance between the knowledge in the class and the actual operation.

   Xianhe is a magic weapon. Each possessed magic weapon has the mark of soul breath imprinted with the owner’s blood to ensure that these magic weapons can only be used by the owner. There are not many ways to seize these magic weapons.

   One of them is that the owner takes the initiative to erase the soul breath on the magic weapon and transfer the thing to others. The other is to violently erase the soul breath on the magic weapon, but this requires super strength. There is no need to consider these two kinds of hooking pigs.

   The last one is that the owner is dead, the soul breath on the magic weapon will be extremely weak, and a fish belly like him can easily replace it.

   But Xianhe is a space magic weapon. In addition to imprinting soul breath on Xianhe, many masters will also set prohibitions in the storage space of Xianhe. These prohibitions are maintained by the natural power of magic weapons, and even if the person who set them is dead, they will not disappear by themselves.

   It’s not that Lianping Women’s Championship didn’t know this, but she ignored it. Her sermons were aimed at first-level and second-level disciples of the Outer Sect Wuyuan. She didn’t expect that these disciples would open up a fairy lotus used by an elder or true biography disciple.

   Gouzhu obediently restored his treasure trove to its original state, turned around and listened to Lian Ling said:

“Although Chen Xuanfang recruited you to get started, he was not right in his mind and plots. Now that he is dead, he can be regarded as unhappy with retribution, and he has not taught you the three conversions and five precepts, which is not your beginner teacher. Now you are willing to worship. I’m a teacher?”

   “Of course I am willing.” Gouzhu bowed obediently. Entrance to Immortal Dao, to be able to worship the head of the sect as a teacher, this is simply the dream of countless disciples in the Jade Palace.

   It is a pity that his master master is half-handicapped. Otherwise, when he goes back now, He Cangshi can only kneel down and beg for mercy, and will never touch his hair.

   “Although you worship me as a teacher, I will still fulfill the life-saving agreement half a year ago.”

   As long as this woman can survive, Gouzhu doesn’t worry about her breaking the contract. There is no shortage of the money beauties he wants. What he lacks is fate. If you can’t live, everything is in vain.

   “But since you have entered the Taoist school, you have to follow the three conversions and the five precepts. From then on, you will develop good relationships and devote yourself to cultivating the Tao for longevity…” After that, Lian Ling put his hand on his head.

   “This is ‘Fairy Touch Me’?” Gou Zhu thought to himself. Unexpectedly, a violent force was injected from the Tianling Gai, shocking him. This vigorous direct infusion of the meridians and injecting into the sea of ​​air, like a big wave washing the sand, immediately dredged his meridians a lot.

   Suddenly, Gouzhu felt the barrier to continue to advance. This is the pinnacle of foundation building, a realm that exceeds wood and is the same as a fat cow!

“Even if I personally pass you through the meridians and cleanse the marrow, at most I can only make you reach the top of the foundation building.” Lian Ling frowned, “This is not a matter of a day or two. Your meridians are like the old road without people walking for many years , The grass has long been overgrown.”

   “One peak in a year, this is already very strong!” Gou Zhu said with satisfaction.

   Lian Ling shook his head: “Your meridians are deposited with dirt, even if I force them through, they will gradually return to their original state in the future. It will be more difficult for you to break through the double and triple foundations in the future.”

   “What should I do?”

“You need a marrow pill. After taking it, the meridians of the whole body will sink and dissolve, and there will be no air resistance. If you take the opportunity to take another pill, UU reading can go straight to the triple. It will be achieved in more than a year. The triple realm, so that it is possible to break through the sixth stage within five years and become an inner disciple.”

   It turned out to be so easy to advance! Gouzhu smiled in his heart. He had long felt that every day morning practice had little effect, and those disciples who advanced quickly must have some tricks.

   is as simple as taking two pills. He has listened to the sermon for more than a year, and no lecturer has ever mentioned it. Regarding the pill, they kept secret from outside disciples.

  Cuiyu Palace’s pill is certainly not lacking, but the wool comes from the sheep. Without the tens of thousands of pure Yang pill produced by more than 8,000 outer disciples every day, there would be no higher-level pill.

  Of course, these will only be used on the few disciples with the best aptitude and the most popular. As for the other disciples, knowing that this has no other benefit except to make their hearts more uneasy.

   “Then beg Master for medicine.” Gou Zhu smiled, and as soon as he entered the gate, he recovered his appearance.

   Even Ling can only smile wryly. She was bathing before falling into the Dragon Skeleton Valley a year ago, and she is still unwieldy. Even if her immortal lotus is still there, it is impossible to have a pill that can only be used by beginner disciples such as Xisui Pill and Zhuji Dan.

  Even the three elders and Chen Xuanfang could not have them, but there should be quite a few in the Chubao Pavilion in the outer courtyard.

   “Although I don’t have one, both of these medicines can be exchanged for Pure Yang Pill. The price is about two hundred pure Yang Pills.”

“Another Pure Yang Pill! Two hundred more!” Gou Zhu secretly cursed in his heart, thinking that when he was a thief on Qingshi Street, he never had to worry about not having money, but now he became an immortal and was so poor that he was so poor. Hold your breath extremely.

   “Since you have been apprentice, I can teach you the inner doorway of the Jade Jade Palace. I will only demonstrate it once, you have to look carefully.”

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