Record of Chaos

Chapter 14: Xuanyin Underworld Orchid

   Lian Ling stretched out his right hand, palm up, five fingers slightly bent, as if the palm was holding a pearl.

   “In the Five Elements Evacuation Technique, gold, water, fire and earth are all naturally condensed by the yin and yang of the heavens and the earth, but the wood escape is different. The wood grows from the seed, and there is no wood without the seed.

   Gouzhu realized that her palm was not empty, but a white dust floating in her palm. Aoki in her body was lucky, countless vitality poured into her palm, and the white dust grew like a balloon.

   When it became the size of a jujube nucleus, a bunch of white fluff around it began to grow around it. These fluff spread around like air, obviously absorbing the air of heaven and earth.

   is just a breath, this mass grows a stem similar to a bean sprout. Then came a few leaves, with a drooping white flower growing from the top. The flower pedicles are slightly raised, and there seems to be seeds inside.

   From the root to the flower, the whole body is snow white, like a plain, without a bit of variegation, with a creepy breath all over the body.

   “This flower is called Xuanyin Underworld Orchid, and it is said to be a thing of the underworld. If you like the shade, it will die if you shine in direct sunlight.

“What kind of breath is this?” Gouzhu is still in the stage of refining pure Yang Zhenqi, and he also feels the Qingmu Zhenqi on Lian Ling’s body, but he has never encountered this kind of feeling that is not cold or hot, but makes himself shudder. The aura.

   “This is corpse qi. The ghost orchid specializes in absorbing the residual vitality in the decaying corpse, producing corpse qi. All living beings will decay when they meet.” Lian Ling said as he received his right palm, and then suddenly pushed it out.

   The ghost orchid in her palm was immediately blurred, turned into a ball of white light, and with a muffled sound, it hit a tall and thin ancient tree surrounded by a person.

   She seemed to have little power in this blow, but a surge of corpse gas gushed out from her palm, and the whole tree immediately decayed at a speed visible to the naked eye. The towering green leaves quickly withered, and then fell one after another. The trunk seemed to have been burned, turning into pitch-black rotten wood.

   “This palm is called Minglan palm.”

   Although Gouzhu was four or five steps behind her, she was not pointed by the wind at all, and she felt cold and trembling all over. Even the atmosphere is afraid of it.

“Thirty years ago, I was cultivating in Yizhou, southwest of the mainland. I was besieged in Yunhengling and killed a Taoist to break through and obtain this. This flower is too cold, I don’t like it, so I never used it. But. It may have a surprisingly winning effect on you.”

   After Lian Ling demonstrated the Underworld Orchid palm, he opened his palm again, and the palm of his hand was a mass of white powdered Underworld Orchid seeds.

“The more the underworld orchid absorbs the more vitality, the more seeds it produces. Plant regeneration orchids, and the orchid produces seeds again, so back and forth, the power is endless.” After she finished speaking, she moved the seeds in her hand with a strong wind in her palm. Sprinkled in the air.

   “This technique is called Underworld Wind.”

   The wind blew out from her palm, entraining the seeds of the underworld orchid, like a white mist, blowing with the wind, and immediately plunged into a haze and terrifying ice.

   Midsummer is still midsummer, and the temperature has not dropped a bit. Gouzhu felt a shiver from the heart. The white dust blocked the sunlight like fog, and the air was trapped in chaos.

   On the ground, on the trees, and even in the air, the underworld orchids grow up like white ghosts in the dark, and then burst quickly, turning into more white dust and smoke. This dust and smoke are harvesting all life.

   The originally green valley has turned into a barren in an instant. All the green has turned into a rotten yellow and dead black. The only bright thing is to absorb the delicate and beautiful underworld orchids that grow up from the decay.

   For a while, the world seemed to be transformed into hell.

   If it hadn’t been for the strong Aoki Qi from Lian Ling to protect his body, he would have become a carrion, the best nourishment for the Underworld Orchid.

  Netherland Palm is an insidious single kill technique, while Netherland palm is an overwhelming mass killer. The countless floating underworld orchid seeds under this trick blocked the sunlight, and even partly made up for the underworld orchid’s weakness of death when exposed to sunlight.

   Just between the saint’s waves, the underworld wind is enough to turn the entire Cuiyu Peak into a big cemetery.

   “Come!” Linking Ling’s palms together, a power of divine consciousness radiated from her heavenly spirit. In a blink of an eye, the underworld orchids growing everywhere seemed to have received the order of death, all withered and withered, turning into a kind of white aura, gathered in a pair of her palms.

   Even so, Dragon Skeleton Valley just stopped decayed. I am afraid it will take a whole year to restore the original green look. As for the towering old trees that died, they don’t know that it will take hundreds of thousands of years to recover.

   The destructive power of this technique is so strong that even Ling himself did not expect it. Seeing a miserable Dragon Skeleton Valley, she felt regretful in her heart.

   Before the pill formation, no Xuanmen disciple could use magical powers. Before the inner alchemy was condensed, the true qi was dispersed in the meridians and the sea of ​​qi, although it could temper the body and increase the power of martial arts, it was far from the point where it could induce supernatural powers.

   Fortunately, Underworld Orchid’s spells do not have this problem. Because the underworld orchid is not a magical power, but a magic weapon. Underworld orchid seeds that have been branded with soul breath are the magic weapon of the Lord. The strength of the hook pig is also enough to motivate.

   It’s just that his consciousness is too weak, and he can control no more than three underworld orchids at the same time.

   Lian Ling wiped off the soul breath on an underworld orchid, and then let Gouzhu imprint his own soul breath. This feeling is not unfamiliar to Hook Pig, and is similar to the initial stage of the onset of Human Puppet Witch Gu. He felt that his spiritual consciousness extended to the underworld orchid seed.

   Once the soul is imprinted, the magic weapon is equivalent to a part of one’s own body, or a clone of the master. Magic weapons like plant seeds have a magical ability. That is, after a seed that has been branded with soul breath, all the offspring after growth and reproduction, generation after generation will carry the same soul breath.

   Therefore, with this trick of Underworld Wind, he would have countless clones instantly.

   Gouzhu closed his eyes and felt the extension of his spiritual consciousness. Although Underworld Lan is his own clone, it feels completely different from a human body. Flowers and plants do not have eyes, ears and nose, so they can’t see, hear, or smell.

   But he could feel the damp ground air, especially the smell of decay in the soil. This kind of breath is like food attracting hungry ghosts, allowing him to constantly stimulate his own qi, send out roots, and greedily absorb the vitality of participation.

   The vitality in the decaying life body is sucked away, leaving behind a thick corpse gas. These accumulated corpses continued to gather and began to decompose other participating parts of the corpse. The underworld orchid grew like this.

   He can even feel the pressure of the sun above his head. Direct sunlight has fatal damage to the underworld orchid. Can make this fragile life instantly turn into nothingness.

   It is a pity that his consciousness and true spirit are too weak. Weak spiritual consciousness cannot establish contact with too many underworld orchids. Even if there is the soul imprint, he can’t control it. And the lack of true energy will not stimulate their growth.

   He realized that at the limit of his ability, he could only control three underworld orchids at most. But he felt the almost endless potential of this magic weapon. If a super master comes to use it, I am afraid that the entire human world will become the underworld, it is not impossible.

   “Now my physical body can’t be used for too long. UU reading half an hour is already the limit. “Lian Ling began to turn into vines again, drilling back to the original place. “But you can control the three clones now, and they can help you absorb the aura of heaven and earth.”

   She has turned into an inconspicuous blue vein under the skin of the pig’s neck, and fell asleep again.

   At this time, Gou Zhu felt a burst of ecstasy. Three clones, plus the body, simultaneously absorb the energy of heaven and earth, is this to produce four pure Yang Dan per day? Song Ruhai’s twice? In this way, wouldn’t he be the boss of the Wu Yuan?

   “Big Brother Song.” Wu Xia smiled softly, the sweetness of this smile was like the sunshine of early spring, and she felt warmth in her heart when she saw the wood next to her. Even if Wu Xiaxiao’s target was Song Ruhai and not him, he didn’t care.

   Song Ruhai didn’t feel much. After all, he came from a wealthy family like the Song family. Any waitress in his house who had changed his diapers since he was a child was also much more beautiful than the shaman in front of her.

   “Is this the demon girl from the Wuyuan next door?” The fat cow lowered his head and hummed in a voice that only he could hear. She has no affection for all female sisters who are thinner than her, and naturally won’t give Wu Xia a good face.

   Wu Xia glanced at Fat Cow sympathetically, then turned her head and threw the charming eyes to Song Ruhai.

   “I met Brother Gouzhu at noon today, and he asked me to give this to you.” She handed over a ball of yellow paper.

   “Oh, thank you!” Song Ruhai took the paper ball, opened it and looked at it, not paying attention to the beauty in front of him. Wu Xia was a little disappointed, and looking at him again, he still had no response, his mouth pursed, and he turned away.

   The slanted characters on the paper are written by Gouzhu at first glance. He is literate and can write, but he writes poorly.

   “Boss, insider information, this evening, there is a strange pig in the wild crow forest. If you can win, a hundred pill will be fine!”

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