Record of Chaos

Chapter 15: hunting

   Around Cuiyu Peak, the mountains are hundreds of miles away. The mountains are full of auras, and some wild beasts gradually mutate in their flesh under the influence of these auras, and they will not die for decades or even hundreds of years, so they are called alien beasts. The so-called strange pigs in Gouzhu are wild boars that have been cultivated into strange beasts.

   Most alien beasts have not yet developed sapience, and their behavior is the same as that of ordinary beasts. But if one is hunted, beast meat, beast bones, and beast skins are all useful, and occasionally beast crystals can be obtained, which is directly comparable to pure Yang Dan.

   If you continue to absorb the spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth, the alien beast will become a spirit beast, a monster beast, and eventually become a demon by acquiring a human body. Of course, the spirit beast began to increase its strength rapidly. Even if they met, first-level freshmen like Song Ruhai and Gouzhu did not dare to start.

   In order to save money for food, they often hunt in wild mountains for food. In fact, they also want to hunt a strange animal and solve the debt dilemma of Pure Yang Pill in one fell swoop.

   The strong hand of the jade palace is like a forest, and the strange animals that can be hunted in the four weeks of Baiyu have been hunted long ago. The remnants have already escaped into the deep mountains and old forests, it is not so easy to hit one end.

   But there are also some old disciples in the palace who are good at gossip, who can learn about the presence of strange beasts and spirit beasts nearby by deduction. Of course, these people don’t need to do it themselves, they can use the news to sell directly. So occasionally such news flows out.

   Gouzhu is poor, but he has excellent eyes and agile skills. Song Ruhai guessed that he had received such news by accident, and he lost no time in letting Wu Xia pass it on. How can you let go of such a good opportunity!

   “Let’s copy the guy and set off right away.”

   “But”, Fat Cow also glanced at the handwriting of Gouzhu, “It’s just afternoon…”

   “Don’t miss the opportunity!” Song Ruhai gave her a white glance, as if to say, this time there is no time for you to dress up and dress up.

   When I go hunting, the wood becomes refreshed.

   He was carrying the huge wooden bow that was taller than him, and suddenly looked a lot taller and burly. In fact, his body is really strong like a big tree, but he is a little too short. But this is also more robust.

   That wooden bow is not a thing of the Jade Palace. The disciples outside the Cuiyu Palace all use swords. A few disciples have long-range attack bows and arrows, but they are all magic weapons, not mortals.

   Wood holding a huge bow that is obviously made of ordinary ash and animal tendons is simply unique. In Song Ruhai’s words, it’s too earthy.

   This is the heritage of his family. Because he is an orion. If it wasn’t for a disciple of the inner door of the Jade Jade Palace who met him by chance while hunting a strange animal in the mountains, and by chance, he opened the wonderful place in his bloodline, he would be happy to do this for a lifetime.

   Mumu walked forward with a huge bow on his back, but his footsteps seemed surprisingly light. That is not the step of the dragon, but the step of the hunter who will be frightened by the dragon and the tiger! The denser the jungle, the more silent his figure seemed, almost blending into the mottled shadows of the trees.

  It took almost an hour to go from Wuyuan to Yeyalin. They took a closer look in the forest again, and the sun was already a bit westward, and the dazzling sunlight gradually became golden yellow, shining among the dense leaves above. The wood almost sifted the entire forest, and finally said doubtfully:

   “It’s not like a place where there are wild boars, you can’t see any marks.”

  Wild boars are creatures that appear in groups, and different pigs are generally the head of the wild boar group. If there are strange pigs here, but there are no pig foot prints, pig dung, and plant rhizomes that have been gnawed by wild boars, then it is a bit unreasonable.

   Song Ruhai’s brows gradually frowned, and there was a faint feeling in his heart, “Is this kid fooled…” But he immediately rejected the idea, “He dare!”

   The same Wu Yuan disciple was tightly bound by the Cuiyu Palace. They only need one person to be promoted to the inner disciple, and the whole Wuyuan is promoted at the same time. On the contrary, if one person is downgraded to sell himself to pay off his debts, everyone has to follow along to mine. Moreover, the knot of Wu Yuan cannot be changed for life. Therefore, these people are really advancing and retreating together, blessings and difficulties.

   If Gouzhu was going to entertain them on purpose and wasting everyone’s time for an afternoon, Song Ruhai couldn’t find any reason. It should be known that without the condensing energy of these three people for half a day, the four rushing pure Yang Pills are gone.

   “I believe my brother!” Song Ruhai secretly comforted himself. Of course he also thought about the other side of the matter. If Gouzhu really gets into the water to entertain everyone, he will hang him up and beat him when he goes back to Wuyuan.

   “If you want to wait until the sun goes down,” the wood points to a weedy hill. “Stay there. If a wild boar comes over, you can see it. This guy is good to say hello.” He raised the huge bow in his hand.

   The wild crow forest is not big, and the radius is about half. But the surrounding area is wide open and there are too many entrances and exits. To capture a strange pig with their strength, and scatter to guard the entrance and exit will definitely not work. It’s better for the three of them to lurch together among the weeds on the high ground, looking down at the entire forest.

  Although this forest is called the Wild Crow Forest, there is actually no crow. Except for the occasional sound of leaves being blown and rustling, it is almost quiet. If there is a real beast coming, it will be no problem to recognize the direction by listening to the sound and using the Tao and deeds they have cultivated for a year.

   “Good!” Song Ruhai looked at the sky, “It’s still early, so let’s lie in wait!”

   Wood covered all three of them with some thatch. The weeds that are as deep as one person fall from the middle, and they are really integrated with the grass, and they are not visible at all.

   From the west of the sun until the sun set, it was a full hour, time passed, and the weather was hot. Although the three people were sweating, they were still motionless, and they didn’t even dare to get out of the atmosphere. After all, the temptation of a strange beast to pay off all debts is too great.

   But the woods in front of me are quiet, like a pool of stagnant water. Not to mention the wild boar, even the birds have not seen a few.

   From day to night, there was only an incredibly fast moment. The sky was full of red clouds just now, and the sky turned dark blue in a blink of an eye. A squeaking figure came from the sky, and the rising and falling figures of the bats had already ruled the early evening sky.

   There was finally movement in the woods below. The movement was very strange, very fast, but the sound was very soft. If it is a wild boar, the speed is rampant, and the movement is definitely more than that.

   “A strange beast? Is it a spirit beast?”

   Song Ruhai was surprised. The wild boar that can shuttle softly through the forest at this speed does not look like a strange beast, it is like a spirit beast with wisdom. The strength of a spirit beast is at least equivalent to that of a profound sect disciple of the four-layer foundation, but if it can be hunted successfully, it will certainly gain more.

   These three people are young and energetic, and they have been in ambush here for so long, and no one is willing to return empty-handed. Not to mention the spirit beast, even if they encounter the monster beast, they are ready to fight to the death.

   I only heard three buzzing bowstrings, and the wood had shot three arrows in a row. The three bamboo arrows made the sound of breaking through the air, and they lined up almost in a straight line and flew straight to the place with noise. At the same time, Song Ruhai and Fat Niu each made their swords, one left and the other right, to cover the monster. The wooden bow and arrow followed closely.

   At the same time, Kakura Mi’s figure passed by the wild crow forest. He thought to himself that Gouzhu is really a shameless person. The claim of a duel in the wild crow forest at sunset was really just an excuse for him to get away.

   Although it was placed a little, he didn’t care. Anyway, everyone was an outside disciple, and he didn’t look up. He had a chance to fix this guy who didn’t know the sky and the earth, but was slippery like a loach.

   “You better not fall into my hands!”

   Gakura has experience this time. He plans to fight directly when he sees Gouzhu in the future, so that he will never have a chance to escape into the wild again. Although it can’t be crippled, it is very comfortable to give him a bit of flesh and blood.

   He was doing his light work and was about to get out of the woods when he suddenly felt a sound of wind behind him. He tightened his heart, turned his head quickly, grabbed with his hand, so strong! He immediately felt a pain in the tiger’s mouth, and it turned out to be a feather arrow that shot out. Before he had time to be angry, the slurs were two arrows.

   Gakura Miru suddenly leaned back, and the tail feather flew past almost against his face. Gakura’s face paled for a while, and a fear of death surged into his heart. Then two figures appeared ten steps away, one from the left and the other, one of them gave a hey and said:

   “There are people!”

   Song Ruhai’s exit made Mumu startled. He waited wholeheartedly to hunt and kill the strange beasts, and he couldn’t think that in this remote mountain forest, there would be people besides them.

   “You are really despicable and shameless young people.” With a cold snort, a chin was raised high, and a black face appeared in front of them, pretending to be arrogant but unable to conceal the lingering fear. Gakura Shi put his hand on the hilt, and his whole body seemed to tremble a little because of the uncertainty.

   How could Song Ruhai think of coming out when hunting pigs, he would encounter someone who suddenly came out. Fortunately, this kind of bamboo arrow cut from wood could not help the disciples of the Jade Palace, even if it hurts the wild boar, it will not hurt people’s lives.

   Although the Song family is a big family, they started in business. Businessmen pay attention to harmony and make money, and even if it is a life-and-death struggle, they are still laughing. His family’s ancestral motto is to be humble and courteous on the surface, but secretly to win. UU reading

   So although he is tall, handsome, and arrogant, he is extremely modest and not at all arrogant.

   “It’s just a misunderstanding.” Song Ruhai hurriedly bowed his hands, “We are hunting. I didn’t expect to meet Brother He suddenly. My brother will pay you for it.”

   Of course, it’s not necessary to lose money, so it’s okay to let him lose 10,000. But if you want money, you don’t have a cent.

   “Fart!” Kakura was born in a humble background, completely relying on his unconvinced air to get into the position of the sect’s sect. But the higher he walks, the inferiority complex that should no longer exist tomorrow will be like a tarsal maggot.

   Whenever he saw Song Ruhai, who was born with a golden key and attracted the eyes of all female disciples, he was furious.

   “Your whole Wuyuan is a scumbag. I knew you would be here to trick me. Fortunately, I was prepared first.”

   Song Ruhai thought in his heart, I secretly figured out why you are using it, you are not a strange beast, killing your body is worthless. He smiled slightly and said, “Senior brother laughed. We have no grievances and no grudges, how could we count on you? This is purely an accident.”

   “Stop talking nonsense, call Gouzhu out.”

   “Hook a pig? This kid fooled us and said there would be a strange pig here, but he himself did not come. I was going back to teach him.”

   “Different pig?” He Cangshi suddenly realized that this member of Wuyuan turned the corner and called me a pig…

   Song Ruhai didn’t want to pester this unreasonable guy. He turned around and waved, motioning for the wood and the fat cow to withdraw. The two nodded and were about to turn around and leave. Two men, two women, and four figures came quietly, plus Kakura Mi, five people surrounded them in the center.

   “Why Brother Song wants to leave so soon.” He Cangshi sneered.

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